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Reyna Crelos

Shameless Ladykiller

PostPosted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:00 am
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:25 am
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"Blue Oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me."

Reyna's Post

You Are Here. Yes. This is where to find out what everything is.

Law Of The Land Rules of course.

Tossed Rocks Updates delivered by um... rocks.

Shadowy Sages Story Listings and Tall Tales.

Oblivion Nuff said. It's Blue Goldstone's post.

Inept Guardian Hugo's post.

Acquaintances Those known whether Friend or Enemy.

Night Stalkers Critters that belong or don't belong.

The Keep Where else would we live.

Artzes Finely woven arts of those deserving.

The Wastelands Information on Nightfall/Blue Goldstone's properties.

Broken Bones Requirements.

Shadowy Figures The World of Nyota.

Tomes of Lore Other journal links.



Vermillion Gekko


Vermillion Gekko

PostPosted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:31 am
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"Blue Oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me."

Law Of The Land

Yes, there must be rules. Just a few.

1. Do not post unless invited to do so. Only exceptions are those shop owners that are a necessary evil. JK, Reyna. heart

2. I usually post finished or WIP rps into my journal rather than post with someone back and forth here. It just keeps the story form a bit easier.

3. All Gaia ToS apply. Be nice.

4. My PMs are always open to comments or anyone wanting to RP. Drop a line if you are interested. I am on AIM, so feel free to hit me there.

5. All the graphic banners and bars, I created. So do not steal. Ask if you want to use for sizing or something else. For information, I used lettering, shapes, and a bit of airbrushing to get the graphics as well as some formatting. So these are very simply made. Try it.

6. These rules are subject to change as I see fit.
PostPosted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:33 am
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"Blue Oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me."

Tossed Rocks

This is where the updates will be and they really are not delivered by rocks.

03.16.11 Finished New Tricks.
03.03.11 Added some to New Tricks.
02.17.11 Added images for stages. He evolved to wisp!!
12.15.10 Finished off Strangling Shadows. Added New Tricks.
12.14.10 Finished off Out Of This World. Added Strangling Shadows.
12.12.10 Finished off To Dig Nightfall. Started Out Of This World.
11.12.10 Added Substitute to page 2.
11.09.10 Added information to first page.
11.08.10 Made banner.

[color=#0c0c3e][size=9][i][b]"Blue Oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me."[/b][/i][/size]

[/b]Solo/Joint Date

Color code for Oblivion:

[color=#17176f] normal angry mischievious[/color]

[color=#5b5d9d] petulant annoyed[/color]

[color=#9d9ff1] pained fearful[/color]

[color=#060714 to #c206c2 gradient at tektek] Fury leading to explosion [/color]

[color=silver] happy amused [/color]

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Vermillion Gekko


Vermillion Gekko

PostPosted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:34 am
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"Blue Oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me."

Shadowy Sages

This is where the story index will be. First stories will be at the bottom with the most current at the top. Easiest for me to do them this way. Page numbers are links to that page.


Page 3


Page 2

06.03.12 The Taste of Style The imps go nuts
WIP Impeccable Obli sets up his closet
WIP The Clothes Horse Hugo takes Obli shopping
WIP He Watches Me Obli grows to child
05.14.12 The King of Nothing Hugo and Obli visit Athan
WIP BBQ Hugo and Obli go to the BBQ at Amon's
WIP Epiphany
WIP The Bazaar & The Bizarre Hugo/Obli meet Amon/Neph
WIP A Real Job
WIP Testing Obli
03.16.11 New Tricks Obli and Hugo learn something new - Solo
12.15.10 Strangling Shadows Oblivion shows up - Solo
12.14.10 Out Of This World Hugo ends up elsewhere - Solo
12.12.10 To Dig Nightfall Hugo gains the pendant - Solo
11.12.10 Substitute Hugo teaches class - Solo

PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:30 am
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"Blue Oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me."

Blue Goldstone Oblivion


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Fiend Appearance:

His basic body is like the stone and a deep violet black with glints of light from the scattered silvery white crystals. There are a few cometlike groupings that mark him similar to the stone. His eyes are a fluorescent violet and luminous, nearly glowing, probably close to this color (#9900FF).

The only jewelry he wears is this silver serpent and three silver hoops in right ear. His markings are sort of twofold I think.. in the light of day which he will mostly shun, he looks like the stone does during the day and appears violet black with silvery white crystals. At night, those same crystals/variations in him shine - glowing violet. I want to say fluorescent but I'm sure it's more of a luminous glow than just fluorescent is. I am thinking a violet radiation based on the nuclear energy.

