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"Long ago, there were Five Clans in the Forest. Then Four. Then the Four were forced to leave the Forest and find a new home, which was the Lake."
"ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, and WindClan were forced to move yet again. This journey was much more treacherous than before. Many cats were lost along the way, including leaders. So few remained that there weren't enough cats for Four Clans."
"The Medicine Cats consulted StarClan, which showed them a vision: Many stars shone in the sky. Before their eyes, star after star began disappearing, until very few were left. Then, the remaining stars formed together to form just two, bright shining stars."
"The sign was taken to mean that there should be Two Clans. But it seemed that the Medicine Cats hadn't all seen the same thing: One claimed to have seen two stars, while the other said they formed only one."
"A quarrel took place. Should there be One or Two Clans? Cats took sides, one side naming themselves OneClan, while the other took no name."
"The cats arrived at their new home, an area big enough for Two Clans and split by a steep hillside. OneClan took the lower forest territory, while the other Clan took the higher plains territory and took the name HighClan."
"And so that is how the Two Clans came to be..."

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