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Another new part?
Another new part.
See, the thing about this part that's unique... you finally get to see two of my most famous Eclipses IN AKSHUN. Safiri... Well, Pryme screwed Safiri up right now. Kutzu... You'll see just how screwed up Kutzu is.
~~Fairytale Fields~~

~~Fairytale Fields~~{Ethereal Cross, Kutzu's Troubles, Sync 2.}
-Celebi, Safiri, Ray, and Slianna leaped into the dark portal that Lea and Pryme had left behind following their own escape. They have also kidnapped the battle-weakened Phaze Guardian, Aren. Having used the dark portal to pursue the Minions of Naught, the group finds themselves on a beautiful world glowing blue with streaks of light illuminating the deep azure sky.-
[The surroundings are lush, with flowers of all sorts, ranging from original to exotic... As the four take this sight in, the dark portal vanishes behind them.]
Safiri: ...Wow... I've never seen so many flowers...
Slianna: A beautiful sight... Wow...
Ray: I've never seen anything like this...
Celebi: Just as I thought... This... is the home planet of chao. This is Soren.
Safiri: It's incredible...
Ray: So this is the world you told us about?
Celebi: This would be the one... I just wonder where Lea and Pryme ran off to.
Safiri: They couldn't have gotten far, right?
Celebi: I'm sure they're still somewhere nearby, searching for the power source of Soren... Tch, good luck.
Safiri: They stole our Ancient Growth's power... and now they're after this world's power?
Celebi: Honestly, this world's power source is so concealed, most chao hardly know about it.
[Celebi begins walking through the flowery fields. The three follow her.]
Slianna: What is this world's secret power source?
Celebi: It's called the Radial Sphere, located somewhere in the Luminous Fountain, which can be found somewhere in the Blessed Garden, which flies through the sky every second, traveling miles in days.
Safiri: Heh, that's reassuring.
Celebi: The bad thing is... There are other lesser power sources that are known as the Soul Spheres. Each of the armies in this hemisphere possess one.
Safiri: I'm starting to catch on...
Slianna: Would the Soul Spheres be able to overthrow the Radial Sphere?
Celebi: Hmm, not that I know of, but I do know that if all of them are gathered and rounded up in one spot, the Blessed Garden will stop overhead, creating a path... I'm assuming this is what Lea and Pryme are after...
Lea: [Out of nowhere.] Hee-hee! You sure are witty, Celebi! But that's another reason Lord Naught's interested in you~!
Celebi: Lea!! Where are you!? Come out!!
Safiri: Wait... What did she say...?
Lea: Tee-hee! [Pops out from the tall flowers.] Why, hello there!
Celebi: Hello... [Glares.] Lea...
Lea: Oh, now don't give me that look.
Celebi: Where's Pryme and Aren!?
Lea: Hee-hee! You want to know everything, don't you? I can only tell that Aren's going to be called Arena from now on--no wait... Arena is a word already... Um... You need to help me decide on a name...
Celebi: Wh-Lea!! You neutralized the Phaze Guardian!? Can you at least tell me where he is!?
Lea: Aww, so sorry! And it's "she", f.y.i.... [Notices Ray. She already knows the situation on Safiri...] Oh, and your little squirrely friend is about to share the same fate... [Points her staff at Ray. It begins glowing pink.]
Ray: ...Huh? [Observes the staff.] Wh-whoa!! [Backs up.] Hold up a sec!
Celebi: [Jumps in front of Ray.] 'Can't let you screw things up, Lea... Now, out of the way before I plow you down...
Lea: [Rests her staff at her side again, staring at Celebi angrily.] Ah! Now where are your manners!?
Celebi: What do you know about manners...? You work with Darkness.
Lea: Well, excuuuuuse me! There's a difference between being a disgusting witch and an evil mistress!
Celebi: ...Just tell us what you want.
Lea: Hee-hee... a fight! [Twirls her staff and hovers into her battle staff.]
Celebi: Oh, now you wanna fight...? Guys, be careful... She's one of the Shades, so this could get ugly...
Lea: [Whistles.] Oh, pixies!
