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Heaven's King, Lucas has been labeled a traitor. Hell's King, Oni has vanished. The past has come back to reclaim both rulers and to spark the eternal fires of war. The peace treaty put in place by the fallen leaders is on the verge of disintegration as traditional ways ease back into the minds of both Celestials and Demons.

The timeless conflict may yet again start between Heaven and Hell. With Earth vulnerable once more the faith of Earth's people need to be gathered.

Will you fight for power? For peace? For tradition? For faith?

It's time for your story to be told and to become a legend.
It's time for you to fight for what you believe in.

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Heaven versus Hell is an ongoing series that has had several chapters over the years.
Although there is a deep history in the HvHverse anyone has a chance to integrate their character's history into the story.
We strive to offer a memorable journey as the story progresses.
- Major thanks to LadyDraka for starting the HvH series.

Dying in the HvH story is permanent. Once a character dies they stay dead. However they may have a chance to be reincarnated or reborn in a different state.

This is a guild of combat driven roleplayers. When it comes to tournaments we go big or go home! There have been prizes up to 2 billion gold in the past.

All races are welcome!