Woo... Gosh it's been a while (well not THAT long) erm... long enough! Hehe anyway I've gotten a job about 42 minuets away from where I live and I swear, Pasadena TX is like the dirtiest place! theres sooooo much dust everywhere! I SWEAR there are no street sweepers in this area @.@ I cry cuz my car gets so dirty so easily emo And all this freakin pollen isn't helping <.< but I love the drive and the job so it's all cool. Still single xD Why should I be surprised? Why AM I surprised? O.o but I guess it's alright, on the flip side I'm actually distracting myself by focusing on my obsession with Buu x3 hell... 5 years later and I STILL squwee whenever I watch him o3o it's so weird hehe and I've finally drew him in a non-chibi forum in my DA in over 2 years, I think I did alright but idk x3 Nothing really new here...*sighs* nothing at all *forever alone TT^TT hugs on Buu* GOSH! I need a social life <x)