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                                                              Listen up, people! I'm not gonna say it twice!

                                  THE 【FATE】 Y↺U S✪ WISH TO ST↻P
                                              ►_ : ↝ can only be delayed
                                          xxxxxxBUT NOT AVⓄIDEDxx

                      xxxxxxxxxx████→__ :: KOVA ROCA

                      Something To Start With

                                  What comes out of my mouth:: Kova Roca
                                  Though I guess you hear this sometimes:: The Rock, Roca
                                  Do I loom over you?:: 5' 11"
                                  Forgot the scale!:: 137 lbs.
                                  My structure tells you I'm:: Female
                                  Can you tell:: Tyranitar, Common, Rock & Dark

                      A Bit Deeper

                                  I'm growing older by the second:: 19
                                  Don't you love this day:: August 31st
                                  My passion burns:: Heterosexual (though she hates guys)
                                  Yes, gimme it:: Punching people, tough work, bossing people around, caves, rock candy.
                                  Eugh, how could you like this:: Flying, smart people, men, girly stuff, roots.
                                  EEEKKKKKKK!!!:: Losing friends, masks

                      You Must Know Me

                                  Hey, don't judge:: Kova is very bossy, stubborn, loud, and sometimes grouchy. She loves to tell others what to do, often shouting at them. She doesn't quite get the concept of being quiet in anything; Kova talks loud, walks loud, eats loud, and even sleeps loud! The Tyranitar always wants her way, whatever that may be, and often intimidates others into doing what she wants. She likes to show off her strength to others, loving it when she beats the 'tough guys'. Kova can get angry easily, and when she gets angry, she goes on a destructive rampage. Despite all her tough qualities, Kova cares deeply for her friends, and is often scared that she will lose them in some way. She also feels like she has to show people that girls can be tough, too, and so hates bragging guys and people who put down on girls' abilities.
                                  No one knows:: Kova Roca was born into the Rock and Ground tier, and so grew up working in mines and the sort. She absolutely loved being in the dark caves where she worked, digging away to find whatever treasures might be hidden. As a girl, though, many of the guys who worked with her would give her easy jobs, saying that she couldn't handle anything else. It really frustrated her how they thought she was weaker just because she was a girl. Kova decided to prove them wrong. Everyday after working, she would throw heavy stones, punch heavy stones, and kick heavy stones. At first she could barely lift them, and hitting and kicking them left her with sore hands and feet. But the stubborn girl kept at it. Eventually it got to be that she could throw them hundreds of feet, and one punch or one kick smashed the rocks. She slowly started earning the respect of the people she worked with, though some weren't convinced so easily. Kova soon came to be in charge of most of the operations in the mines, and she loved it. Yelling at others, seeing them hurry off, made her laugh. With her new authority, she sometimes gave those guys who had put her down really, really hard jobs, and when they'd complain it was too hard, she'd show them how she could do it, easy-peasy. Respected for her leadership and strength, Kova, though young, was chosen to be a representative for the upcoming meeting of the tiers.
                                  I'll get cha' with it:: Ability: Sand Stream (can start up a sandstorm). Moves: Earthquake, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Stone Edge. Kova prides herself on having only the strongest moves, ones with a lot of power. She likes to pack a big punch with her moves; one hit and it's done. She isn't very fast when fighting, though, making her weak against speedier opponenets.
                                  Just little stuff:: The reason Kova is afraid of masks is because of an incident when she was younger. A leak of poisonous gas occurred in the mine, and everyone was made to put on gas masks and evacuate the mine. The masks were the creepiest things she had ever seen, and with it on she couldn't make out what was going on. Everyone else was unrecognizable, which scared her. Where were her friends? Her family? She couldn't tell if they were nearby, alive even. This incident didn't exactly make her fear; another incident completed it. A few guys played a practical joke on her, waking her up in the night wearing masks. It freaked her out too much, and now she can't stand masks.
                                  Music to go along:: Theme song here
                                  WAIT! Do you know:: Rock, Tier #9