'Kay, so... If any of you had tuned in to the original Sync, you might've noticed a couple thousand new things going on...
Like Federation Awgo, and Swift Hawk, and most importantly, Ethan the Dream Eater...
Some of those things are gonna be in this one also, but one in partikularr...
Ethan's gaining most of my attention, and he may make an appearance soon.
Debating on it...
~~Fairytale Fields~~

-Celebi and her friends managed to drive Lea away for the time being, and having kept the Soul Spheres in mind, they begin moving out toward a direction unknown to the three Safans... Safiri had just learned a disturbing truth about Celebi as well...-
[All is silent...]
Celebi: [Hovering ahead of the group...] (Safiri's been really quiet since I've told her, well him, about me working for Darkness... Hmm... I feel bad again...)
[After an appearingly long walk, the landscape becomes much more welcoming. It shapes into a meadow, with colorful trees, flowers and scenery around the area, which reveals mountainous landscape nearby... Over a hillside ahead, the top of a castle can be visually made out.]
~~The Princess' Meadow~~{Ethereal Cross, Kutzu's Troubles, Sync 2.}
Celebi: [Stops...] ...Hmm... This place... The Princess' Meadow...
Slianna: It's beautiful!
Rilia: I know! Look at all of these unique plants!
Safiri: It... is pretty... [Turns to Celebi, who is not looking back.]
Celebi: Something's... A bit off.
[In that moment of silence, three puddles of dark matter appear, and out of the come Safan Nightmares... with pink eyes.]
Celebi: Ugh! I knew it! [Steps back.]
Rilia: More of them!?
Slianna: They're shaped like Safans!
Celebi: But... their eyes are pink... I wonder... Lea and Pryme created these Nightmares... I guess I'll just have to take 'em all out! Hiya!! [The energy flower takes form, and at Celebi's command, fires the very same pink beam through all three... They are defeated.]
[Just then, five more appear... Two are Lea's Nightmares, the other three are Safan shaped. Lea's Nightmare's have white eyes, two of the Safans have pink eyes, and the other has green eyes.]
Celebi: Getting technical? Let's rock and roll, you three!
Safiri: ...Right.
Slianna: I'm ready to fight!
Rilia: I'll do my best!
[The two Safans with pink eyes, both dingos like Pryme, dash into battle.]
Celebi: [Flowers still glowing, she spread both of her arms out and the neutralizing beam emits from them. The two dingos are done.]
Slianna: [Watching the other Safan with green eyes leap at Celebi, which is a tiger. She lurches forward in a strike, empowered by the wind around her. Slianna pierces entirely through the Nightmare before it can strike Celebi... Three down.]
Rilia: Let's go!
Safiri: Okay!
[The two dash around Celebi and Slianna, heading for the fairy Nightmares. By now, they are using the same attack from earlier, but with ease, Rilia and Safiri evade. The two jump into the air at the Nightmares...]
Rilia: [Grabs onto the retreating foe's wings, somersaults, and then throws the Nightmare to the ground, stunning it. Upon landing, Rilia performs a backflip, coming back down roughly on the Nightmare, finishing it.]
Safiri: [His Nightmare does not retreat. Safiri performs a front flip, whacking the Nightmare with his tail. He repeats this move rapidly until the Nightmare is grounded, and then pounces on top of it with his forepaws.]
[All of the Nightmares have been eliminated.]
Celebi: Nice! You three did great!
Rilia: Thanks!
Slianna: No sweat!
Safiri: ...
Celebi: ...Safiri? [Approaches him.]
Safiri: ...[Turns around, with his head lowered.]
Celebi: ...Saf... Listen, I...
Safiri: I know... The whole Darkness thing... I was thinking about that on our way here...
Celebi: It's... what was destined.
Safiri: ...Now that I've had time to take it in... if it is for a better cause, then I'll stand by your side.
Celebi: ...Safiri!
Safiri: I would anyway. You're not the type of person who would just decide to trn on everyone! [Smiles.] I still believe in you!
Celebi: ...Saf... [Smiles affectionately.] Thank you so much... I don't want to lose a friend like you...
Safiri: Don't worry... Chris...
Slianna: [Smiling at the scene, she turns her head to the hilltop, where she spots a small figure observing the events.] !! You three, there's someone up there!
Celebi: Huh!? [Turns to the designated spot. There are now two figures... three... four... five.] Oh! I think I can...
[Those five figures leap into the air, spreading apart in flight. Safiri, Rilia, and Slianna close in with Celebi remaining calm.]
[The five figures flutter around the four. Each of them are wearing a pink, decorated casaque, a tiara with a red rose, pink bangles, magenta thin skirt with lighter stripes, and ballet shoes.]
Celebi: [Scanning around...]
