hmmmm wow its been a while man! Damn! lol well i am now living in a contemprary house (meaning?) well it means i live in a modernized home like the ones you see in a magazen if you read any.... i hate it lol its too open and my room is freakin small... so insted of freakin 3 rooms and a game room and a computer room and a big nice bathroom i get something that resembles a 1 room appartment *takes shot gun to forehead* (noooooooooooooo!!!! WTF?? *slaps it away*) i wont want to liveeeeeeee lol xp but good news about this place is we have 2 lots surrounding us and a pool by a cannal that is currently invaded by grass O.O {cuz of the hot weather [sucks to be you!] well at least I have a pool so suck it! lol} im currently eating a bowl of sugar... yep... im gonna have diebetes hahah i guess... I'm working at the humble oktavia library as a volenteer and i got to tell ya... im once sexy librarein haha thats all for now, i gotta keep watching more of this DBZ movie on :3 bye bye!