[size=9]Gaia Username: Your Username Here
Character Name: First, Middle, and Last
Nickname: Your Character's Prefered Name Here
Age: 15-18
Personality: What Is Your Character's Personality?
Secret: A Secret Or Two Of Theirs That Nobody Knows.
My Secret Love: IE: Perfect Little Princess (I'll replace with names later)
Bio: Short And Sweet Or Long And Lengthy. It Don't Matter.
Likes: Things They Like
Hates: Things They Dislike
Appearance: (Descriptions Only!!!)
-Hair Color:
-Hair Length:
-Hair texture: (curly, wavy, straight, etc)
-Height: (feet and inches)
-Wieght: (pounds... and tell if it's fat or muscle if they weigh a lot)
-Skin color:
-Body build: (hourglass, long and lean, muscular, ripped, pear shaped)
-Girls: Chest Size:
-Eye color:
-Eye shape:
-Lips: (full, pouty, thin)
-Style: (fit into a category if you can like punk, preppy, goth, skater)

Please use the colors of your character's description to write in.

Perfect Little Princess: Violet
The True Rebel: Red
Punk-erella: Dark Red
King Dork: Green
Parental Puppet: Orange
Second-Hand Sidekick: Indigo