Ray: Pixies...?
[Small, fairy-like Nightmares rise from the ground and float next to Lea. There are about five of them. They're eyes are glowing pink, which means that they can only be defeated through certain neutralization.]
Celebi: Ugh... Cheap tricks, Lea...
Lea: I admire your persistance, Celebi! But that doesn't mean I'm going to make anything easier for you! Hee-hee! Go get 'em!
[The Nightmares attack at Lea's command. Their attacks are simple: narrow beams of dark energy. However, it is constantly of use.]
Safiri: [Swerving to one side, evading the dark beam.] Urgh! I remember these having elemental weaknesses! I've never seen pink...
Celebi: it's the Lea's catch for Nightmares... They can't be defeated unless they're neutralized by Soren weapondry that matches their eyes.
Ray: We don't even have a way to beat these guys then!
Slianna: This is bad!
Lea: Hee-hee! Take this!! [Thrusts her staff at the unsuspecting Ray, who had justed avoided a dark beam. The staff shoots a pink beam, the same from before, that hits Ray, knocking him to the ground.] Ooh... That wasn't direct, was it...?
Ray: Ugh... Wh...Wha... [Dizzy. His body is in disorder because of the off-hit.]
Celebi: Ray!! Grrr... I'll stop you now before you do anything to him!
Lea: Oh, whatever will I do!?
Celebi: [Dashes for Lea, ignoring the Nightmares.]
Lea: Tee-hee! Nice try! [Begins twirling her staff rapidly, so rapidly it kicks up a powerful wind that blows Celebi back into the group.]
Celebi: Whaaa! [Crashes into Safiri.] Oof!
Safiri: Ouch!! [The two of them fall backwards.]
Celebi: Erm... sorry Safiri...
Safiri: Don't sweat it. Let's focus on her!!
[The two lift themselves. With Slianna's aid, they rush up to Lea, who does not twirl her staff this time. She awaits them with a smirk.]
Celebi: Hiiiya!! [Comes in for a blow, but Lea vanishes and Celebi trips... She gets back up, now floating in the air.] Urgh, where'd she go...?
[The three of them almost forget that the Nightmares are still attacking. A beam hits Safiri, but causes minimal damage. They avoid the rest.]
Slianna: You okay, Saf?
Safiri: Yep.
Celebi: [Searching for Lea.] Where are you...?
Lea: Knock knock! Tee-hee! [Appears near Ray. She points her staff down at him. The Nightmares ready an attack toward the three of them...] ... I just knew it would come to this... Now, make one move, and say goodbye to squirell boy, hello to squirell girl... Oh! That rhymes, hee-hee! [Her staff illuminates.]
Celebi: ...Hm... [Glances around at the Nightmares...] Lea, you have me bound again...
Safiri: What're you going to do...?
Slianna: Ray...
Ray: ...[Watching her staff, frightened... Then, something in his eyes changes. He suddenly feels much more confident... Valor sparks... He realizes who he's dealing with... The one who stole the power from his friend and his homeland...] ... [Growls...]
Lea: ...Huh? [Turns to Ray, who swiftly jolts up with both of his feet forward together in a double upper-kick, knocking Lea through the air. As he rises, he performs and aerial somersault, commanding a wave of wind at his motion. As he comes down with it, the wave hurdles into Lea, sweeping her to the ground with powerful force. The wave breaks, exploding wind energy through the area. Ray lands, prepared for battle.]
Ray: You took my best friend, stole her power and messed her up! You took my homeland's most sacred possession! You took it... But you forgot to pay for it! I'll change that!!
Slianna: Amazing... He's using his manifestation... I'm coming Ray!! [Rushes to his side.]
Safiri: Ray... Fight on. [Does the same.]
Celebi: Heh... Ray, you made my day... A citizen of Oathville, battling a Shade... Hmph! [Soars into the air, hovering above the three.]
Lea: Urgh... [Hops into the air, takign flight.] How dare you!? I'll rid this existence of you!!
Ray: Just try me!!