His hair.. I don't know... surprise me...

Coat & Vest He wears a long black coat, well tailored with a violet design (#9900CC) placement as in image reference (longer on the right but wrapped around the shoulder and down the left), with silver buttons, deep violet (#660099) inside coat. The design on the coat is different than the ref image which I'm only using for style and placement, possibly a serpent subtlely outlined (color #9900CC) with the head dropping from his left shoulder. Seems to fit the idea of corruption/poison I wanted.

The vest is silver brocade with a subtle silver design (paler than the image) with a violet cravat/scarf (#9900CC). The vest itself can be longer than that. I'm looking for well-tailored tastefulness with a subtle elegance, but not gaudy. Simple black fingerless gloves similar to the ones in the image.

The word that describes him most is 'impeccable'. I've created him as I see him, but do not let that entirely limit you if you see something that makes him look better. Surprises are sometimes nice.

Fiend Personality:

His attitude is probably one of the darker ones at Shadow Fiends. He finds his amusement in playing with others as a cat plays with a mouse, sometimes unpredictable and deadly if allowed to. (He won't be, lol. Being a fiend with a guardian will contain that...) He is calculating, watchful, and intelligent, manipulative, arrogantly confident, and a rake/scoundrel where females are concerned. Knowledge is power and he wants power still.

His weaknesses are daylight and claustrophobia as well as arrogance. As with the stone, daylight negates most of his ability. He will prefer the darkness even more than most fiends and sprites do because of his need for control over himself. He won't like the fact that daylight can negate his ability. Small spaces drive him crazy. Some of this is from being trapped in the stone and from his former life where he had the freedom to do as he desired when he wanted to.

Fiend History/Memory:

Oblivion was sealed inside the stone because of who he was. His real name was once Xavier Obli`vier, born on the planet Nyota. His people and planet evolved much the way other worlds did. Humanoids of various races developed that warred against each other as part of their evolution. The one thing that made them different was that they were prevented from destroying themselves by an outside source. However, that is all after Xavier met his fate. His race's distinguishing features are opalescent eyes and snow white hair.

Xavier was born when the society of the planet was still quite vulnerable to status and wealth. His family was well-known having gained their money over many generations. At the age of 21, Xavier decided it was not enough for him. He wanted the city to bow before their wealth and himself. Uncannily intelligent, Xavier began a series of moves that pressured the other wealthy residents as well as his own family to give him what he wanted. They began to cave to his wants and needs rather than stand fast in their own. It was said that 'to be in style' was to be within Xavier's notice. That was not always a good thing as he used people as he pleased without consideration for them.

It took him no time at all as he kept the pressure on, barely five years, to become the most powerful man in the city. He used the money and resources he had wisely and with calculations that doubled or tripled his assets. With another two years at the age of 27, Xavier became the most influential man in his country. His motives were always hidden in anything he did. He was considered a rake and scoundrel where women were concerned. In business he was considered a tiger who would as easily play with his victims as outright destroy them after having his fun.

Of course there were others who noticed what Xavier was doing. His power was not without envy nor was it unfeared. It was then he came to the notice of Doran and others who watched him calculating what they saw within the man. Xavier had a knack for persuasion, manipulation, and an insight that served him extremely well whether in business or sizing up people. Too well some thought and there were those who believed he had some sort of power over others that made them weaker than he was.

One group of nobles thought to bring him down by manipulating their wealth against him. In the end, they lost half of what they had to Xavier's control. It was as if he were waiting on them to try. It was a hard lesson learned and only made Xavier more powerful in their lives.

It was during this time he met Doran who had heard of Xavier's attitude and manipulative nature. His family approached Doran to try to get Xavier to back off a bit on the people before something worse happened. Amused Doran approached Xavier because he seemed like a fun play toy.

At first it was merely to see if Xavier was truly as powerful as people deemed him to be. He gave Xavier who was considered Doran a 'dear friend' by this point, a deep blue stone that sparkled slightly as a gift. The stone was carefully placed in a silver brooch setting that had a silver serpent twining around and partially over the stone. Xavier was never seen without it. It was even rumored that the uncommon piece of jewelry gave Xavier more power though there was no proof of such.

At that point a test for the man's resolve and a pretense to help him obtain greater influence within the country he resided. Doran built Xavier up constantly to make him appear as all-powerful and make him see things he had never suspected within himself.

