Well... Sync's not doing so well again! xD

I'm going to settle on something else for a while. My plan for this story is simple spontaneity. I loved how the entire Sync series was born out of a lack of a plan, and how stuff just went on a tangent from there. But there's a point where I slipped, and that was very early in. There was just no way for me to connect events anymore.

So I'm going to throw my brain at my keyboard again! Figuratively, of course. I'm just going to go with whatever my mind tells me. This is a journal, otherwise known as the place to do just that in any way I please. So I please! I'm going to stay with fan fiction ideas, what with introducing unoriginal characters whilst giving proper credit to their owners.

Before I begin, I just wanna let any readers know that we're both clueless--you and I--as to what is really going on. I'm throwing the both of us into a setting, and then orchestrating events. You know as much as I do. That said, time to jump right in!



"Welcome to Hypera!"


"I understand that you may have many questions, but let's start with this realm, that is, Hypera. To begin, Hypera is not a planet. It is not a system nor a galaxy. It is a coalescence of worlds; a mingling of diverse lands. It's position in the great universe is unknown. It cannot be classified as a world on its own. It is addressed as a plane: a "macroworld", so to speak."


"Hypera is a plane of worlds of lands. It is the mass combination of eras, heroes, villains, and many more. Nothing truly dies in Hypera. All is recycled, as the plane continues to grow. Heroes are born into new lives, reincarnated as new figures. Evil fights an endless war with the laws of the realm, seeking to gain all of Hypera's benefits. There are many sides and many types of context on this plane. Conflict is inevitable as it is perpetual."


"You have been told little, but there is much to learn. There will always be much to learn, as will there be much to do. Life and death are less irrelevant than knowledge. Know your place, and choose your side. Prepare for battle."






[The boy known simply as Rush is a young teenager, only about 14 years into his life. He is what is known as a Luxalan: a species of slender, small creatures, generally with simplistic body features, such as fingerless hands (sans a thumb), and near-featureless feet. Often times, there will be horns upon their head. In the case of Rush, he possesses a single horn, which curves downward along the back of his head. These creatures have hair, and in the case of this character, his hair is jet black and large, and significantly spikier than most. It appears to stand on end with ease. His body color is a beaming crimson, and his eyes are a gloomy purple. Unlike some Luxalans, he does not have wings.]

Rush: [Sitting upon reinforced bleachers. He is in the front row, observing a match of sorts occur on a stadium's field. It belongs to a particular school in the area. Rush happens to attend this school. It is known as Auroral High, the pride and joy of his hometown Aur... The bleachers are practically empty. He sits alongside another Luxalan who shares his color, and yet another who is unique.] ...

Drax: [The boy sitting beside Rush who shares his red color. He has a few identical features aside from said color.] Yeah, I see what's going on. [Appears to be commenting on the match between the two opposing forces.] See, June isn't really doing so well with his offense again.

Aren: [Sitting beside Rush as well, his body is a greenish color.] That's something I think I need to work on.

Drax: Your offense is shaky. But you're kinda fresh, to be honest.

Rush: These two are top-of-the-line students. June and Euda are on the junior honor roll or something.

Drax: June is? I thought that was just Euda.

Rush: [He shrugs.] I have no clue. What are these two battling for again? Practice?

Aren: Euda needed to work on a spell. June's just getting some experience out of it.

Drax: He's never going to get any better at his offense against magic-users. [He sighs.] Brightstar needs a better melee base. We got some great warriors, but we're still so heavily centered on magic.

Rush: Brute force is Chainsent territory. I think it all makes us different.

Drax: Yeah, sure, but if someone wants to be smart and join Brightstar, but really gets his or her kicks out of punching and slashing and stuff, that person should be able to go up against another opponent like that, y'know?

Rush: Hey man, it's like you said. Brightstar's got some good warriors.

Aren: I think he's trying to say that you're not likely--well not AS likely--to get paired up against a warrior in Brightstar's turf. I think we also don't focus on teaching melee enough.

Drax: Yeah. Well said. [He pops his neck, pushing a fist into his chin before rubbing his crescent-shaped horn.] Hey, Ma's worried about something or other, yeah?

Rush: Feh. [Dismissively waves a hand.] Over-worried, really. She wants us to be home soon because the creepers are coming out at night now.

Aren: Creepers? What, like bums? Perverts?

Rush: No, dude. [He chuckles.] The Blue. Creepers is misleading, sorry.

Aren: What, the Blue? I haven't heard that. What do the Blue want?

Rush: Heck, land? I don't get totalitarianism. And I don't keep up with the news. They're looking for something.

Drax: Recruiting? There are some really strong students here...

Rush: This is just a high school for soldiers-in-training...

Drax: Yeah, sure, but the war, man. The war's getting intense. So don't they need more soldiers?

Rush: ...Oh crap, you know maybe that's what Ma's worried about. I was busy reading up on the Art of Arcane Wings that I missed whatever she was nagging about... but that sounds good. Er, bad. But... you get it.

Drax: Yeah yeah shut up, I get it. We need to get home soon.

Aren: [A flash of light comes from the arena. He shields his eyes momentarily.] Whew, we should wait for this to end.

Drax: Hell yeah, looks like Euda's getting driven back. Maybe June's learning something.

Aren: Right, but! Euda likes that! He likes making his opponent think that he's got nothing left to pull, and he's good about it. 'Member, he didn't just tell the Darksign to bug off when they were ruffling Chainsent's feathers without having the balls to back himself up.

Drax: s**t, that was an interesting week. I really wish Darksign and Chainsent would stop bickering over nothing.

Rush: Wishful thinking. All they can do is fight. [He shifts his position in the seat, leaning forward with interest in the duel.]

[The three fall silent, each of them intrigued with the heated battle unfolding before their eyes. Minutes pass, and finally a victor is determined as one of the duelists fall.]

