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the reasons why I hate you!
The history of developing Inferno.
Inferno was my very first RolePlay character. He has become one of the most feared and powerful characters though out many stories. But wouldn't you want to know how this epic character came to being? I actually developed him far earlier than when I joined gaia. His name wasn't actually "Inferno" until I really started to modify him. His name was much longer and his weapon wasn't a sword or the pitchfork that you see him use today. A long time ago, back when they first came out with Bionicle, Inferno was based off the red fire bionicle. Because I hung out with a group of friends and we would play stories and roleplay with each other, we had all kinds of fun activities. One story that was used Bionicle, elemental "robots" or whatnot. Of course with me being a "pyro" and being attracted with the color red and fire, I focused on the fire elemental character. After that, I sat down and drew what Inferno would look like along with giving him a set of attacks. Sadly I have forgotten his original name due to the fact it was long and complicated. His weapon, was a staff scythe, and had no where near the power that his current weapon holds. We had a good run with that story/roleplay, as many elemental robots were developed. After we all lost interest with that, we moved on to other things. His long name was later summed up to "Inferno" and I used this name in many videogames in which I could relate the character to my current roleplay character. He was named after the Soul Calibur creature Inferno and was alot like him in more ways than just looks. After many stories and whatnot he was finally introduced on gaia.

New Years is when I joined Gaia and not for Roleplay, market or create a fantastic avatar, but to cause trouble. I would harass people and even my username which was "I Hate You with a Passion" created to hint to people that I didn't give a damn about anyone on that site. Especially the ones that were always asking for gold or help or whatever. Then the stuck ups that thought they were funny by showing off and picking on the new people such as myself. However, being a creative person and love making stories for my character to take part in, I found a new habit/interest. The first Role Play thread I joined was Heaven vs Hell owned/created by LadyDraka and that was after about a month of two on Gaia. At first, my character was weak and a poor excuse of a fighter. Before is his original profile for the roleplay.

name: inferno
age: 17
appearence: look at my avatar (Which at the time was wearing the masked cloak)
weapons/ powers: pyro powers (fire) and I have a sword, my sword is named carnage!
bio: IM not on heavens side, and wish to seek destruction among those who dare oppose me
other: hate is my weapon!
sided with: HELL!

link: CLick here

ยท Mon Mar 06, 2006 @ 12:17am

I know horrible right? I joined the roleplay in it's squeal on page 200. That is right, my weapon went from being a staff scythe to being a sword. It was here that my weapon was given a name. It was also here that my character became famous for wearing a masked cloak which he still wears to this day. If you noticed "Hate is my weapon!", it was a hint that he could transform. However it is not into his current transformation, that too was also modified over the years. Thought out time my character spent in that story, he became more powerful, climbed the latter of ranks and even gain another weapon called 'Sword of Reality'. Which was based on an item that was given to me on Gaia. I later on combined the two weapons into a much more powerful sword. As for his original transformation, it was called 'Hate Form'. It was very powerful at the time, but was too undetailed and unrealistic to keep. There wasn't much to it really, and it later was redeveloped as 'Chaos Form' where it had a much more control of how it worked. It was more logical and reasonable without being too overpowering. However, that too changed and was dropped from the character's abilities later on.

He kept fighting and would eventually become a serious main character after fighting with one of the mods and becoming a main bad guy. Inferno would also pick up many titles along the way including 'the strongest fire demon'. He was often the trump card for the side he was on during wars, and big fights considering how fast I develop his abilities and quickly picked up on how to Roleplay on Gaia. I later branched out of that story/thread and into other stories on gaia along with taking part in one of the most famous threads of all, the BA aka Battle Arena. There some of Gaia's finest roleplayers and fighters were located. I learned so much from there and gained alot of experience along with proving my skill. I also had my character take place in many tournaments, and I have won many, I have also lost alot as well. After many modifies Inferno became the Inferno you know today (early 2008.).
Becoming well known thoughout Gaia threads and guilds He later became known as "The Prize Fighter" which he today still keeps that title. Later on, Inferno actually joins a guild and a whole new story called 'Riverrun'. It was another milestone in developing Inferno. The character faced hardships like no other, and came up against some of his toughest foes. These fights brought out a side of him that had never been seen before, and to this day he is still apart of that guild/story. He is also apart of Heaven vs Hell. Inferno is nolonger a main character, but is a legendary character still mentioned and still feared among many of the characters. Inferno is now a moderator for Heaven vs Hell, and held his first successful tournament on August 01, 2008.

There you have it, the story behind Inferno. That is as much detail as I can remember at this point. The development of the 'Prize Fighter'!

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    This is the best Hate!!

    comment Dagenth Avarylle · Community Member · Mon Mar 02, 2009 @ 06:13am
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