Quick note about Chronicles of Hypera: it's very basic. It's more of a "Can you figure out stuff without me directly telling you?" sort of thing. Like the characters describe the setting, unless I need to. (Monologues, lack of events, etc.) It's also a bit more fast-paced, despite characters chatting it up for plot development around the beginning.
The Screamers

[Later that night.]

Drax: [Now in a loose muscle top with plain black sweats. He is laying in bed, reading a small textbook.]

Rush: [Walks in wearing a loose T and similar sweats. His hair is a bit damp. He closes the door behind him.] Shower's all yours.

Drax: [Looks up from his book.] I'm good, I took one this morning.

Rush: Oh alright. [He approaches his bed, which has not been disturbed since the morning. It is quite messy.]

Drax: Think you can finally get some sleep?

Rush: [Stands silently, staring at his covers.] ...

Drax: ...Hey? Anyone there?

Rush: [He chuckles lightly and turns his head.] I'm just thinking. About Dad.

Drax: Join the club.

Rush: You too?

Drax: I can't just cast that aside. [He closes the textbook, setting sloppily on the floor beside his bed.] But I also don't get insomnia over it.

Rush: [He approaches his brother's bed and shrugs.] I can't help it. It's kind of scary.

Drax: Mind telling me what's going on in that head of yours?

Rush: ...I feel like it's all so ridiculous.

Drax: Remember, man, ignoring bad feelings is a good way to get yourself some nasty luck for the next few months or so.

Rush: Yeah, I know, I know. I just hate thinking like this. But I also feel like it's not me thinking; like something's pushing its way into my head.

Drax: And it's got to do with Dad?

Rush: [He nods, sitting at the edge of Drax's bed. Drax himself sits up.] So, what happened some days back was that I started seeing faces in my sleep that wouldn't go away.

Drax: Faces? That'd psyche anyone out.

Rush: I'm glad I'm not alone then. But this just kept happening.

Drax: What're the faces like?

Rush: Pitch black. Red eyes. They scream, and... I scream back, but I can't hear myself.

Drax: In your sleep?

Rush: In my sleep, yeah. And they surround me... So that sucks. And I don't sleep because of it.

Drax: What's this got to do with Dad?

Rush: Dad's with those screaming faces. He always shows up before I wake up. He just stares at me... And lately, it's like he's here in the room when I'm awake. And he's waiting for me to fall asleep.

Drax: ...Huh... [Scratches the back of his downward-curved horn.] I won't insult your intelligence, dude, but you know you're the most... what's it... mentally...

Rush: Ugh... ill? [Leans forward, both hands hold his head up.]

Drax: No, no. [Pats his brother's back.] You're alright in the noggin, but you've got that special thing that makes you different.

Rush: Don't we all?

Drax: It's not like that. I see it when you battle. It's like... Remember earlier today? We saw Euda duke it out. You're almost like him. You play your opponent's game. You let them take advantage of what they think is the extent of your power. But man, once they have you cornered, you just unleash hell. I've seen it.

Rush: That's just my style of combat. Everyone has one.

Drax; But even the varsity magicians and warriors have brought stuff up about your kind of power surges. Unlike Euda, you strike back with so much... just ferocity, I guess, and the whole tide of battle turns in a second.

Rush: ...So like... what's this have to do with my nightmares?

Drax: Handle it like you handle battles. Play its game. Be afraid of it. Let it almost take you. I think you've done that. When you can't take anymore, see someone to help you. Bro, it may be a hex. And you know how hexes work...

Rush: Hexes grow weaker over time, but never go away without some outside magic... Dammit, then who cursed me? Darksign?

Drax: There's an enemy in Darksign for every Brightstar student. I'm sure you had a subtle encounter or whatever.

Rush: ...A hex... I never thought of that.

Drax: 'S the point of curses like that. They keep you tormented and busy. They get real deep into your head and make you think it's all your brain's work.

Rush: It's... probably that then.

Drax: I'd still ask around. I'll come with you, even. I'm worried about you, dude. I know we've all been cursed before, but usually they don't last as long as a week... well they do... but you know.

Rush: Right, not if they're tended to... [He yawns widely.]

Drax: [Notices the drowsiness in his brother. He pulls the back of his shirt roughly, forcing him to lay down.] C'mere already. Big brother Drax is going to keep you all safe and snuggly tonight.

Rush: [Blushes and frowns. now laying next to his brother.] Wait, I--wait, I'm not that dependent... jeez... I just wanted a good night's sleep, not be a plush.

Drax: Suit yourself. [He pulls the blanket up for himself, leaving Rush uncovered. He tosses away from his brother mockingly.]

Rush: Wha? ...At least share some of the love... Man...

Drax: [Chuckles, turning to face Rush. He pats his brothers chest.] Here. [he shares the large blanket.]

Rush: [Pulls the fabric over his entire head and hides under it.] Thanks.

Drax: ...Whatever makes you sleep... Goodnight, dude. Try to relax. We'll clear you up tomorrow.

Rush: I'll try...


[Ten minutes pass before Drax falls asleep. Rush remains awake...]




[Early morning...]


[Rush is asleep.]