Tuesday at 8:30A:
good morning.

yes, it's a weekday.

Woke up early to work on a paper... ahahahahaha. it's due at 6am tomorrow morning. been trying to work on it all weekend, but the topic just isn't interesting... AT ALL. *sigh*

so. have that to do before break officially begins.

also have a large list of things to accomplish over break.

namely, homework and cleaning up the dorm.

will be working an insane amount of hours, too: Thursday & Friday plan to be at the station from 6A-6P. Boss has given me the freedom to track a few hours here&there, think i'll do that. :]

it'll be nice, though. I need the extra hours to make up for the gaping hole in my other paycheck due to a compliance mistake. the idea behind getting these two jobs was to be able to pay at least 800 of the 1400 i owe each month... up til now, it's only been ~350, because i haven't gotten paid at my other job until JUST NOW.


can't complain too much, though, as it was my mistake, and i voluntarily told him he could take it out of my paycheck. didn't think he'd actually do it though...



Wednesday, 10:30A:

I haven't had fig newtons for years Specifically, since I found out that you can still find hornet heads in them. e.e

but alas, I am facing my fears this break.

Fig newtons are my breakfast this first day of freedom.

Semi-conscious since 8:30, woke up completely when I heard the door click shut at 10. (meaning the roomie that was left is now GONE.)

that click meant the beginning.



today is my free day. Just working from 3-6 today.

so I'm thinking a bike ride to celebrate the SEVENTY DEGREE WEATHER AT THE END OF NOVEMBER later today, and general relaxation while the sun is still shining.

then at night: work at the office for a few hours, then CLEANING.

it's horrible. sooooooo much s**t laying around....

and then tomorrow I'll be spending the day at the station, working on homework and the christmas calendar and stuff. tomorrow night I'll prepare my thanksgiving feast by myself (been invited to FIVE parties, but time is an element I'm lacking...) and remember everything I'm thankful for as i sit alone in the dorm room.

Friday at the station again, that night prolly just derp around. My guess is I'll end up going in to the office again.

Saturday morning at the station, probably sleep all afternoon (or go outside if it's nice?), put lights up in the room/do christmas decor.

Sunday at the station. prolly take a nap during the in-between time.

Monday another 3-6 shift, will be my catch-up and prep day.

downloaded a bajillion new apps last night b/c I couldn't sleep... they're all pretty cool haha.

so that will suck some time.

Wednesday night, 8P:


ended up starting to clean after writing for a little bit.

maintenance stopped by & gave me light. whoop!

tried to clean B's fish bowl, ended up shattering it. gonk so now both her fish and mine are sharing a bowl. comparing them is quite entertaining; hers is so lethargic it's ridiculous, and mine seems upset that there's an intruder in his space.

also, Castle has horrible actors.


anywho. shift was uneventful. rode my bike in the dark on the nature trail afterwards, was super fun. ^^

and ended up putting twice as much butter in my mac&cheese as the box said. THE MOST DELICIOUS MAC&CHEESE I'VE EVER HAD RIGHT THERE.

so, now I'm tired.

Thursday 1:45pm

poor me got the munchies around noon. wolfed down ALL OF THE NEWTONS, the leftover mac&cheese, three pieces of gum, a few handfuls of peanuts, and a disgusting sucker.

and through with my second bottle of water.


had to lie twice about what I'm doing for thanksgiving. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH SITTING IN MY ROOM AND EATING ON MY OWN?!?

super excited to have a post on facebook next friday something along the lines of "Because I couldn't say it a week ago when it was popular, I'll say it now: I'm so excited to go home this weekend!!"


but alas, I thought I should think about what I'm most thankful for in my state.

having not one but two jobs I like and am able to get money for.
and that one of those jobs is such that I'm never really alone even if I don't see a single person all day.
my phone. and its apps.
and Kindle. and books.
eyebrows that look red.
that the semester only has 3 weeks left.
and the projects I have left will be a crapton simpler than I originally planned.
the overabundance of funds for AMOR. PTL!! I have an extra $65!
some much-needed "me time" this break.

Friday 6:30am

walked into the station this morning, and literally the first words out of my mouth today were, "Oh s**t."

