You might believe I named this entry after a DDR song. In a way, you're right, but it's really just a clever way of saying 'paranoid', for reals.

This weekend was great. ^^ As explained in the former entry, I went to go see Pirates of the Carribean 3. Then on Saturday I went to Sheldon's house and hung out with him, Tyler, and Steven. We didn't do anything too much ... watched them play Super Mario Strikers ( I don't like that game very much, it's boring. ) conned them into playing DDR with me for a while, and messed around the computers. Oh well, just being around my friends is what makes me happy anyways.

My mom said I wasn't allowed to sleepover this time for sure, but everyone made me keep calling back until she finally gave in. x3 I enjoyed sleeping over for sure, but now I'm not too sure about whether or not I regret it because we ended up watching Dawn of the Dead and I didn't sleep all night. Zombies are my worst fear ever, right up there with spiders. It's sad because just when I was starting to feel comfortable with wandering around my house in the dead of night I find myself looking around corners again.

Sadly, I also now sleep with my half-blunt sword. Pathetic, I know, but I feel better with some sort of weapon at my hand. >_>; By the way, I am of course aware that zombies don't in any way exist, but the human mind is a very powerful and trecherous thing, and my feelings can't seem to understand what logic does. ( Not the first time, right? )

Blah blah, so I didn't get such a good sleep last night either. Tossed and turned, and woke up feeling like utter crap, so I took a sick day today. I slept until about 1:30, then went to sleep again at about 5:30, woke up briefly for dinner which I barely touched, then went to bed again until about now. ( 11:11 pm ) I sleep alot, I know .. I'm so damn tired all the time. I'm still tired, but on the same token I've slept so much already and I wanna check my stuff.

Tomorrow I'm going for blood-testing. Hopefully with this, everything will become clear - why I'm sick and tired all the time. Tyler thinks it all might be in my head, and I honestly hope he's right because then all it takes is a little willpower to cure myself, right? I'm still nervous though, I really don't like needles .. prior experiences know that blood tests hurt like a b***h.

By the way, finished AIR TV the other day. Let me tell you something... this series is just amazing. For only 12 episodes ( discluding the Recap episode ) this series touched my heart in a way that's almost incredible. They managed to pack so much character development into those few episodes that you really feel for the characters ( well, Misuzu anyways ) and the ending is so sad that it had me crying. If whoever-is-reading-this has any spare time and likes a good sad shojo anime, I fully wholly and heartily reccomend this series. Infact, go watch it anyways, it's just that good.

Well, I'm going to wrap this up now. Let's see if I survive tomorrow, and if I can get my parents to agree to having ToA night here this weekend. Tyler and Ricky want a melee tourney thingy. I'm not so good at melee, but sounds like fun. x3 Gonna start Kanon very soon... I didn't even know that Kanon and Air were both by Key, and that makes me anticipate Kanon even more.

Well, byebye~