[The five cease flight, touching down gently to the ground. Their small, fairy-like wings are still... They are the chao of the Fairytale Kingdom.]
[One chao, whose casaque is more ornate than the others, speaks out. Her hair is brownish red, covering a small portion of her face. The rest comes down straight.]
--R E S S A--
Ressa: [Staring at Celebi.] So, you aren't going to introduce yourselves, hmm? Well then... I'll have you know that you're on Fairytale grounds, and you're dealing with the one and only Order of the Winged Dancers!
Celebi: My sincerest apologies, Star Ressa. [Performs a courtesy bow, familiar with how everything works here...]
Ressa: Oh! Now you show respect! You even know my name, yet you look as if you weren't from here!
Winged Dancer: Actually, she looks like a cremale...
Ressa: In a way, she does... But the other three?
Winged Dancer: I'm unsure... Hmmm.
Celebi: We're sorry for suddenly appearing in the Meadow, but we're pursuing an evil threat... working for Naught.
Ressa: [Gasps, jumping back.] N-Naught!? Oh, my!! So it is true!
Celebi: Hm? May I ask what you mean?
Ressa: ...Very recently, dark creatures known as Nightmares have been appearing around our beautiful fields... The soldiers have dealt with them nicely, but they are constantly appearing, and consuming our lands resources! We are most vulnerable...
Safiri: So then Lea and Pryme are just hindering everyone here, blinding them from the truth...
Celebi: Exactly... The Soul Spheres...
Ressa: ...Might you have an idea to what is happening?
Winged Dancer: If so, please, you must make it known! We are in need of assistance!
Celebi: I'll help the Fairytale Kingdom... I have before.
Ressa: Hmm? You've... you've been here before?
Celebi: Of course I have! How else would I know you're name?
Ressa: But, I don't even know yo--
Celebi: [Smirking, placing her hands on her hips.]
Ressa: [Eyes widen...] ...It's you... It's you!!
Winged Dancer: Wait... Who?
Winged Dancer: The hero!! Don't you see, it's the hero!
Winged Dancer: But I thought he was a human! Moreover, I thought he was a male!
Ressa: ...My goodness, everyone will be elated to see you! You have to come with us! If you three are in this also, please come along!
Rilia: Hehe, thanks!
Slianna: We owe you!
Safiri: [Nods to Celebi.]
Celebi: [Nods back.] All right, let's lock and load!
[Keeping the Safans in mind, they ignore flight, and head over the hill.]
Ressa: Castle Blossom is up ahead. [Gestures ahead.] It's our base of operations, and our beautiful home!
Safiri: [Gazing upon the large castle. It is constructed of mainly tall towers up top, and large halls/corridors on the bottom.] Wow... This is impressive!
Winged Dancer: Isn't it marvelous? Ahh, our precious home...
Ressa: It pains me to know that we are under constant assualt from Darkness...
Celebi: ...(Darkness... I still feel bad about what Safiri had to learn... And everyone else on this world will find out sooner or later... It's because of me that Aren was defeated... Light's suspicious. I can tell.)
[They have come clean out of the meadow and into the wide stretch of land which the castle was built upon. Castle Blossom is enormous, surrounded by a lucious garden of even more creative design. Two ingeoniously designed fountains spurt upward into the air. Between them is a red bricked path to the castle gates...]
Rilia: This... is impressive, I agree!
Celebi: Everything looks as if it were in order here... So I take it the Nightmares haven't proceeded this far yet?
Ressa: Various orders have been spread across the Fairytale Lands to secure the area. The Order of the Blue Rafflesia, Order of the Red Lotus, Order of the Maroon Venus, each of them has seen conflict... Yet the Nightmares are weak...
Celebi: You said they're tenacious, right?
Ressa: Yes, they will not end...
Celebi: ...[She faces the castle.] Time to warn the Fairy Princess about this tribulation I walk among...
[They continue on the brick path... Two guards stand in front of the castle gates. They are armed with odd looking weapondry, as well as armor, which a simple designed jerkin, mainly pink and red, and gear to match this body piece. That consists, strangely enough, of light, heel-shoes, and a short skirt. Free-form is favored in this case.]
Fairy Guard: Oh well that's ironic. When most of the orders have split, the Winged Dancers catch some suspicious looking... Wh-what are they?
Fairy Guard: [Blinks.] I've never seen... anything quite like that!
Ressa: [Approaches the guards with her order behind.] Star Ressa, Order of the Winged Dancers.
Winged Dancers: Order in completion.

Fairy Guard: Good to know... in the twenty-or-so minutes you were gone.
Ressa: ...[Chuckles lightly.] W-well... We did come across something really fantastic.
