I AM...

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I Am Controlled By... JennaLeeStar

I Am Called... Megami

I've Been Around For... Unknown, approximately 1,000 years; appears 19

My Special Day... Unknown; first memory is of June 5th

Tall Or Short, Heavy Or Light... 5' 3" / 119 lbs.

Hidden Under My Clothes... Female

That Other Side Of Me... Arceus; Multitype - Normal without a Plate; type depends on held Plate

I'll Hit You With My Best Shot... Judgment, Hyper Beam, Perish Song, Recover


I Am Who I Am...
Megami is very quiet and isn't much of a talker, preferring to listen to others, as she can learn more that way. She's very curious about everything going around her, and sometimes she gets called nosy that way, but she just wants to learn more! Megami doesn't like conflict, and is always trying to help others. An observant girl, she notices almost everything, including little things that escape most everyone else's notice. Megami is quite meek, yet prideful in her own way. She doesn't take insults kindly, to herself or others. When angered, which rarely happens, she deals out vicious punishments, and in her anger may harm others; Megami also holds grudges for a very, very long time.

The Past That Made Me...
Megami's previous life died mysteriously. Many think that the previous Arceus was killed - but how is that possible? Megami doesn't know; nobody knows. What is known is that the previous Arceus ruled over the island from a castle in the Place of Spires. The time that Arceus presided over was a peaceful time. But then Arceus died, and was reincarnated into Megami. Trying to protect her, the castle was caused to move constantly around the Place of Spires, so that it would be nearly impossible to find, and Megami was ordered to not leave the Place of Spires until 'deemed ready'.

Megami listened to her advisers for a long while, but then she realized, she was Arceus! Arceus could do whatever they wanted. And Megami wanted to see the world. If she was to rule over it, she had to know more about it! She put together a disguise as a human named Kathy, and set out toward the City.

I Will Fight To Win...
Megami prefers not to fight at all, though she sometimes gets herself into the middle of fights when she tries to stop them. She often just runs from fights, but if she can't run, then she'll fight just enough to knock out her opponent. Though she has very powerful attacks, she hardly ever uses them; mainly she just uses Hyper Beam, then runs. As she's very light on her feet, she's able to deftly dodge most attacks thrown at her.

I'll Bet You Didn't Know...
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