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Went to go see Pirates of the Carribean 3 today with Azzy, Brandon, Christie, Brandon, Dan, and Christie's lil' brother Alex. Well, originally I was supposed to go with Azzy, Brandon, and Nika.. but Nika went to the 8 o'clock show that was sold out. Then we found Christie all randomly, and she was going to 9 o'clock, so we got tickets for that instead and all was great. <3

Pirates 3 was... wow... wooowwwweeeee, awesome! <333 Even better then I expected! Is three a lucky number or something, because... Spiderman 3 and Pirates 3 were both just fantastic, though Pirates was even better then Spiderman in my opinion. It had plot, drama, betrayal, romance, and an epic battle! Plus the fact that it was about pirates already doubled the coolness. I have two thumbs waaaay up for this movie, I reccomend it heartily! Hell, I'd go see it again in a heartbeat. Only thing I disliked really was that it got really hot in the theatre and the movie was really long... ^^;; Oh, and the ending will blow you away.

Anyways, before the movie though, funny thing happened. Well, it was annoying at the time, but now I can't help but laugh about it. Azzy was making random noises at these preppy girls we passed by, and they got all pissed at us. xD;; They ended up knowing Brandon, so they tried to pry him away from us, then when Azzy went to hug him they were all, "OMGAWD GET OFF HIM!!11" and Azzy was all, "He's mine! >_>" And then they came over to Brandon and asked if that was his girlfriend, and when he affirmed they started saying he was out of his mind to go out with such a beasty chick, so I called them whores before we went out of the door. <3

.. But oh no, apparently they weren't done yet. They just had to come over and ask me what I called them, because they 'didn't quite hear what I said' ... lawl. So I repeated it casually. "I called you whores. Now get lost." Then they started whining about something or another, I told them we didn't want to talk to them anymore, then they started ragging on Christie and following us around and I just told them to ******** off and go find something useful to do. xD; Funny thing is.. even though I was insulting them the most, they didn't really bug me. They called me a skank though... Ooooh, I'm so hurt. What bitches.

Whatever, it was totally funny now that I think about it again. Do people honestly do this all the time? They must of been looking for a fight. How lame could people get? I hope I never see them again .. and sadly I might, since they go to my school. Only thing I'm worried about is if they go whine to all their friends to try to make my life miserable. Too bad they don't know that nothing they can do would make my life miserable. I think I'll just laugh in their face and watch how bewildered they get .. that alone will make me laugh more, likely.

Anyways, Ricky, Dustin, Karlie + other people would be at Anime North about now. Well, actually, since it's 3:18 in the morning, I pressume they'd have already done one day and are currently sleeping, lol. I hope they're having lots of fun. ^^; I wish I could of went myself, but honestly how could I? I don't even have anyone I could of went with anyways. I doubt they all would of wanted me there, nyuu...

Next year. Everyone promised to go next year. I'll definiately go next year no matter what... and I'll have a costume and everything! It'll be great! I already look forwards to it.

Of course, I also look forwards to summer, even while I dread it. My marks aren't very shining right now.. I'm seriously worried about being able to get into Widdifield... I'll be very sad if I can't. I really do hate my school, and I miss everyone all the time. Nyuu. I wonder what summer will be like this year? Hopefully nothing like last summer. That was a very depressing summer for me. I hope that me and my ToA Group will do lots ... they might even be busy with other things or other people.. I think I'll be sad if that happens too, but I got to try not to be selfish.

I'm still sick and coughing every now and then. The dizzy spells are pretty consistent, but today I was happy and hyper. I enjoy when I'm like that, it's not so often nowadays.

Maybe someday I'll be comfortable with who I am. Anyways, it's quite late and I'm tired! Tomorrow I'm supposed to be going to Sheldon's house to spend time with him and Tyler, and hopefully Steven. ( I've forgiven Steven because we had a talk and he really did mean he was sorry.. but honestly, did anyone expect me to stay angry very long? ) I hope it'll be fun...

... I'll wish on the moon tonight for everyone to be happy. I wish Steven and Sheldon do well on their recording tomorrow. I wish Ricky is having fun at Anime North! I wish for some nice dreams.

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Flae the Goddess of Hope
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun May 27, 2007 @ 01:41pm
I want to see pirates crying . You should have taken me with you.

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