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the reasons why I hate you!
Inferno stood there, watching Morik about to use CERO. Inferno won't move, Morik should have known better, he wasn't dealing with a weak warrior, someone one at Inferno's calibur was capable of handling CERO. Inferno listened to Morik do his talking, while charging the Cero, sadly Morik was wasting his energy. A Cero blast took a grand amount of energy, Morik would be tired, there were no loopholes for this attack, it was very powerful and took alot of the casters' energy. Morik was hoping to move Inferno, he was dead wrong to take a warrior of Inferno's calibur likely.

As Morik used his vary energy to make Cero, Inferno's lava was making a special material underground. Kazuki used Cero as well, so Inferno was no stranger to this attack. This special material would ruin Morik's attack and day. The lava would tunnel underground, and pull together materials including nickel, iron, cobalt, and their alloys mixing them in the densest of rocks and clay, compressing them into a perfect size stone indented inward, to make a bowl shape. This bowl would pushed up in front of Inferno. The bowl was now made into Sekiseki. By this time Morik would fire his Cero, which would hit dead on as Inferno's lava held the bowl firm, acting like a catcher's glove. Because the indent was facing Inferno, the Sekiseki which only a few knew off would act in a certain way.

The certain way happen to be absorbing the Cero that Morik had fired. This powered the Bowl, giving it such a defense against further Cero attacks or anything else. Now there was no need to use Hell's FIre for the remaining match. ((Basically my anti Bleach shield is up.)) Inferno had learned alot fighting with the Vaste Lordes. Inferno's lava then melted the bowl, using this powerful defense, fusing it with his special lava, giving it the same abilities. Morik no longer had control over that wasted energy. Inferno was highly impressed but not surprised that Morik knew of such a powerful as the Cero, which was a form of Chaos. Morik has had experience with both Cero and Chaos, so of course, its no surprise why he won't know how to use them.

Inferno's lava was now superb and powered by Morik's Cero, which was no longer his after hitting the Sekiseki. The Materials used to make sure a stone bowl were capable of doing so. ((Think wikipedia lol.)) Inferno wasn't just a fire user, with him having the ability to make lava and whatnot, he had knowledge on emerald's and earth elements as well. Inferno's lava continued to spread as the battle intensified. With Inferno's special lava, not even more special, Morik would find it harder to get close to a warrior like Inferno. Inferno stood there, arms crossed, as the lava that was surfaced around him, expanded, and was in defense, it would act accordingly if need be. Morik had to of used a chuck of his energy in order to fire such a blast, if Inferno wasn't at his skill level, he would have been killed. But to take again Inferno likely, was unhealthy.

Inferno's had taken enough of Morik's energy using the transparent barrier casted by Carnage, and Carnage no longer needed to hold such a barrier, therefore it was dispelled. Carnage wasn't able to keep a constant flow of such energy up anyways without having side effects, therefore the barrier had to be release and was. But Morik energy wise should be suffering, he may not be tired, but using anymore big attacks would be a hardship on himself. Inferno would now prepare to use his finisher, and attempt to end this match here and now, Inferno's arms extended forward before he would slam them together with open palms in front of him. With a quick moment, he them slammed his palms on the ground, pressing on the surface. There was a sudden shake around Inferno.

Suddenly vibrations moved though out the pool of lava, before the ground around and under cracked, and move lava was summoned, creating more lava, with the rapid release of super heated plasma released from Inferno's palm, the heat was very intense, it wasn't released into the air but underground to melt the rock and everything into more lava. Basically there would be much more lava now. Inferno then stood up straight and crossed his arms yet again, looking at morik. Inferno was ready to unleash a fury that the wrath of nature it self could never bring on it's own. Before Inferno would use his finisher, he would say one last think to his friend, "Welcome to the end of your life...I promise you, it's going to hurt!".

With that said, suddenly lava blast out of the ground from behind Morik as Inferno's pool of lava blasted forward. Inferno waited to see if he would use shadow, if so, Inferno had a plan, Morik would fall right into a trap. Morik would have less then seconds to react with lava now coming at him from all sides, and of course, Inferno keeping a very close watch on anything Morik tried to do. Morik's options were low, and the lava would make haste to slam into him from all sides. There were tons of lava, traveling underground and above, around Morik now. Morik was surrounded within seconds.

"LAVA PRISON!!" Yelled Inferno, as suddenly all the lava, less then seconds, colliding into Morik from all sides, if he couldn't do anything, but Morik had just used Cero blast, he was in deep trouble, because he won't be able to use any strong energy based attacks or defenses and this lava that was attacking him was now more powerful. The lava would quickly wrap around him, it won't matter if Morik held up a shield or set a barrier, with all the pressure pushing in one direction, it would crack under the pressure, if not shatter completely. Morik would soon face the wrath of Inferno's finisher for he won't be able to move even a single finger with all the lava around him and everything.

Suddenly on the outside of all of this, formed a dome, made of thicker lava, keeping stones plates, to prevent Morik from escaping such a tight grip. Spikes form on the outer layer of what now looked to be a giant dome, before impaling Morik who was stuck in the center. Then the Lava dome would twist, and rise, breaking Morik's body before pounding into the ground with a ton of force, an impact like that was fierce and massive. A huge shock wave was released, spreading out from the carnage of the lava pounding into the ground, pushing Morik's body 30 feet under. But of course it wasn't over yet. Inferno clapped his hands as underground there would be two parallel stone thick plates waiting, and with Morik stuck in the middle, he would be hurting. These plates would slam towards each other with again, Morik in the middle. Inferno's lava would then completely cover the newly made grave, suffocating it.

Morik was burned, melted, smashed, twisted, pounded, stretched, squeezed, pressured, impaled, buried, and destroy. The only thing missing was a headstone. The chances of Morik surviving were none existing. Inferno then pounded his two hands into the lava from the surface, as he would check for vibrations, to find Morik's location, and make sure he was truly dead, if not, the stone plates that had smashed him were filled with chaos energy, they would then explode, and with it being underground, and compressed, the full effect would happen, no buffering. Morik was annihilated and finished. Inferno then stood up and extended his arm forward over his remaining lava.

The remaining lava would harden, and become earth's rock, leaving no traces of there being a battle behind. It was the prefect grave, and an exciting match if Morik didn't survive. If Morik did survive, then alot of these steps would be avoided and Inferno would continue his fight. It was Inferno's Lava Prison, Inferno's fierce finisher. But if Morik was finished, then he met his end at the hands of a powerful warrior. Sad that such a warrior like Morik met his demise, but it was either him, or Inferno, the choice was made. Morik of course would never be forgotten, nor would his great story. Would Morik met his demise at the hands of Inferno and his fierce Lava Prison?

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