So today me and Azzy went to the mall. Of course, getting to the mall occurred much later then it should of, be we still got everything done so it's A-OK. :3

Anyways, so today I got to spend half of first period trying to get a locker. That was kinda frustrating, but at least the class was math. Woo. X3 Drama was as fun as always. As long as people continue to be as friendly as they are so far, I think I really, really enjoy that class. Our class is supposed to some time in the future put on 'Sleeping Beauty' for all the elementary schools, and I can't wait for it. I think the only thing about Drama that concerns me so far, is my memory issues and how they will effect my abilities onstage. That, and my wretched shyness of course, but that's why I took Drama, to become more confident.

My Science class is scary... There are dead animals in jars on the counters, and dead animals on the wall, and dead animals in bags. I was afraid when the teacher showed us that bag of dead piglets we were gonna have to dissect them sometime in the future, but when I asked him thankfully he said no. That dead baby cow was still scary though... all cramped up in that jar...

I enjoyed Vocal the one day I got to be in it. X3 We leaped into doing a song right away. I love to sing. There are also some people I know in that class, like Jeff and Ashley. We had a spare today though ( I know right, already? lol ) but I stayed in the library to wait for Azzy.

Azzy and Aaron met up with me there, where me and Azzy tried to convince him to come to the mall with us, but he wouldn't because he's LAME. Lol, we tried our spam tactics on him. "COME WITH US, COME WITH US, COME WITH US!!" ... it didn't work. XD He said he could of went another day but oh well, we were going today. >_>;

So Azzy helped me clean dishes at my house, my brother got into a horrible fight with my parents over his schoolwork, I ate some pasta at Azzy's house and watched her brother play Twilight Princess. Then her brother drove us to the mall with Brandon.

I handed in five applications at different stores, so I'm really hoping at least one of them will contact me. Oh god, it was so embarrassing though... My science sheet had somehow ended up in my resume pile, so when I went to grab one and give it to the manager I gave them my science sheet, and I was all like, "Whoops, this isn't my resume?!" XD It was so awful... luckily it was only MacDonalds, which isn't the highest of desirable places to work... but I'll take work where I can get it.

Azzy bought me a hamburger, yay~ I will have to pay her back for that AND for paying bus fare for me again. Sorry Azzy... >__<;; I ish always so broke.

Oh yeah, we also tried on prom dresses for fun! Well... Azzy might have a chance at actually graduating this year... I was just trying for fun. xD I only tried one though. It was dark blue and lightly sparkling, and it was really pretty and I think I looked pretty good in it, ahaha. ^^;

We saw some weird people that night though. Like... we ran into Azzy's (ex?)-stalker Jordan, who ran off quickly which Azzy said was because she told him off the other day in an e-mail. Some guy who looked like a hobo asked Azzy for a smoke because apparently she "looked cool" lols... then he wouldn't stop talking to us. O_o And there was some old lady who didn't believe the signs about what time the buses came at and wanted us to call the bus office on Azzy's cellphone, and she was all, "I'm never coming out here again. Ever again." and I was like, "wtf &_&" in my head.

Oh yeah, and there was some b***h at the bus terminal. I was sitting on the table and talking to Azzy, when Azzy wanted to move, and then that girl was all like, "She finally got off my ******** table, the stupid little b***h." I didn't say anything to her, but I was like to Azzy really loudly, "HER table? Yeah, okay." I hate people like that, but I don't want to start a fight either. Let them say what they want? O_o

Me and Azzy talked loads about the apartment, and what kind of things we'll be bringing, and what kind of bills we'll need to deal with, and what we need to do to make it happen... our primary concern right now are getting jobs. If we can hold down some jobs, I know we can do this.

Well today was quite the adventure~ Hopefully tomorrow will be enjoyable too heart Eternal says ciao~~