Drax: Aw... [He smacks his knee lightly.] That was over before it began.

Aren: I'd be steamrolled against Euda. Even June. But Euda made that look way too easy.

Drax: He's good, man. He's real good. I've seen him go up against seniors and come out on top. The guy's no joke. Probably makes a good sparring bud.

Rush: We're lucky to be a part of Brightstar. At least we don't kill our opponents in sparring matches.

Aren: I remember when that happened a few years ago--was it 6th grade...? Like a four-way match?

Drax: I don't know, but I remember it. Crazy Darksign. Love 'em or leave 'em. True Blue soldiers.

[The three watch as one duelist helps the other up.]

Rush: That was pretty cool. But... [He stands, stretching his arms over his head.] I'm hungry. And I need to study more about the whole Weapon Summon thing.

Drax: [He follows suit, standing up and watching Rush. He is slightly taller than his brother. His hair is a tad longer, and much more orderly: straight, sleek, and princely.] I did that at break. It's the s**t. That class is great, right?

Rush: It's interesting. It has something for everyone.

Aren: [He remains seated, leaning back.] I need to take that class... I'll get to it. So what, you guys heading off? Leaving me all by my lonesome?

Drax: You're free to come with us. Ma likes you around. She thinks you're a good influence on baby bro here.

Rush: I feel like the youngest one here now.

Aren: I'm like six weeks younger than you too, heh. But that's alright, I need to babysit my sister while my parents are away until late. And all this talk about the Blue is weird, so I'd better go soon too.

Rush: Fair game. Hey Drax! [He smiles deviously, holding out his arm for his brother.]

Drax: [Notices the gesture.] ...What, the bridesmaid thing? Let it go! [He sighs and shakes his head.] It was like... ...Shut up...!

Rush: [He grins slowly...]

Drax: ... [Silently takes Rush's arm and holds it firm against his own.] d**k.

Rush: [Snickers.] Weee'll be seeing you around, Aren. Take care!

Aren: [Rubbing his forehead.] Yeah yeah uh... sure, bromosexuals...

[Shortly after Rush teases Drax, the older of the two brothers shakes Rush's arm away, embarrassed.]


[The two brothers walk down a moist dirt path within a large, circular town. The path cuts through the center of this town...]

Rush: ...Hey, how long until the next storm?

Drax: Depends on what you mean by storm.

Rush: Rain.

Drax: Couple days. Probably less, like a day and... I'unno, hours or something. Feels weird to calculate stuff like that down to the hour.

Rush: Kinda. The rain was brutal last night. Did it keep you up?

Drax: Slept like a baby.

Rush: ...I couldn't sleep.

Drax: Need me to hold you?

Rush: Oh, please. It'd make me wet myself less.

Drax: [Takes a step away from Rush.]

Rush: [He laughs.] Yeah, sure! I'm kidding.

Drax: [Keeps his distance.] ...'Course you are.

Rush: I am! Only happened once... a few times... It happened once a few times! Exactly! ...Buh... No, I like the rain at night. Thunder's a little startling, but I can sleep through rain. I was scared though.

Drax: You watch something creepy?

Rush: No--well yes, but I wasn't thinking about it at the time. It was something else.

Drax: Woohoo, premonitions.

Rush: That's a big word. You learn that in class?

Drax: Nah, woohoo is just an expression.

Rush: Heheh, that's not what I meant... Meh, well whatever. I'll get over it.

Drax: 'S bad luck to ignore that stuff.

Rush: So... what do I do? See an oracle? We have some at school.

Drax: Ma's good with it, man! You know that.

Rush: I feel kinda Mommy-Boy-ish to do that though.

Drax: Dork, that's what she's there for. She's a mother. It's like her job to help us out... Not like we have a dad.

Rush: ...Eh... that's what it's about...

Drax: [His demeanor shifts. His expression shifts to a more serious state.] Oh... You don't want to bring that up then?

Rush: Mm... Yeah.

Drax: ... [He nods.] ... s**t... Well, I can still hold you if you'd like.

Rush: [He scoffs.] Tch, I'm... ...[He looks around the town path. There are citizens, however they are out of earshot.]

Drax: Uh...?

Rush: Mind if I chill with you tonight? I've been having these sleepless nights for a bit now.

Drax: I didn't know that. Really, you need to ask one of the oracles. But... as weird as it sounds, sure. You can sleep with me. Not like you don't anyway.

Rush: I mean in the same bed, not room.

Drax: Can I ask why?

Rush: I like having someone right there I can... uh...

Drax: Hump? 'Cause don't.

Rush: No! No, just like... hug!

Drax: Ahah... You were always freakishly snuggly. I think you hung out around too many girls, dude. I'll give you permission to hug me. [He leans in and whispers to his brother.] Not that you need permission actually...

Rush: Well that's a nice brother.

Drax: 'S what I do. If you're bothered by something this bad, I'll do what I can to help. If I can help by getting frisky with you, uhm... [Shrugs.] Just keep it limited.

Rush: Not frisky, man... [He rolls his eyes.] Just... like... [Makes random motions with his arms.]

Drax: Frisky?

Rush: ...I'm not going to be that way, I promise.

Drax: [Chuckles and puts a hand over Rush's mouth.] Don't! Stop... You're setting yourself up for failure.

Rush: Mmn? [Looks up at his brother.]

Drax: Don't make promises you can't keep. [Removes his hand.]

Rush: Hhng, like not getting intimate with my own flesh and blood?

Drax: Exactly!

Rush: Damn, we're weird...

Drax: Exactly!

Rush: And home's right here, where are you going? [He stops in front of a grassy walkway, watching as his brother walks ahead for a short time.]

Drax: [Spins around, grinning dumbly.] Exactly!