Mr. Elantro,
I am proud to say I have finished my latest document. I cannot state my whereabouts due to further investigation upon the subject related to chain fires. I am making progress stead fast. I have written my findings below. I am dedicated to the task in dear memory of my beloved Beatrice and I hope to solve this mystery once and for all until then.

It was a sunny day when the I stepped out onto the blistering pavement. A severe heat wave had hit the city and had claimed all the civilians of the city. No one dared set foot outside today. So what exactly was I doing outside? I stood surveying the city before quickly retiring into the office building. Cool air swept over my face feeling like a sudden blizzard. I welcomed the cool air and strode towards the front desk heels clicking rapidly on the tile floor, pacing back and forth. The past few days had been slow due to the heat wave not exactly bank robbing weather. This was unfortunate not only did I have time to kill I was trapped at the office till six until the air had cooled some. Why had I even bothered to come to work? No never mind I know the answer to that question. I will not think about it now. It had been weeks since me and Matt had broken up. One day strolling home I caught him leaving the apartment with another woman. The rest was and is history. “Hey Johnson coffee coming your way.” I looked up to see Ted standing there with the saving grace of an iced coffee. Ted had been my friend since the day I joined the force. Strange enough we had bonded over coffee. “Ted did I ever tell you you’re an angel?” I smiled softly. “Yeah I’ve heard it once or twice. Slow day today I bet you’re just going nuts eh?” I rolled my eyes. “You’re telling me I need something to do.” Ted shrugged with his usual smirk. “Don’t worry about it some dumb son of a b***h will find some way to be a scumbag, and when that happens I’ll be sure to call you. Ace detective Johnson is on the case!” He made a fake gun with his hands scaling the corner. I laughed no matter what Ted could turn anything into a good time. “Ahem if you two are quite finished fooling around I’d like to have a word?” I turned to see the big boss himself. We all called him Bud. “What’s up Buddy boy?” Ted said. “Enough with the jokes Longhorn we have a staff meeting today in the board room. There’s a new case that’s been presented.” Curiosity struck me we had never in my all the years on the force had a meeting about a case this meant big news. “What happened?” I asked eager to learn more. Not to mention excited that I had a new case to take my mind off things. “Well you’ll find out at the meeting now won’t you? Now don’t dilly dally let’s move it people!” There are two reasons for Bud’s nick name this was an example of one of them he had a southern vocabulary. This included skedaddle, confound it, etc. I turned quickly headway for the boardroom. Ted called quickly after me. “Thanks see you later!” I paid no mind I was on a mission and that was that. By the time I reached the board room I was fashionably late. I took a seat as the room fell silent and the lights dimmed. The director stepped forward and began to speak silhouetted against the screen his shadow stretching to extreme and unrealistic proportions. Blue light shone from the projector covering me and my colleagues in its gentle glow. This was a serious moment and tension was building something big was at hand something I obviously hadn’t heard of, nor dealt with such a serious situation. “We have reason to believe a past arsonist has returned. Many fires have broken out in the recent heat wave and while there is probable reason to believe it was simply heat there is other supporting evidence of an arsonist. Now to further elaborate the suspected arsonist is unknown he is by far the smartest criminal this department has come across. His identity is unknown he left no evidence at previous scenes pointing to a specific person as a matter fact the evidence that was left behind didn’t point to a person at all.” A voice spoke out in the darkness I couldn’t tell where it was coming from specifically I recognized the tone though. “Director that is strictly impossible no one could possibly leave behind any non-traceable evidence.” The director sighed a heavy sigh. “This is why the case is of such high clearance no one can figure it out but we fear there is a hole in our system which is why we need to close this case as soon as possible. The fires all originate within the victims of the fire. They seem to rather explode and ignite from within there are no explosives or fuels within the victim this is why the police have been baffled. The fires seem to have no cause which is why I want to assign this case to one of my finest teams. Who wants it?” No one said a word the room was silent ad grave. There was definitely something no one was saying. This was just. Perfect. I raised my hand. “I’ll take it Mr. Director.” I said eagerly.