Then Doran double crossed him simply for fun. Xavier approached Doran as he began to feel strangely, trying to figure out what was wrong with him. Doran taunted that they were rivals not friends as Xavier was sealed within the stone which had sucked away his life energy and soul rather than making him all-powerful as promised.

As he left, Doran left destruction in his wake, taking nearly half the city. The survivors wandered around trying to figure out what had happened by tracing down the epicenter of the event. Only a crater remained where Xavier's house had once stood. The only thing left was the stone Xavier had worn. The setting still looked as pristine as when the man wore it.

His family, now quite certain that the stone was evil, took it to the one place they were sure it would cause no further trouble. It was taken to the very center of the Crystalali Wastes and buried. Mostly the family remembers the serpent brooch worn by one of their own. And they would prefer to forget, but others still quite often tell tales of the dark man who steals souls away if one becomes like Xavier.

Oblivion may eventually remember his past. At least bits and pieces of it. Or he may remember none of it. I'll have to decide that I think when I start getting into his actual RP. Sometimes things affect that aren't expected and I don't like to paint myself into a box.

Possible Abilities:

Blue Goldstone is a stone of courage and change. It enhances spiritual movement away from fear and self doubt. Blue Goldstone is a good stone for internal and external changes. That may have been what Xavier felt it meant to him, but things change.

To Oblivion, the fiend that Xavier has become, it will cause something quite different. As always these are just thoughts on things that would be fun to play with and subject to the shop owner's choice.

- the ability to (with a bit of time) affect physical changes in plants, animals, insects, or even people although people would take a significant amount of time (years).

- This has two parts... first, a physical ability that allows him to cause things to decay/be poisoned. Being radioactive at night is certain going to cause some glowing and destruction of various objects, plants, etc. It could be as simple as causing a plant to wither or later causing a garden to crumble and die as it would be a radioactive poisoning.

The difference between Mutation and Corruption being that with mutation everything remains alive but changed. Corruption is a blatant intent to destroy something.

As for the rest, he would have the typical skills that all fiends have. If you have thoughts on other things, let me know.

Quote & Song:

"A vast grave full of unspeakable secrets"
It comes from Heart of Darkness which I felt suited the entire thought of nuclear energy and what its purpose within such a weapon is.

Tossing around a few songs, but the one I like so far is Metallica's King Nothing.


Vermillion Gekko


Vermillion Gekko

PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:30 am
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"Blue Oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me."

Inept Guardian

Guardian: Hugo A. Farnsworth

Race: Nyotae
Age: 29
Hair: Shoulder length white hair, unkempt and unruly most of the time.
Eyes: Silvery gray color with green flecks scattered. His eyes appear opalescent on his world but silvery gray/green on Gaia.
Height: 5'11"
Build: average muscular frame.
Description: He wears a brown jacket with the elbows patched in darker brown. A striped green shirt open at the neck, collar shoved back, with a white t shirt beneath. Loose fitting boot cut jeans with a pair of short black boots. Usually a black belt around his waist that has a keyring hanging from it with an antique bronze medallion that has some writing on both sides with his various keys. Ask him and he will get flustered as to what the medallion has printed on both sides.

His skin looks well tanned except that is the natural color of his race which makes his hair and eyes look all the whiter.

Personality: He's very intelligent, a bit of a bookworm most of the time. He likes teaching and gets very excited when his students actually display some excitement in what they are doing. At the moment he's simply a substitute teacher at the college because it leaves him free to do as he likes. He's a bit of an archaologist and can spend time alone for days while digging or searching for something. When he returns to town, Hugo dives into everything as if he has been sensory deprived or looking for the same thrill as when finding some artifact or rock of interest.

He's friendly, but can be shy at times, especially when it comes to women. He's had little experience with them and the ones he has been around, he'd like to see less of them. He's unkempt in that his clothing and hair always look disheveled, but he's clean and feels like he doesn't need to pretend to be other than he is. He is the sort who would dive in headlong to help someone but be sure that it would go wrong in the end.

Hugo is really a sort of happy go lucky guy who seldom has luck on his side. He just keeps going as he needs to and figures everything will work out well in the end whether he does anything or not. He does have a phobia - Hugo is afraid of cats. They not only shed on him, they just scare him and after meeting someone's cat, he frequently has nightmares about the creatures for a day or so.

He's really just the average guy who would catch a girl's attention if he actually took the time to dress well and pay attention.

