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the reasons why I hate you!
Inferno, the Fire Demon (profile) 2008
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Inferno, the Fire Demon

Title: “The Prize Fighter"

Age: Inferno’s age is for the most part unknown. No one knows when or where Inferno first appeared, however some believe he is around one hundred years of age.

Blood Type
: None, Inferno’s body contains zero amount of blood.

Race/Species: Fire demon, born in the fires of hell, Inferno was created out of fires of Hell. Fire demons are beings from hell; rumored to be created by the devil himself as his spawns and or Elites. His race, the fire demons are a dieing race, he is one of only a hand full, most others calm to be fire demons but are half breeds and or not from hell, they don’t carry the power to use and or manipulate fire as well as a true fire demon. Firestarters, Warlocks, Mages and pyros are not fire demons and compared to them, they have no chance up against one who controls the fires of hell.

What He Is: Inferno is not only a Fire Demon but a Fire Elemental, as well as Pyromancer. So the skills he processes, as a fire user is one of a kind. A pyromancer is a master of fire. Their skill selection includes some of the most damaging effects. Fire works quite well in defeating many of the typical foes encountered. Many of these skills use large amounts of energy, but the amount of devastation they can unleash against groups of foes is difficult to match by most others. He is a fire entity on a skill level that should never be taken likely.

Personality: Anyone’s first encounter with Inferno, usually leads to Inferno being intimidating. Very little emotion can be seen though Inferno but He's not the, "All silent type". He talks, just not too much, only as needed. Inferno is a very serious creature and is considered to be highly dangerous and very deadly. He is an intense warrior, who doesn’t play nice with others. He can come off as rude, and often times a hot head if he looses his cool. Inferno has a different side as well, he can be very loyal to those who he trust, his comrades and friends. Otherwise, he is one warrior you don’t want to cross paths with.

Height: Inferno stands a good 6 feet.

Weight: Inferno weights only 175 lbs.

Appearance: Inferno is known to have two different appearances and or seen in three different "forms". It often depends on the situation...

User Image
((Yes I did make this picture.
Humanoid Form

The most common and basic form is Inferno's humanoid form. It is also the only form that Inferno is seen with hair. In this form, he wears a black dark cloak, which keeps his entire body hidden, all for except his head. Because Inferno is not capable of showing emotion and because in this form his face is gruesome and grim, Inferno wears a mask. With this mask, he shows only one emotion, Hatred.

Inferno's mask's is unbreakable, in fact the mask and the cloak are the only things besides his weapon that can withstand his intense temperatures. The mask is made out of pure carbon, in its hardest form. Layered with Boron carbide for a protective finish with strong titanium alloy outlines or otherwise small detailed features. The Mask is an ultimate protective shield, lined with horns and a few spikes. The Mask only has two openings, these would be the eyes.

In this form, Inferno isn't capable of taking heavy hits and or heavy damage. His humanoid body is very weak. Because Inferno is so weak in this form, he has very powerful defenses using his abilities. In Battle Inferno can't fight hand to hand combat or up close and personal so he keeps a good distance to set up strong fortress like defenses. In other words, he usually picks a spot and doesn't prefer to move. In this form he isn't fast either, in fact he is slow and running tires him out rather quickly due to draining his energy. Inferno in this form is very limited, however shouldn't be taken likely. He is no warrior you want to tangle with.

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    I actually do wanna fight him. smile

    comment Devil-Steel · Community Member · Sat Jun 28, 2008 @ 01:35am
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