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The little people
The title is based off a wierd conversation I had with Tyler around midnight. xD The little people are named Fred and Ted an live in my toaster. They are of lemonade, except for the fact that Fred is actually an orange. Unfortunately, they exploded and now Ed and Jed have taken over, and they live in my hamper, which also unfortunately isn't nearly half as cool as living in a toaster.

... And now onto the mildly LESS insane things. :3

I got my blood tests today in the morning, and as I was certain, it hurt like a b***h. Okay, actually, it didn't really.. it was mostly just annoying and pricky.. but I was frightened to death of it, and I was shaking like a leaf when it was done. Then dad took me out for a breakfast danish ( I'm still skipping breakfast nowadays ) and we went to a boring meeting at the school. There were alot of important people assembled and I felt uncomfortable, so I mostly just dazed out and looked out the window and thought about stuff.

In conclusion to the meeting, I am now taking summer school for Civics this year. I also apparently have no hope for passing Science at this point, though I do have a shot at History apparently. If I don't get a job this summer ( and I want one anyways ) then I must also take Science in summer school. Despite my wishes, summer school will be at Chippewa, and this makes me recoil in horror for Chippewa is a stupid school and no one likes it.

This weekend there shall yet again, not be another full-fledged ToA Night. Ricky and Steven will be at Beth's birthday, and I don't really much else to say besides I hope they have fun? x3 Sheldon wasn't invited, and Tyler naturally not, so I'll see if they can come over to my house for swimming or something. Shouldn't be a problem for only two people.

On another note, today's weather was extremely hot. I wanted to go swimming today with Azzy, but she had already gone and said she didn't want to go back because of thunderstorm warnings. Yeah, well, it never thunderstormed so F U weather-network. :/ But still, seriously, the weather lately... summer is truly a-coming. I have little hopes for Widdifield next year at my current stand-point. I am tempted to become an hero. ( Just kidding, I simply felt like sticking that in somewhere. XDD ) But in all seriousness, yeah, my grades suck.

Okay, at this point I'm just rambling so I'll wrap this up and probably head to bed. I really do stay up too late.. it's 12:03. :/ You know, for some reason I just get really antsy around 12:00 ... I dunno. X3 Something frightening about the minute night passes into day. By the way, srsly gaiz, who the feck has been reading these journals? Last entry got 4.. former one got 6? O_o;; I know some people who read it, and perhaps potencial people, but...

LEAVE YOUR NAMES?!?! ( Not gonna happen, right? XD;; Fine, keep stalking me! >_> My fault for having such a detailed easily accessible internet journal. I'm just asking for teh raepingz, aren't I? Well, wweeeeoooaaahhh. )

Yeah, when I pull that, you know it's time to just crash out. XD

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commentCommented on: Fri Jun 01, 2007 @ 01:23pm
The water was fricken cold yesterday, and I had one hell of a sun burn. But it was fun, even though I was by myself. Brandon couldn't go swimming, but Dexter went swimming with me...It was funny. xD
Sorry to hear about your unfortunate placement at Chippewa. I would join you, but unfortunately, theres nothing I need to go to summer school for. x.x;; I could probably just go ahead and nail my grade 12 math, if possible, but I have a full time job this summer.
No can do. v.v;;
Buut...Am I invited to hang with yoz this weekend? Brandon has to go home, and I'm gonna be lonely. I need peoplez to hang out with , yo. <3
Lemme know if I can come.
And...errr...I don't know what else to comment on. o_O

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