Gaia Username: iKERSPLODE
Character Name: Leslie Renee Kauliee // Punk-erella
Nickname: Leslie
Age: 16
Personality: School's genius with one big streak of punk
Secret: Leslie plays guitar, sings, and plays at a popular teen club wearing a very convincing wig and going by the name Bindi Rayne.
My Secret Love: Parental Puppet
Bio: Leslie's mom got knocked up with her from a one night stand in a club. The only reason Leslie is even around is because her mom didn't have enough money for abortion. Leslie got adopted when she was six by a middle aged couple who couldn't have kids of their own. She likes and respects them, but doesn't think of them as parents. Leslie's ambition is to be the best in her school, go to a prestigious college, and get a high paying job... Just so she can go find her mother and show her what a huge mistake she made by giving her up. In her early teens, Leslie was greatly influenced by rock and alternative music to become who she is today. She now secretly performs at a popular teen club under an alternate ego.
Likes: Rebels, jocks, rock n' roll, alternative music, clip in hair streaks, guitar, bright colors, having great grades, confusing people with detailed useless facts.
Hates: Preppy girls, lackluster colors, rap/hip-hop, spicy foods, sex-obsessed playboy pigs, sluts/hos, homework, being teacher's pet, having to sit at the dork table at lunch.
-Hair Color: Dark dark dark brown--almost black
-Hair Length: Past the bottom of the bustline
-Hair texture: Straight
-Height: 5' 4"
-Wieght: 107lbs
-Piercings: pierced ears in the normal spot and at the top of her right ear.
-Skin color: Creamy light-tan
-Body build: Thin hourglass
-Chest Size: About a 34C
-Eye color: Emrald green
-Eye shape: Big round eyes
-Lips: full and semi-pouty
-Style: punk-goth (mostly punk)
-Braces: no