Fairy Guard: I see... [Glances at the three Safans and Celebi.] Where in the world did you find them?
Fairy Guard: Are they even from this world?
Ressa: Well... I'm not exactly positive. [Turns to the four...]
Rilia: Oh, sorry. We're from Safa, sooo...
Slianna: Yep! We're not from this world.
Safiri: But we don't mean to cause any uprising.
Fairy Guard: They seem friendly, but... [Turns to the other guard. She whispers...] One of them is a male... Do you think the Fairy Princess will...?
Fairy Guard: [Whispering back.] They're from a different planet! I think that's a good excuse...
Fairy Guard: ...'Kay, that works... Um... [Outloud.] Ok, you may enter!
Ressa: Thank you. Let's go.
Fairy Guard: All except her. [Points to Celebi.]
Ressa: Wh-huh!? B-but...
Celebi: [Tilts her head.] Me? I can't enter, you say?
Fairy Guard: She appears to be a cremale...
Ressa: But, that's not--
[Before Ressa can finish, a shady puddle appears behind Slianna, who is in the back of the group.]
Rilia: Hm? Slianna!! Behind you!!
Slianna: What? [Turns her head, then slithers around. One of Lea's Nightmares appear, attacking right off the get-go.]
Celebi: Oh no you don't! [Using the energy from earlier, she blasts the Nightmare instantaneously, dispatching the problem.] ... Hmhm.
Fairy Guard: [In awe.] Whoa... How did you... where'd you learn to use neautralization as mana? I thought it was impossible!
Ressa: That's what I was trying to say! This girl is actually...
Fairy Guard: [Catching the idea.] ...Ohhhhhh... Really? ...
Fairy Guard: You aren't kidding!? That's really...?
Celebi: ...In the flesh. [Smirks.]
Fairy Guard: Please!! Go on inside! We insist!
Ressa: [Smiles nervously.] Heh--thanks.
[The gates are opened... The order and the others walk in... They are greeted to a large, complex foyer with waterwayss flowing through the transparent marble beneath...]
~~Castle Blossom~~{Ethereal Cross, Kutzu's Troubles, Sync 2.}
Celebi: (I remember this place... It's nice. I wouldn't mind living here at all... I wouldn't mind living on Safa eitherm if the Apocolypse really does--no no! I'm not thinking right! I have to focus on what's true!)
[Safiri, Slianna, and Rilia are distraced by the castle's design.]
Ressa: [Laughing with her words.] What? You've never seen anything like this before?
Winged Dancer: My gosh, you three are so cute right now!
Celebi: Aren't they? [Chuckles.] Alright, alright. I have some business I have to tend to, Ressa.
Ressa: Do you require and audience with the princess?
Celebi: I may. I also need to see Kutzu and Helena
Ressa: Oh, I can assure you they are with Princess Susie as we speak.
Celebi: So, it's okay then?
Ressa: Why, of course! I will guide you to Princess Susie's chambers. Might your friends want to come?
Celebi: Hmm... We'll see! Safiri, Slianna, Ray!
[She manages to grab their attention.]
Celebi: You want to come with me to see royalty?
Safiri: Royalty? Ok! I'm fine with that!
Slianna: I agree!
Rilia: I'll go with. Princess Susie sounds like a really admirable character!
Celebi: Ok then. You three sound excited.
Rilia: Hehe, we are! Oh... and Celebi?
Celebi: Mm-hmm?
Rilia: You can call me Rilia from this point on out!
Celebi: ... (Ray already decided on a new name? That's impressive.) Ok! Sounds good... and prepared.
Ressa: Winged Dancers! Stay put until I return, which should be soon!
Winged Dancer: Understood, Star Ressa.
[Ressa begins off in the direction of a flight of stairs located directly up ahead. Through this hall, they pass through an artistic array of unique architecture and floral decoration. This eventually brings the group to a spiral flight, which is supposedly the central tower. Once they reach the height of this flight, it leads into another ornate room that is rather large. Inside, three chao are locked in a conversation about the Nightmares. One of them looks regal, with large butterfly wings and rabbit features with pale pink fur. She is wearing a comfortable light scarlet gown decorated with rose designs. Her hair is long and straight, light brown, and adorn with variously colored jewel clips. Her eyes are deep purple.]
--S U S I E--
[Another chao within the room has a very mage-like appearance to her. She is wearing a jeweled tiara, purple dress with realistic daisies sewn into the waist-line of the dress. It proceeds to the ground, covering her feet, also concealing her wings. Her features are tiger-like, and her fur is scarlet. Her hair is wavy and brown with an array of purple streaks. Her eyes are also dark purple.]
