I AM...
Yurei Samishii

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I Am Controlled By... JennaLeeStar

I Am Called... Yurei Samishii

I've Been Around For... Unknown; appears about 24

My Special Day... A Friday the 13th - month and year unknown

Tall Or Short, Heavy Or Light... 5' 9", 1 lb.

Hidden Under My Clothes... Female

That Other Side Of Me... Shiny Gastly; Ghost & Poison

I'll Hit You With My Best Shot... Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Nightmare, Hex, Curse, Perish Song


I Am Who I Am...
Yurei does not like to show herself to others, keeping herself hidden most of the time. She is extremely quiet, doesn't talk much, and slightly shy. When she does talk, Yurei has a soft voice that is hard to hear. The Gastly often is sad, drifting around aimlessly. She doesn't like to hurt others, but if they strike any of her soft spots, she lays curses on them that will haunt them for the rest of their lives - and maybe longer. Yurei's soft spots are her family, who are all long dead; but she loved them dearly, and those who say anything offending about them feel her wrath.

The Past That Made Me...
Yurei was once a princess from the Old Kingdom, when it was strong and flourishing. The beautiful girl was loved by her family and her people for many, many years. But then tragedy struck. A kingdom across the sea assassinated the princess, wanting to start a war. A war they got. The people of the island kingdom struck back furiously, sending most of their forces across the waters.

Meanwhile, Yurei still resided in the castle, though as a spirit. She saw the Dark Ones preying on the kingdom, which was left open while the main forces were elsewhere. She couldn't do anything, being a ghost; helplessly she watched them spread an evil spell across the towns, a spell of sickness.

The forces returned home, having subdued the rival kingdom thoroughly. They feasted and celebrated, not knowing what was lurking around the corner. Yurei would have told them, but she didn't have enough strength yet to materialize an speak to them. Mysteriously, the spell didn't take effect for many, many years, enough that Yurei forgot about it. But it did strike, and a great plague swept across Old Kingdom, crippling it forever.

Yurei's family is often blamed for the sickness that crippled the kingdom; they left it exposed to the Dark Ones, they let them put the spell in. She couldn't stand living in Old Kingdom anymore. It was too sad there. So the Gastly left, to drift around the island.

I Will Fight To Win...
Yurei doesn't fight much, except to curse her enemies. She often strikes at night, when people are asleep, and she can easily use Dream Eater or Nightmare. Curse is a simple move that slowly kills someone, though it hurts Yurei. She hardly ever uses Perish Song, as it could fail and kill her. Yurei uses her lack of substance to her advantage, letting projectiles pass through her, though that makes her feel ill. Her touch can be harmful (she wears gloves to avoid hurting others), and her hair, which is actually poisonous gas, should best be avoided, as breathing it in can be lethal.

I'll Bet You Didn't Know...
Yurei can be blown away by strong winds, making her disappear for a while. At her 'solidest', Yurei can almost be as solid as a normal person, though much, much lighter.