no one read this if you value your insanity. i mean it. i don't even mean half the s**t i'm writing here.


okay fineeeeeee

WHO KEEPS LOOKING AT THESE JOURNAL ENTRIES. I'll hunt you all down. >__> Lalala I'm bored. Therefore, I write for the sake of writing. No one comments, no one loves meeeeee. T__T Really, I mean that too. LOL EMO.

s**t I'm inferior.

I'm just like a .. replica or something. hay replica cool. I can be like Sync!! o_o Except I actually have friends ... I think... Poor Sync. But we still relate tottaaallyyy~

am i trying too hard? lols

HOW I KILL FEEELINGS?! lol i dunno

I was reading Fullmoon all day yesterday and somewhat today and the day before that. ( confusing you?! prolly not. ]: ) That series is so sad at some parts, but in the end, EVERYONE IS HAPPY!! Whee. can i has happy too? Sometimes.. in order to keep going on.. I have to pretend life is like a manga. How do you like that for retarded weaboo-ism lulz?

I'm nothing ahahahahahaha~~~

okay everyone go away. or better yet, leave a message. messages maek Eternal happy. ^__^ will you give Eternal messages? No? ;-; wut.

so ******** inferior lol