History: Hugo is the seventh son of a second cousin of a third cousin's wife of a friend sort of person... you know.. that guy that everyone talks about and usually avoids. At least he was treated such on his planet. Everyone thought he was crazy for digging Nightfall or Oblivion and now that he has disappeared, everyone thinks the stone is even more cursed. Of course the students he taught at the local college, at least the Nyotae version of a college, bought him the pendant as a gift for all the trips he had taken them on while their resident teacher was on vacation.

When he vanishes, most people are sure it is due to the Nightfall or Oblivion pendant around his neck. His students feel horrible, but it was not entirely their doing. Hugo was digging Nightfall and stayed late at night when the glow from the stone's vein is the brightest. He was curious and ended up following one of the shadowy shapes only to find himself in a strange place when he woke up.

And the necklace he was given seems different somehow. He'll start trying to find out what it is as he begins to understand the new world he has found himself on. The knowledge he has seems to fit in with the place he has found himself, but the oddest thing is there is no language barrier. Nyota and the general human population speak the same language which really seems odd to him and he has to find out why.

Also after arriving on Gaia, Hugo finds out that he has a fear of felines. I get the impression that Oblivion is going to enjoy using that against the man... Another odd fact is that on Nyota, Hugo's eyes were opalescent but on Gaia they are silvery gray with green flecks. His hair and skin have remained their true color though.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:31 am
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"Blue Oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me."



Vermillion Gekko


Vermillion Gekko

PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:32 am
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"Blue Oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me."

Night Stalkers
PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:33 am
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"Blue Oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me."

The Keep


Vermillion Gekko


Vermillion Gekko

PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:34 am
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"Blue Oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me."


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PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:35 am
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"Blue Oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me."

The Wastelands

Stone Name: Nightfall or Blue Goldstone


Physical Appearance:

The stone naturally appears smooth as if polished. The basic coloration is of a deep violet that makes it appear black in daylight. A scattering of embedded silvery white crystals remind one of a star-filled night sky as it reflects from the small points. Occasionally a crystal will have a comet-like trail of smaller crystals behind it.

What makes this stone unique is that its appearance changes in the dark. The crystals glow a fluorescent violet while the darker mass of the stone seems an almost translucent royal violet. Light reverts the stone to its normal color.

The vein of this stone is found in the deepest desert and the entire mass when glowing makes that portion of the desert seem surreal and otherworldly. It is as if the mass is invading and not in its natural habitat.

The stone is wrapped in a basket weave setting like this Setting. The stone can be faceted rather than a smooth cabochon. The silver limits its radioactivity against someone's skin.

Location & Mining

Nightfall is unusual in that it is considered a man-made stone or creation. It is not simulated, but an accident on the atomic level. The stone's properties are still mostly unknown though various testing is still being done. In order to understand Nightfall, one must look at its creation.

Nuclear testing is a prevalent thing on Nyota in the past pre-war era on the planet, though more controlled now if it is done at all. Bombs were set off in the deepest desert where little survives the everyday temperature levels in the Crystalali Wastes. The Wastes are covered in white and crystal sands that gleam reflecting the sun and raising the temperatures- which are often 175 degrees +, to the highest on the planet. The remoteness of this area and its extreme temperatures made it the perfect nuclear testing grounds.

Although the Nyotae have put aside their wars and differences for peaceful solutions, there are reminders of their past. One of those is Nightfall. All consequences were thought to have been contained from the population of the world. Nightfall is perhaps only one consequence of past actions taken during any nuclear testing and their wars which are even now finding way out into the population and causing unseen complications.

Nightfall is the fusion of nuclear energy and the common minerals, such as sandstone, iron, quartz, agate, and others, at an atomic level. The base stones were altered, reshaped into new structure. Nightfall may look similar to onyx with tiny silvery white crystals embedded, but it is far from that. Looks are deceiving in this instance.

At first, Nightfall was thought to be merely blackened melted stone that had been transformed into glass or even hematite. It was not understood until much later that an entirely new type of stone had been created. Pieces were carefully cut or broken off and taken to the laboratory for study. At first these studies were simply to see how much radiation was left behind and how wildlife were affected when placed nearby. Considered benign after a length of time, the stone was pushed aside. It was then that the most unusual property of the stone appeared.

In the darkness, the stone changes as its true composition reveals its secrets. The crystals glow with a fluorescent light much the way solar panels glow at night. It was thought that it was a light absorbing stone and something unseen before. It is not. The glow comes from within the stone - a portion of the energy trapped within or so it is rumored.