Ladies and gentlemen, we are playing Christmas music 24/7 from today until December 25.



at least the weather is semi-suited. 20 degrees out now. There's snow at home today, too.....

totes nailed the walk here. saw that it was cold, and dragged out the long johns, sweatpants, heaviest sweatshirt, big scarf, and dorky hat. in addition to the regular t-shirt (was contemplating long-sleeves, but it's not THAT cold... hehehe) and jacket and schtuff.

so the only part of me that was remotely cold was my ankles. because my long johns are too short. xD on both ends, sadly (ride about a quarter of the way up my calves, and are usually about halfway down my butt)... i need a new pair.

but it'll warm up again soon.

hopefully see some snow this weekend. that would be amazing.

last night I had my meal of a crapton of stuffing and gravy, a turkey TV dinner (mixed into the stuffing and gravy haha), some icky peas (only had like 5 bites before trashing them... they were the most sketchy color of green ever.), a biscuit leftover from some friends' meal that was just finishing as I finished at work, and half a glass of chocolate milk (as I ran out of milk... *sigh*). watched wheel of fortune and big bang theory whilst enjoying the meal, then set everything to soak by the sink in the bathroom and was in bed and gone by 8. xD

then woke up at 5:15, and here I am.

black friday today. stare

I don't think people realize that the BEST way to save money is just to not spend it in the first place.


anywho. plan for today: work on PR, finish up a small group log, and work on CMC application essay questions. Also brought more food along than yesterday... sustainable food, anyways. Brought the leftover stuffing AND eight totino's pizza rolls. thinking I'll have raisins or something for breakfast, then have the stuffing around 10 as lunch part 1, and the rolls as part 2 around 2ish.

I'm usually always hungry by 10. yesterday around 2ish was my worst time. I was just sitting here dying; i was already 7 hours in, but the end wasn't quite in sight yet... hopefully food helps.


also, ringing the doorbell repeatedly won't make me come any faster. *sigh* also, you're on break. Don't show up to clean. Because I look like s**t, because NOBODY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE.

that moment when you stumble across new royalty photos, and get all emotional. Goodness.

Saturday 8am

sore throat today. makes constant talking on air difficult. *sigh*


ONLY A 6-HOUR SHIFT TODAY!!!! whoop whoop! yesterday went by ridiculously fast, thankful I got ONE thing done haha.

but I DID end up cleaning the entire dorm top to bottom, and doing some minor re-arranging. Hoping J doesn't mind too much... Kim may shoot me because i put my TV away (hehe, she liked watching it from her bed), but srsly, it wasn't any use taking up space.

moved J's bookcase (that only had a few things on it, moved it to where the rest of her stuff is) to the other side, put my plants on top of it (so they wouldn't be on the windowsill) and my books. Now my other bookcase is practically empty, but it's either stuff that full and have no place for my plants, or put the plants in a safe place and shove the books there too just cuz.

also, the lights I was going to put up are a spaz. for a while I thought it would be fun to have spaz lights (flash. flash. flashflash. FLASHFLASHFLASH. flash. flash. flash. ...... flash. FLASHFLASH.), but the longer they were up, the more irritated I got at them. Plus it probably looked like a rave from outside haha.

so today, will probs actually eat lunch at the commons for once, head to wally world eventually to pick up some stuff. depending on my motivation, I may or may not head to the office sometime to work on stuff that I've been un-motivated to do yet because of time restraints.

that moment it takes every ounce of courage to keep on talking when reading the obituaries because someone died "after an 18-month battle with cancer". He was Aunt Chris' age. Pretty sure both times I've had to read that my voice has wavered...

Saturday 6:30pm


got done with work at noon, had the most awkward meal in the commons to date, went to walmart (inch of blonde needs fixing, and B's fish need his own home), culvers (flavor of the day was Crazy for Cookie Dough, so I got that with extra cookie dough and marshmallow cream <3), the office (for like 5 minutes; I wanted to be there longer, but someone was working on construction there), and came back to the room.

and proceeded to sleep. from 2:30 to 6:30.

thoroughly enjoy sleeping over sunset. seriously least favorite time of day.

I get it, body. my period must be about a week or two away; I'm bawling my eyes out over everything.


Sunday 6:45pm

one last thing to do before break ends! Hopefully it won't take too long... *sigh* can't believe it's going to be Monday tomorrow already...

so tonight is a last-ditch effort to finish up everything that has yet to be completed before break ends.

going into the office tonight to work on some stuff, then coming back to the dorm to clean up (again, hehe), transfer B's fish to a new bowl, and dye my hair. (yes, I know I swore to not dye it until Christmas break, but there's more than a freaking inch of blonde showing....)

my creativity is awesome. Last night I was super hyper, and was able to channel that energy into owl bookend templates (to be sold this spring as graduation gifts) and an awesome idea for a graduation gift for Karen.

Monday 4:15pm

best wrap this up. work is interesting, and a titch frustrating. although I enjoy working at night...

NEW DYE FOR THE WIN! i always feel so awesome after getting it done... hehehe. it's a little dark for my taste, hopefully it lightens up a bit.


I had to sit down earlier today and write out my schedule for the week. Honestly, I can't remember anything about it haha.

dunno what's going to happen tonight. or the rest of this week, for that matter.

probs chaos.

but you know what?

I'm totally okay with it. :]

bring on the last few weeks, college.