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The Story So Far...

It's the future. Farther in time even after Rex, his parents Dr. Ancient and Cretacia return from the past. Dinosaurs have in short joined the future of Earth thanks to them. They've become part of every human's daily life. From helping out in the police force to being delivery boys for restaurants. Dinosaurs were included everywhere. Scientists continued to study the technology and power of the stones before they successfully recreated the same type of energy. Problem was that it could only be used to fuel the dinosaurs and the devices that summoned them. But now trouble has been brewing over the years of the Dinosaur uprising. A nationalist group has seemed to take control of the world thanks to their powerful army and their ever so clever schemes. Thanks to them the global economy has plummeted, inflation of prices, burning of many spectacular cities and monuments, as well as tyrannical views and unequal rights. They call themselves TDA, the meaning is unknown at the moment but records have seen them as a ruthless group. They seem to have a dinosaur obsession ever since Dr. Ancient released the Dinosaurs into the future. Proof? Well they started to control Earth the began calling it New Pangea. They've also been toying with the Dinosaurs powers as well as harnessing different energies ever since. Things seem to have gotten dim for the future...But it will change. Voices have started to rise against the TDA. The voices of humans....And dinosaurs....

The electronic journal of Dr. Prehi
Chapter XXI

It seems that the TDA's objectives were more vast then anyone could even grasp. They've started to experiment on the founding stones of the Dinoholder's true power. The TDA tried again to open a gateway to the past with all the elemental pieces but something had gone terribly wrong. When all the elemental pieces were placed in an atom accelerator to be fired up they started to react violently with no explanation. In a flash, and followed by a shock wave that took out all the power in a 500 km radius, the stones were replaced with...Babies? What kind of joke is this? Of course we all asked that question millions of times .... TDA continued to berate us for answers before we brought them the children. TDA's head commander was enraged and threatened to shut us down until we could revert them back. But we started to test these children for our own interests and the fact that out parental instincts kicked in we decided to keep them; I mean who wouldn't spare these children? They are just infants. Surprisingly the "experiments" have developed faster than any of us could have imagine. Or at least compared to normal humans. Their growth had stopped to a healthy young adult stage in the range of just several days. All the greatest scientists were brought before TDA to explain to them what had just happened. Everyone was baffled and the TDA's thoughts were correct. The elemental pieces were strong enough to even alter time and space so the fact that they had some kind of a mode to hide themselves was not surprising. Enough power to make the gateway to the past and to somehow mold themselves into a human form.Then the TDA began taking care of the "elemental pieces" as well as record their progress. Each one had a unique strange mystic power and one did not seem the same as the other. I fear that the TDA is planning something so unimaginable besides that gateway, as if it wasn't bad enough...That is why I, and several of my colleagues, have decided to smuggle the children out of TDA's main base. I know it's dangerous but those children must get out of the TDA's clutches for the good of time and space!



Several days after that record was inputted into his electric journal, Dr. Prehi and all of the scientists helping with the escape were found dead in a road side ditch 2000 Miles away from the Main Science Facilities base of TDA. Rumors have it that the TDA had caught up with them and showed that they wouldn't take that kind of betrayal from anyone. But what of the "experiments"?

It was rumored that they had all survived thanks to the Freedom Fighters calling themselves "The Liberators". Unfortunately in order for Dr. Prehi to be able to infiltrate the base successfully he had associated himself with the Liberators. This was an outrage for the TDA. In turn TDA has started it's search for Stone 1-7. But now it's a race against time for the future may lie on these 7 people.

But will they make history? Or be history?...

OOC Thread
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First let's lay down some rules...
exclaim No god mode...I absolutely despise it!
exclaim No flaming; No spamming; No cybering ; And let's keep the language level appropriate for my little sister's virgin ears... (Wait I don't have a little sister....Oh you get what I mean...)
exclaim Please PM profile; DON"T POST IT!
exclaim Respect each other please!~
exclaim Please be Semi-lit! No l33t speak or what ever that is....Or crappy spelling and grammar!
exclaim I adore randomness but let's keep it under the creepy level.
exclaim Oh right...And for OOC talk please surround them by ()(())<>[]{}
Or what ever else you can thing of....
exclaim No canons! This is a Next Generation rp so make up your characters! 3 Characters max per Rper. 1 Chosen One and two others.
exclaim Please have fun!!!!
exclaim If you don't even know what this rp is about don't worry about it. We're all learning different things right? So you can still join and learn something. About Dinosaurs of course...
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Now for some details...

