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feck you AN -dies-
Once again I am stuck at home while Anime North is going on. ): I should of saw this coming from a long time ago, but I guess it still always sucks when I have to think about how it's going on and I'm not there.

Oh well.. maybe next year.. or the year after that.. or maybe after that one... T.T

Anywaaayysss... last weekend was pretty fun. There was mall and Tim Hortons adventures, but also some drama. I have an epic recording from Timmies that is made of win and lulz. I listen to it when I'm bored.

Oh, I also started doing voice diaries. They amuse me.

Yesterday I slept over at Nika's and we watched Zero Punctuation and fell asleep on her futon after I ate CAKE BARS that were superbly delicious. I woke up later then I intended because I'm lame and we watched How It's Made and figured out hockey masks take a lot of fecking work to make.

Me, Ma-chan, and Gabby were supposed to hang with Steven today but we all got our plans mixed up because he thought we were coming here and we thought we were going there, so uh.. he showed up while I was still at Nika's apparently and when I wasn't home he left to go to his girlfriend's for the day so today's plans kinda fell apart.

I slept majority of the day, then Kora and her girlfriend came over for a little bit before her dad picked them up, and now I'm just on Gaia... like always. XD;

What the hell is up with people bothering me for stuff and spamming me with junk lately? I've had one guy bug me for my nitemare scarf (he can deny it but I know that's what he was doing) and flipped out on me because I wouldn't give him anything. And some chick tried to scam me by pretending she was Gabby on another account because she got hacked, but I was like, "Uhhh, no you're not."

Seriously, this stuff never happened before. e.e I hate when people bug me solely for getting my things. Try getting to know me first then we'll see if I feel like giving you something. Pfft. Or at least have a good reason .. though who knows if that reason would be a lie anyways.

I'll probably be up all night again because I slept earlier. &.&

I still can't find out what became of that gamecube controller. I want to play Twilight Princess. ._. Gaaahhh.

Okayso, that's all for now ... Sayonara. heart I still hope that people are having fun at Anime North...


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Miss Kiyo
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun May 25, 2008 @ 08:45am
If it makes you feel better, I wanted to go to.
So we can both suffer together.
Your a 2003 account.....do I need to say more....I've been getting pm's of fail to,
even though I'm poor. ><

commentCommented on: Sun May 25, 2008 @ 08:52am
Yeah. Woe be to the AN non-goers like us. ;-; -angst-
That sucks to hear. ): I heard stories like that from people all the time but people never bugged me before even when I had rich stuff on. Then suddenly I get all these PMs and I don't know why. Dx It's annoying~!

Community Member
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