So Friday I beat Eternal Sonata as is evident by my previous entry. We didn't end up going to the Midway because everyone took long in doing stuff. I wanted to go to the all-night movie thing after all because some of my friends were going and all that jazz. It actually sounded like a fun idea, but alas, no money to go... although my dad passed up free tickets earlier that week without even asking me if I actually wanted to go. e.e

We did finally get around to going to the Midway on Saturday, and it was pretty fun even if it was very small and had like maybe three good rides. Being the idiot I am, I didn't feel like wearing a sweater or a jacket, and consequently froze. It was harder to enjoy it for that reason. |: 'Tis what I get.

That boat ride is pretty friggin fun, although it was perhaps the only fun there... well except Scrambler, me and Azzy had some retarded fun on that one. XD She'll know what I mean, ahahaha.

So yeah, originally it was me, Azzy, Gabby, and Brandon, but we met up with Tai there too. The majority of time spent there was standing around and talking. Apparently Gab and Tai saw the giant fight that occurred there and was on the news afterwards... and it was just a bunch of kids who were fighting...

Little girls to be precise. Sad sad ... I've never gotten into a fight with anyone besides my brother, you know. For alot of kids (even people my age really) it seems like one giant trend to try to beat each other up whenever someone else says anything of the slightest negativity to another. It is quite frankly, very stupid in my opinion.

I don't think I'm going to get around to writing another in-depth opinion on Eternal Sonata's ending. It was lost and will stay as thus. (I'm also too lazy and the passion for a review is gone.)

I must study and memorize my whole script for drama class, and I have no idea how I'm going to do it. Way to go sir, for casting me one of the characters with the most lines when I have a memory like a sieve. I've gotta try though... I think I've got about half of it ... Well, good luck to me? ._.

Well that's about all for now. Ta ta~