It was a fateful day that our eyes met. On the cool crisp morn of a sweet september day. Fall had begun as you stood small your shadow quite long. We looked at eachother from a distance. Since that day we have become friends and I always seem to say "See you tommorrow wild one. Until the dawn of day." You open your sweet lips and reply "On the break of day come as it may." You flash your smile and whisk away leaving the leaves scattered and water sprays. It has been one year another fateful september day we have since fallen in love graced from above the sweet joyful sounds of our hearts beating I pull out ring and drop from my feet. "Dearest love will you marry me? So I may see your pretty smile that fateful day together we shall forever stay." You smile and kneel as well so we stand eye to eye. "I'd rather you look me in the face I'll be the one in white." You smile and you whisk away on a beautiful evening on a september day.

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