Wherever there has been nuclear testing, there is an amount of Nightfall located at the site. The largest vein was discovered in the midst of the Crystalali Wastes and it is several miles deep in the center of the area. The huge black vein was created in the middle of the nuclear blast where the energy was hottest and is still being uncovered as the sands drift back around it constantly as if attracted. At night the portions that are visible cast an eerie violet glow over the white sand surrounding it.

The last three attempts to recreate another vein at the Crystalali area resulted in no Nightfall at all. Scientists have assumed that there is a requirement of base elements such as air, earth, fire, and water to create this stone. Its properties may always remain a mystery unless the conditions are perfectly right and they are uncertain if the white sand has anything to do with it. For now it is being mined and worked with as an energy saving light source.

To mine Nightfall, a diamond tipped drill is used to prevent shattering and for more precise cutting. Nightfall, if hammered, will shatter into smaller fragments no larger than a grain of sand which makes it worthless for light. The resource has been limited until its properties are fully known and it is not legally obtained though there is a small supply on the market. It is not illegal to own it, merely to mine it other than what the government does for its own uses. The public has been warned of possible side affects related to wearing it, but there are those in the scientific community that are considering it a viable light source inspite of its downfalls.


Nightfall ranks 9 to 9.5 on the Mohs scale. A hammer blow will shatter it causing it to become black sand. It loses all fluorescent properties when shattered. It can however be cut as a diamond is cut with a diamond drill and maintain its basic properties. It will fragment into a perfect octahedral cleavage, much the way diamonds do if cut skillfully.

Metaphysical Properties

Nightfall's metaphysical properties, for the most part, are the opposite of most other gems. The stone's effects are detrimental including but not limited to poison, manipulating darkness, and corruption. Testing done has determined that anything exposed for lengthy periods of time become quite poisonous. Water after several months became toxic enough to make a grown man ill. Wearing the jewelry during the daylight seems to have no effect on humans, however there are sideaffects during the night or when in the dark.

Wearing the gem has caused both skin and eyes to take on a faint violet hue in the dark though it is unseen in light. This glow in the dark effect does appear to have some advantages. Some people claim to see more clearly in the darkness and it is rumored that exposure to the stone will cure nightblindness and eyes do glow luminously violet.

In rare cases, corruption on a genetic level has occurred resulting in mutations that are rather disturbing. A wren exposed to such was monitored over time and grew tentacles that were poisonous and it began to have a fondness for meat rather than insects and seeds. Other mutations have been found, but the cases have been secretly filed away to prevent panic amongst the population.

The Lore of Blue Goldstone & Nightfall

A rather new and unknown stone, Nightfall only has a few stories concerning it. The most active tale is one often repeated by miners and guards and speaks of the darkest nights when the stone glows brightest.

All surmise that the bomb's energies were released opening another plane of existance for a few moments. Some call it the demon plane. Others call it a place of shadows. Yet all agree that it is filled with darkness and evil. It has been ventured that perhaps it is simply the void where lost souls from our own world try to find their way back to the realm of the living.

On the darkest nights when the stone is most luminous, dancing shapes are seen amongst the glowing sands. Most people back away in fear, refusing to remain close and the site is usually closed during night. Yet in the morning light, the fear that permeated the air is gone. No footprints are seen. No traces are left behind though the white sands have been drawn back around the previously exposed vein of Nightfall, completely hiding it again.

Whether these dancing figures are real, the imagination of those standing too long within the violet glow, or something trapped there, they seem real enough to those not too scared to relate the tale. It is unsure what or who they are or even if they exist as it is thought to be a side affect of the glowing gemstone. Few dare to test the limits.

It is also rumored that those people exposed to the stone in the dark long enough change and disappear. Whether this is simply an urban myth is unclear at this point.

Nightfall is also called Oblivion on Nyota because it seems that those who are linked to it cease in some way. It is known as Blue Goldstone on Gaia where Athan's shop is located.



Vermillion Gekko


Vermillion Gekko

PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:36 am
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"Blue Oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me."

Broken Bones

The general journal requirements are as follows:

Wisp:: 4 Solo entries, 1 RP. Excludes awakening of Shadow if done via RP. 0/0
Child :: 8 Solos, 3 RPs. 0/0
Teen :: 15 Solos, 6 RPs. 0/0
Adult :: 25 Solos, 8 RPs. 0/0
Evolution :: 10 Solos, 2 RPs 0/0
Ancient :: Final form. Continued activity will allow you to obtain more artwork. Artwork may be updated once every 6 months. Required activity: 6 Solos, 2 RPs within 6 months. 0/0
Exchange rate :: 1RP Entry = 2 Solo Journal Entries

Total: 5 Solos / 0 RPs
PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:37 am
User Image
"Blue Oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me."