There are 136 dinosaur cards so I'll try to list them out.
There are 20 cards in each elemental section (Fire, Water, Lightning, Wind, Grass, and Earth). The remaining 16 are Rainbow cards (I.E. They are super rare and powerful! Just like shinies in pokemon ....Sorta at least)

You don't need the stones to summon a certain type of dinosaur. The TDA has somehow fused every Dinoholder manufactured the ability to conjure up any dinosaur of any type.

There are 272 move cards. There are 40 cards in each elemental section. The remaining 32 are split into Rainbow move cards and combos that can be made. Of course now in the Future there are now more thanks to Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia. Mass production is basically cloning or "breeding" the current dinosaurs to make more dinosaurs. There seems to be a frequent amount of Wild Dinosaurs being found in the wild as well. Every single one is encased in an egg. How and why? Who knows.

There are three forms of Dinosaurs. The Adult Form (Used for battles and can use move cards in this form ONLY), the Child Form (Not sure why you want them...Maybe as pets?), and finally the Card Form (Better for mobility and to switch back and fro' from Child to Adult and vice versa). When dealt too much damage or out too long in Adult form the Dinosaurs will revert to Card form. Child form can last longer outside. Dinosaurs need to eat and sleep like any other living being.

Wild Dinosaurs can be summoned if they come in contact with their element, and if they are in contact with a move card as well they will have the additional move that they can use.

Some move cards summon other dinosaurs. Example: Metal Wing. It summons three Pteranadons to attack enemies.

Some dinosaurs have their own move cards included with them so don't be surprised if you find an extra card with your Dinosaur card as well. (RAINBOW ONLY)

Dinosaurs are just like humans. They have their own unique personalities. It takes time if a new Dinosaur has just joined your team. But of course this bond can be strengthened in time with work.

Please put a ninja emote somewhere in your pm with your profile so I know you read the rules and details.

In this time almost anybody (That can afford it or steals things) can get a Dinoholder (The original one). But these devices are being can be monitored or bugged by the TDA so they can do something if your trying to say rob the bank or oppose them with a dinosaur. Or if your out of their line of sight they will know where you are or what your recent activities with using your dinosaur was.

Many underground gangs though have been able to tap their Dinoholders so that the TDA couldn't monitor any of their activities. But having one of those Dinoholders as your own is against the law and you can be arrested and maybe even killed for that matter.

But there are several special Dinoholders called DinoRiders that are different. They harness a greater power that the TDA haven't been able to tap into or even control in anyway. They seem to be in hiding so of course this would be referred to as a legend. There are told to be only 10 ever made.

Some types of Move cards are more powerful on certain types. Please check the list below for the results:


And yes it's going to the left. Example: Say the move Fire Bomb was used on a Carnotaurus. That would take out a hunk of it's energy leaving it almost open for another attack to finish it.

Extra details will be added later if I find out I'm missing something :3....

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Skeleton profiles anybody?...

Character's name?: Hi my name's...
Gender?: I am a...
Age?: I am...____.....years old (If chosen one please be under 20 or so)
I'm into....(Girls? Boys? Both?)
Appearance?: (Anime Pic or a really good description)
Bio?: (A must...)
Dislikes?: (Both are optional :3)
I have a....(Dinoholder?Dinorider?*Need to ask me)
Starting off Dinosaur card and Move card: (If you don't have any ideas ask me for assistance)
Dino cards?: (I will update this part so PM me when you get a new Dino Card)
Available move cards?: (Will update this. PM me when you get a new Move card)
Team?: (What side are you on? Good? Bad? Neutral? TDA? Liberators?)
Are you a chosen one?: (Are you one of elemental pieces?) (Yes?/No?)
If so which one?: (Which elemental piece are you?)
Other?: (Anything else anybody needs to know?)
Username?: I am controlled by....
Posting Color?: (Please select one)

If you are part of the TDA please add and fill in the below. I will inform you about TDA moves through the rp and at the beginning if you need info.

