1.Your parents call you their "Perfect Little Princess". You're in a well-off family, live in a perfectly manicured suburb, blah blah blah. You're in every honors class, in all the high-ranked clubs, and you're the go-getter who will do anything for everyone. You're on top of the world. The whole school knows your name. Seniors are jealous of you and freshmen want to be you. But your life is about to hit a bump in the road when you get hit by a little thing called love... With a complete rebel.

2. The perfect life never interested you. You've always gone out of your way to keep normal things our of your sight. You love what others hate, and you're not tight-lipped about it. Everyone knows your name, but for the wrong reasons. Being unique isn't easy... But will it be sucked out of you when you fall in love with someone who seems to be text-book perfection?

3. On the outside you're just the genius punk. People's eyes glaze over when you give an A+ report. You're always the one who gets stuck at the loser table with the one person who seems to understand you... But you have more than a few skeletons in your closet. The only good thing about being a loser at the loser's table is that you have the perfect viewing range of your crush. He's the captian of the school's most popular team and you get the butterflies and drawn-out sighs whenever you see him. You only wish he knew you existed....

4. If people really had labels you'd be slapped with a Cambell's sticker that said LOSER. The jocks push you around and you trip in the parking lot trying to get to your old beat up car. You have good grades and are liked by the teachers and your one friend. Her. You've been in love with her since the fifth grade and when you're together she's the only one you see. Too bad she sits swooning over the same guy the rest of the female population of the school is. You'd love to tell her the truth... But you're too shy. Maybe one day...

5. You're the captian of the school's most popular team, but certainly not the captian of your life. Your parents control almost everything. The food you eat, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, what sports you play, EVERYTHING! And you're getting pretty dang sick of it. As per usual, your dad nags you about this girl at school. She's the most popular girl probably to ever cross the school's threshold. Pretty, smart, good family; no wonder your dad wants you to ask her out. But you have a streak for unique. She sits at the loser table with the guy you assume is her boyfriend--considering they never leave eachother's sides except to go to the restroom. Oh, well... You guess it's just not meant to be....

6. Your best friend is the school's Queen Bee. Perfect, perfect, perfect. She settles for nothing less. You're the one behind the scenes who nods and smiles, agreeing with her every whim. She expects you to be as perfect as her, and you live that to your best... Until recently. You only just start to notice him; he's a dork, yes, but even still.... You're intrigued by him but you don't want your friend to know... What can you do?

Who Are you?

1. Perfect Little Princess - Female - OPEN
2. The True Rebel - Male - OPEN
3. Punk-erella - Female - TAKEN
4. King Dork - Male - OPEN
5. Parental Puppet - Male - OPEN
6. Second-hand Sidekick - Female - OPEN

*Girls may play guys, and guys may play girls. It doesn't matter.