Lea: Errrrahh!! [With a thrust and more built up energy, the beam she shoots is much larger. It envelops Ray and his friends.]
Celebi: [Hovering above.] Whaa!!! Ray! Slianna! Safiri!! (With that big of a blast, they'll be mind controlled! Can't let that happen, Lea!!) [Closes her eyes, and within seconds, she travels back about a minute to when Ray had stunned her. However, Celebi has warped directly up to Lea. She jumps in the air, hoering above Lea... However, the Nightmares do not approve of this. They turn to Celebi and take the offensive. Without even thinking, Celebi manages to pull off a new move... Spreading both of her arms out, she summons energy in the shape of flowers that physically appear around her arms.] Take this!! [She spins, and the flowers shoot radiant beams of pink energy, similar to Lea's attack. Neutralization... The Nightmares are eradicated.]
Safiri: Whoa...
Slianna: How did...?
Celebi: [Finishes the spin gracefully, releasing the energy. Flower pedals twirl around her in the stirred wind...] ...(Another new move... That one was pretty... Being a girl at the moment, I really liked it.)
Lea: Wh-what!? [Having been awake the whole time, she comments on Celebi's move.] How did you--but... That was... so neat.
Celebi: [Plants her feet on the ground in front of Lea.] You think so? [Turns her head, smirking.]
Lea: ...Hm...I have to see if Pryme messed up or not... [Neglecting to complement Celebi with trouble... She sinks into the ground, into a dark portal... It vanishes.]
Celebi: ...Well... I suppose that takes care of her for now...
Ray: [Having trouble standing. He is breathing heavily.] ...At least... she's outta... the way...
Safiri: Ray! Are you okay? [Runs up to Ray. Slianna follows.]
Slianna: What's wrong?
Ray: Something within me... Is... painful.
Celebi: It's Lea's magic... It confuses the body, causing it to think it's in pain... I still haven't figured that out...
Safiri: Is there a cure for it?
Celebi: It's happened a bunch of times before. It happens here all the time... But I'm afraid to say that the only cure is full neutralization.
Ray: [Holding his chest, he falls forward.]
Safiri & Slianna: Ray!!
Ray: Urgh... Would that mean... I would become... a girl?
Celebi: Sorry... but yeah.
Ray: Whatever works, works.
Celebi: Are you sure?
Ray: Please... This pain... is agony.
Celebi: All right... I'll try to use that move from before... It worked like neutralization... Sorry, Ray... I'll make this as gentle as possible. [Using the same energy as before, she summons the flower around her arm, and it shoots a much gentler beam that is actually faint, and travels slowy. It reaches Ray. Slianna and Safiri step back... Within seconds, Ray's appearance changed from masculine to feminine.]
Safiri: That's incredibly strange...
Slianna: I... have to agree... I've never seen anything like that...
Celebi: (This power... It's new to me... Maybe I can only use it in this form... Akward.)
{Ray is referred to as Rilia now.}
[Rilia's hair, face and body build had changed the most... Her hair remains the same color, but is now styled into pigtails. She manages to pull herself up, felling no more pain.]
Rilia: ...[Shaking the dizziness off.] I feel... weird... How do I look?
Slianna: ...[Turns to Safiri... Safiri does the same...]
Rilia: ...It's not bad, is it?
Safiri: Oh, n-not at all!! It's just weird seeing you like that! I mean... It's probably still weird seeing me like this!
Rilia: Heh-heh, true! The pain's gone, and that's good... Thanks Celebi.
Celebi: Well, as long as you're feeling better... Wow... (That's really something I've never seen... Safans partaking in the same activity that chao do... I hate to break the moment, but we should get going! [Turns to a general direction.]
Safiri: ...Wait a sec... Celebi.
Celebi: [Still facing away...] ...Huh...? [Already suspects what's coming.]
Safiri: That Lea girl... She said something about... Naught being interested in you... What did that...?
[Rilia and Slianna look nervously to eachother...]
[A gust blows... The flowers of the large field lean to the wind...]
Safiri: ...Chris...?
Celebi: ...Safiri...Don't think negatively of me... But...

...In the next part!!
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