--H E L E N A--
[Finally, the most unique of the three, an all around blue furred wolf chao, and unlike everyone else in the region, he is male, but with a large quantity of feminine additions, intentionally disguising him as a female chao. He is wearing basic Castle Blossom clothing: A pink tube top with a magenta stripe, and a small striped skirt, with heeled ballet shoes. His hair is styled in a ponytail, and then straightened down around that. It has two colors, light brown and very pale brown. Unlike Helena, his wings are revealed, but they too have a feminine look; average fairy wings. His eyes are light blue.]
--K U T Z U--
Susie: [Curious.] Star Ressa of the Order of the Winged Dancers...
Ressa: [Performs a courtesy bow.] Fairy Princess Susie. I apologize for this sudden audience, but... it is rash.
Helena: [English accent.] Star Ressa...? What on Soren have you brought into Castle Blossom? [In awe at the Safans.]
Ressa: These creatures... [Corrects herself.] These important figures can play a dramatic part in our struggle!
Susie: Gracious! Is this of certainty?
Kutzu: [Tilts his head, studying Safiri and Celebi...]
Ressa: I'm positive, Princess...
Celebi: [Placing her hands on her hips and smirking.]
Helena: Hmmm, rather clever timing.
Susie: [She approaches the group. Ressa moves off to the side, allowing her to examine them.] Oh gracious, I have never seen anything like this! Phenomonal! You strike me as a cremale! [Refering to Celebi.]
Celebi: Heheh, sorry Princess. I'm not too used to this current form I take on also. But I gotta say, Naught's giving me one to remember this time around.
Kutzu & Helena: Hm!? [The flicker their attention to Celebi.]
Susie: ...[Stunned.] What did... you just... say?
Safiri: [Filled with excitement, ready to blurt it out.]
Ressa, Rilia, & Slianna: [They giggle, expecting Safiri to burst.]
Celebi: [Winks.] Go on, Safiri.
Safiri: Chris!!! It's Chris!!
[The others laugh. Kutzu, Susie, and Helena stare blankly, speechless.]
Susie: Gracious, Chris...? Is that really you?
Celebi: (Even they call me Chris... Why does that name make me feel... welcome?) [Nods.] Mm-hmm! I missed you!
Kutzu: [Can no longer bar is excitement. He races up to Celebi and hugs her.] Chris!!! You promised you'd come back, and you're here!! I totally knew it!
Celebi: [Caught off balance for a second, but then wraps her arms around Kutzu.] I wouldn't want to disappoint any of you. Especially you, Kutzu... The Eclipse.
Safiri, Rilia, & Slianna: [Instantly, they stop their laughter and react in shock at the words Celebi had spoken.] Huh!?!?
Kutzu: [Releases Celebi.] Chris... I don't care what you look like on the outside, like, at all. I'm just totally happy you're okay.
Rilia: [Turns her head to Slianna.]
Slianna: [Turns her head to Rilia.]
Slianna & Rilia: Whoa.
Safiri: Kutzu?
Kutzu: [Turns to Safiri, while Celebi delivers a friendly greeting to Susie and Helena. Kutzu smiles kindly.] Yes?
Safiri: You're an Eclipse... too?
Kutzu: Hmm? Are you, like, saying... That you're... ?
Safiri: A fellow Eclipse, from the planet Safa. My name is Safiri.
Kutzu: [Covers his mouth in surprise. He rushes over to Safiri.] You are an Eclipse! That unique energy is totally within you!
Safiri: You too! Yours is strong... Maybe that's because most of my power was stolen from me...
Kutzu: How horrible! Like, who would do such a crummy thing!?
Safiri: Two greater minions of Naught... Lea and Pryme. They fled off to this world, and that's how we got here.
Kutzu: Oh my gosh, Lea?! I've totally heard stories about her... She's the most mischeivous of all chao... I wouldn't want to be caught up in a Shade's way in the first place.
Safiri: ...Kutzu... You are an Eclipse, so you must know about Chris more than anyone else here.
Kutzu: [A more stern look.] I do... And I know something's happened.
Safiri: Chris, or should I say Celebi, has gone far, further than you or I would anticipate... to save Reality.
Kutzu: ...Please, Safiri... Could you tell me what's happened?
Safiri: I'll tell you all I know... END OF 1.

That was long, dear God in heaven! O.O
That was the most description pretty much evah...
That rally with Susie, Kutzu, and Helena (who btw, takes Ectie's place if you haven't noticed) was immmmmmmense.
And I felt really messed up typing Kutzu's... But yeah.
You can tell that this one is shaping up to be EXACTLY THE SAME THING as the Sonic-Pokemon one.
Um, hello? Blessed Garden? Angel Island?
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And... Um, chao... So yeah. This is based entirely off of Sonic stuff, treating it like a MYTH-FREAKING-OLOGY!!!!!!!!!