Okay it's the fourth day since I started loosing my voice. It has only gotten worse, if anything. -_-; It's all sore and my chest is full of crap I can't get rid of and my voice is FUNNY! T__T I don't usually get sick, so whyyy oh whyyy. My dad said Steven was sick when he was here... I never even knew that... YOU MADE ME SICK!! Or it was from walking in the middle of that storm.

Heheh, that so fun much fun but it was cold. The wind was all, WOOSH!! -blows me back- ... but still cold.

I took some medicine I found in the cupboard but who knows how well that'll work. e_e Oh well. I'll get better eventually. Maybe if I'm still sick tomorrow I can stay home. o_o Yays. But also oh noes, because first day of the semester and I'll be lost!! ]: Plus I told Donovan I'd give him the G-Wing disk on Monday.

-coughs more more- T__T

Maybe it's a good thing that me and Ricky never went to the movies... well... I couldn't make him sick that way... maybe we shouldn't ever go ... it doesn't seem right... i dunno.. ahhhhh stupid me!


Why do I have to starts arguments all the time and make everyone mad? I spaz out way too much when people insult me. But why they want to insult me so badly to begin with...? They're always just joking they say but it hurts my feelings... do they need to joke about such things so badly?

I never have anything good to say in these journals unless I want to be boring and talk about the nothing that happens in my life. e_e Except drama. I hate it but on the other hand if I had no drama by life would be kinda devoid of everything.

Maybe I should make something out of something. I know this week I'm going to submit that resume to Claire's. Believe in yourself, Eternal!! >_<

ksadifdhasidfhahd okay I guess I'm done here.