1. Keep it PG-16 at the most. Kissing and making out is fine, but anything more please just time-skip.
2. Please don't text-talk unless you're OOC.
3. Title your PM "u go boom now" and put a Whee! e-mote at the end of your profile to prove you've read the rules.
4. This is a semi-lit to lit roleplay. This means no ** ** for actions. Please spell your words correctly, use decent grammar, and write more than one-liners. Long posts are fine, but not so long that it takes up most of the page. Please try to post at LEAST 3-4 sentences. It's not much, so don't complain. I understand writers block and the occasional one-liner, but please say so in OOC and try to keep it to a minimum.
5. No killing or seriously injuring without that person's permission via PM. But if you kill, you MUST MUST MUST ask both them AND me via PM, that way I can get a replacement.
6. If you want to quit, PM me.
7. Still reading the rules? Good. Don't title your PM and put the e-mote like I said. Title it "Sexy Party Hat of Doom".
8. No god-modding. That should be a no-duh kinda thing at this point.
9. I. Am. God. NEVER forget that. Flaming sporks shall rain down on you if you don't follow my rules.
10. TOS, live it. breathe it. eat it. nuff said.
11. I intertwined everyone's story for a reason... COMMUNICATE WITH OTHER ROLEPLAYERS!!!!!
12. Use (()), ** **, || ||, etc, for OOC. Please use double ()'s if you choose that symbol, because it's hard to tell the difference when you're writing ()'s within character mode.
13. Have fun!!!