No need for interjections, sparing or new rejections. We all know how these elections go. Wether your a geek or prom queen. Treading on the new scene we know how it goes. Labels oh pretty labels printed invisibly on lunch tables this is the worste of happy endings. My friend hang on for your life cus these four years decide who you turn out to be. No need spare me rejections I wanna live life from a new perspective. Let's just see where this road leads maybe I'll be a prom king I just need to see. Stop there no more corrections I wanna live life with a new perspective so the invisibles can choose thier face and find a respective place who cares divine intervention lets all find place in a new perspective. Frustrations little regular things no needs for new rejections we already know how these elections....go. Sit on a corrective perspective we'll raise a new perception you get along because they like Ur face and u have found a respective place and.. So. It goes.