My fish!!!!!! *tears* my fish is gonna die! sad (what??... when did you get a fish?) *looks at you then bounds your face into the ground* I"VE HAD MY FISH FOR OVER A MONTH HALF WIT! scream scream (owwwwwie *rubs head* ok ok dont have to get violent...) and now he's he's dying! *crys* my fish's name is Apollo, he's a beautiful red/opal/radient blue/black/clear betta or chinese fighting fish heart ... i have been trying to take care of him sence 10 this morning. He keeps floating vertical for some reason {that means his face is to the ground and his tail to the ceiling} and his tail is starting to turn this tanish pale color, like my skin which is white, insted of his gorgous red color. I have to tap him once and a while to make him go to the surface to breath. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! crying I LOVE MY FISH! I LOVE MY APOLLO AND NOW HE"S GONNA DIIIIIIIIIIIIE!! (omg Erika im soo so so sorry!) yeah and i can't go to PetSmart cuz *looks over* hold on... talk2hand *goes over taps his tail with my paint brush watches him go to the surface, he breaths, goes back over to you, tears* sorry... now i was saying, cuz it's stupid Easter day and everything is closed... *gets on my knees, holds my arms up to the sky, shouts out in anger* CURSE YOU NATIONAL HOLIDAYS!!! scream stressed *goes into a ball and crys* cry (i'm really really sorry i wish i could do something...) yeah... same here... got i hate Sundays... emo