eh... it always comes down to this huh? Going full circle in life and heh believe it or not but, I finally went that full circle. (what do you mean? < smile *sighs* oh Diary, i'm talking about love. I know it's cheezy but it's true! I remember making this Gaia Avi, in New Zealand while visiting my family, and I was going through this weird thing with Damian (yeeeeah... I remember!) mmhm... now, basicly 3 years later i'm going through the morning prosses with Chris {my recent ex} wow, boy doesn't THAT name feel weird off my tongue >.> I mean this isn't any less painful dealing with my recent break up than it was when I was in school dealing with the Damian thing. I don't see Chris, I don't talk to anyone who is his friiiend or any of his family ppl or anything like That! but... a year and a half, not Even!, he broke up with me 2 months before our 2 year aniversery lol but you know what I mean xD (mmhm go on...) well I look back at everything and I... don't know why I chuckle to myself. Is it Really funny? Funny that I had my heart broken AGAIN? it shouldn't! lol I mean... it shouldn't... should it? idk I find this whole ordeal, this coming full circle thing, humorous <x) maybe i'm going crazy with loneliness <xD hahaha I guess looking back on everything, I wouldn't want to take any of the experience away. The hurt, the doubt, the insecurity, the fun times, the $ex, the bonding, the anger and Heart Break... it makes you... feel alive. Those memorys aren't painful anymore even though it's only been a month since me and my ex, Chris, last talked but no... it's not painful... it's just a quirky little thing life puts out in front of you and, as sick as it may seem (which it is <.< {shut up!} xP), it's been an enjoyable ride to come full circle. *hopeful smile*