Shadowy Figures

This post contains all the information on Nyota as I create it. It could be world maps, descriptions, or even vocabulary and about their society. This is a constant WIP.


The World
The sun to the world of Nyota is a green sun. It is this that also causes the varying degrees of color on this world. Under another color sun, the hues of this would would be vastly different. Beneath a yellow sun, the white hair looks blackish with violet hues. The opalescent eyes look silvery grey.

Racial Features
The main racial features of the Nyotae, (plural meaning more than one), is their hair is snow white, their eyes are opalescent with varying degrees of pink, blue, green, or violet mixed in, and their skin is tanned from their constant exposure to the reflections cast by the Crystalali sands. This brightness does reflect into the atmosphere and cause all those on the world to look the same whether they are closer or further from the sands. Distance does not matter.

The simpler the better at least on the surface. Buildings are meant to be decorative on the outside but simple, clean livable environments on the interior. Everything slides into a wall, ceiling or floor, leaving the room nearly empty except when in use. Even books are in cases that are designed to be hidden behind panels.

The walls are glass projection screens where any image can be projected to conduct ease and relaxation entirely unseen on the outside. At night the bed may slide out into the room, and the walls will become a soothing beach giving the sound of ocean waves or gentle water cascading down waterfalls. Comfort is the key word in Nyotae society and anything that helps learning is approved of.

The Nyotae society is very respectful and until proven otherwise, respect is freely given. Both male and female are given titles based on their relationship status having even titles for those who are engaged or courting/dating. (look below for the words) They seldom fight though a friendly argument or debate is enjoyed.


Astron - college level and a word mostly used with education.
Mirs - meaning a married female.
Mur - meaning a single female.
Miurs - meaning an engaged or courted female.
Urth - meaning a married male.
Irth - meaning a single male.
Uirthus - meaning an engaged or currently courting male.
El - I
da - have
monaid - no
akair - clue
dasan - has
tol - am
tel - is
andi - to
vanit - be
vanin - been
tolin - are
Murthas - a less than reputable woman - slut, prostitute, etc. Same word used for all and not a word to be called in Nyotae society.
Urthel - a less than reputable man - rake, scoundrel, male prostitute, etc. Same word used for all and not a word to be called in Nyotae society.



Vermillion Gekko


Vermillion Gekko

PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:38 am
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"Blue Oblivion, largely lit, smiled and smiled at me."

Tomes Of Lore


The Cemetery
This journal contains all my ghostlings and links to their stories.
It was easier to have one than so many when I have about 25 ghostlings, heh.
The old links are below.

Sacrifices of Ciphar

Thibault Desmarais
This journal belongs to Thibault whose life was supposedly ended by
being sacrificed to the priests of Ciphar.

Shadow Fiends

Fire Opal
This journal belongs to Rukurai, Fire Opal, and his guardian Jasamine.

This journal belongs to my newest Edel, Carpediem, God of Dolls.
This journal belongs to Tajnevaki, God of Mystery.
This journal belongs to Lisana, Goddess of Laughter.
Mortals Journal
This journal belongs to all those mortals I have at Edelsteine that follow another god.
Their RP links are listed in their posts.

Old Journals

Ghostling Journals

Going Somewhere
This journal belongs to Valkon, a vagabond yokai, and my very first ghostling. heart He is the Demigod of Creature Essences, including bones, shapes, and essences which allow him and others to change shape.

A Hawke Amongst Crows
This journal belongs to Hawke, Valkon's son, and his protagonist, Gizmo.

Give Me Dolls!
This journal belongs to Creepy Carp who is a dollmaker legion ghostling. There are many voices inside of him. Some you might even recognize.

The Magic Man
This journal belongs to Kael'thas, a World of Warcraft cosplay.

Whispers At Night
This journal belongs to Touma, an Infinite Undiscovery cosplay.

A Frosty Mourne
This journal belongs to Arthas, the Lich King, a World of Warcraft cosplay.

A Flowery Path
This journal belongs to Saranda, Kishiko, and Sting.


This journal belongs to Asmodeus, a Prince of Hell and his summoner Mischa.

Into The Labyrinth

Shades of Grey
This journal belongs to Saljin, a cursed elven shapeshifter from Jareth's world.

Wulfe's Twisted Winds
This journal belongs to Wulfe Fene`rin, a demon still within his orb. I'm such a slacker... sigh... but I really do have plots for him.

Welcome to Chaos :: Fiend Journals

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