don't even ask about that title. I couldn't think of anything. MY BRAIN IS MUSH MUSH MUSHHHHHH!!!!

My apologies, had a stupid moment there. >.>

So today I slept in YET AGAIN for I fail hardcore. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that I was out walking the streets at one in the morning talking to the moon again. Ahahahaha. But I seriously need to do that every once in a while or I simply don't feel right.

... I wonder if I'm crazy. I don't think so, but crazy people don't think they're crazy, do they?

I went to go see Tony at Silver today, and we walked to Mac's and he got me a Nestea because there was a two for one deal. I am most grateful. ^^ Then I walked with him to his cousin's then I went back to the school and sat on the steps and read Emily's Quest until the end of the day, whereas I walked over to the soccer field then resumed reading until I finished it. Looooooool~ I finished that book in a few hours, 'cuz I got it from the library 3rd period that day.

By the way, Emily series of books from L. M. Montgomery (same author as Anne of Green Gables) are very, very good. I read them passionately from start to finish. I love Emily as much as I could love a fictional character who is also a girl. The ending made me HAPPY~

So anyways, I read while the girls played, so when the boys played I watched the whole thing about. I told Tyler that I might check the game out, but I actually ended up watching the whole thing, ahahaha. It was fun though ... but I got a sunburn. ):

As I stated to my brother (who scorned me for my 'big words') "As a creature of the night, I simply cannot prosper in the sunlight."

I suppose the true definition of 'creature of the night' would be a vampire, or a werewolf, or some other such thing ... but does it count when it's just a little girl who - despite loving a beautiful day of sunlight and blues - just doesn't feel the same ethereal beauty in the air unless she is walking the night? The moonlight is my craving, and the stars are as wondrous and musical as the morning robin. Although I must admit, there is a certain quality of the air at dawn that outclasses any other time of day.

Once someone told me a long time ago when I was about thirteen, that the only reason why the night appeals to me so is because in my youth it is still so fresh and new to abound in it. Well, I can safely say they were wrong, because nearly five years later I still love the night-time.

Anywaaaaysss, I'm sorry to who ever's reading this for I digress. (Don't even get me started on such topics as night, moon, stars, and wind.. I'll just write forever...) I imagine the sun-burn will probably start to hurt sometime tonight or tomorrow... it is already slightly itchy... ick...

I've really, really, really gotta go my classes tomorrow. I mean all of them. Lo, what addiction skipping has become to me... -lesigh-

I am supposing I will go job hunting tomorrow at the mall. Hand out resumes and all the like. Summer is fast approaching and I have not yet a job to keep me occupied and wealthy. I also need to decide what kind of things I should perhaps plan this weekend. Ma-chan mentioned wanting to do something, so that's one day... the rest...? Undecided. But it is only Tuesday anyways (on the brink of Wednesday) It's a long weekend though, and long weekends should have suitably long plans~!

Well anyways, I suppose that's all for now.

Why is it that I can't maintain a lighthearted style throughout the whole journal? I started with one then it slowly descended into a more serious one. Prolly some point after I was writing about my beloved night.

... I am also rather melancholy that my friends don't bother to comment in my journals at times, but that is perhaps but a selfish desire....

Who even reads these things?

Well, in any case, I am off to study my script, which I STILL haven't memorized...


By the way, happy two month anniversary, Ricky and Beth...