My ranking?: (Default you will be a Grunt Officer if you don't request any higher position. Speak to me if you want to have a big role. )
My main base?: (Where are situated? Name a city or area)
My job?: (Suburban Control, Military, Political, Production, Recruitment, Science Facilities, or Hunter (Special Forces for the TDA that are currently searching for the Liberators or sympathizers of the Liberators, any revolutionary pro people, the Elemental pieces, and the Hybrid.)

If you are requesting to be a Liberator add and fill in the below. I will inform you about the Liberators' actions throughout the rp and at the beginning if you want.

My ranking: (Default you will just be a normal Freedom Fighter. For any higher roles speak to me.)
My job?: (Recruitment, Scout, Espionage, Military, Guerrilla, Science Facilities, or Searcher (Main Focus on seeking the Elemental pieces and the Hybrid)

How you introduce yourself is your choice but I want a good intro post. I will give you info and everything so don't worry about anything.

6 chosen ones. The elemental pieces and the mess up.

Fire: Taken!
Water: Taken!
Lightning: Taken!
Earth: Taken!
Wind: Taken!
Leaf: Taken!
The Hybrid: Taken!

Your alliance must be good or neutral. :3 Just for the plot's sake please.
Every Chosen One has their elemental symbol somewhere on there body. Please tell me where it is.
There are only 10 DinoRiders.
There are only 3 DinoRiders Available.
Better try to get them while their hot. Remember to ask me first.

Please PM this to me under the title: We are the future...

If not I will reject you and ask you to read everything once again.
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Character list so far in this Role-play....:


Character's name?: Hi my name's... Tim Lope
Gender?: I am a... Male
Age?: I am...16.....years old
I'm into....Both
Appearance?: User Image
Bio?: Tim was raised in Sunset, Utah since his 'parents' thought that it would be the best place to hide him. He flew under the radar with the TDA thinking that he was just an ordinary child that had been adopted. However, that didn't keep the TDA coming in and killing off Tim's 'parents' since they had apparently been doing something illegal.

Scared, Tim ran away when so prompted to do so by whom he thought was his dad who gave him a letter explaining everything as well as a copy of his will that had been recently changed just in case the TDA had caught wind of what was really going on. All the will gave Tim was a small apartment where he continues to live at undisturbed and a small bank safe that had two cards in it as well as a slip of paper with someone's contact info.
Likes?: Windy days, reading, and hanging out with friends.
Dislikes?: TDA, bullies, and fire.
I have a....Dinorider
Starting off Dinosaur card and Move card: Ermir;Utahraptor;Wind and Wind Power
Dino cards?:
Utahraptor;Wind (Ermir)

Stygilomoch;Earth (Qeb)

Available move cards?:
Wind Power;Wind

Team?: Good
Are you a chosen one?: Yes
If so which one?: Wind
Other?: nope!
Username?: I am controlled by.... wild wulfie of the forest
Posting Color?: Steelblue

Hi my name's... Sophie River Rosebud
Gender?: I am a... Female
Age?: I am...15.....years old
I'm into.... Boys
Appearance?: x
Bio?: Sophie was out helping her father in the dig she was attacked by TDA she ran for it not wanting her father to get hurt, she hid in the forest near were the dig was. She came back to the dig site after a few muinets to find that everyone was dead so now she is alone with Flora (her dino)
Likes?: Flowers, Rivers, Nature, dinos, Singing, friends that she can stick by.
Dislikes?: TDA!, Evil People, People making fun of her.
I have a....Dinoholder
Starting off Dinosaur card and Move card: Metal wing.
Dino cards?: (Again if water is open can I have)Parasaurolophus (Flora)
Available move cards?: (Will update this. PM me when you get a new Move card)
Team?: Im on good
Are you a chosen one?: Yes
If so which one?: Leaf
Other?: She loves to have good friends who help her anytime she needs it, Her Father was the only family she had left and he died when TDA asked him were sophie was and he had no idea.
Username?: I am controlled by.... Sophie RavenClaw
Posting Color?: Green

Character's name?: Hi my name's... D
Gender?: I am a... Male
Age?: I am... Unknown
I'm into... Girls

User Image

Bio?: D had always been a highly intelligent, fun loving child. He was well aware of the events that surrounded him, especially when the TDA had decided to capture him. He was capable of escaping their grasp for quite some time, until he was finally caught. Luckily, the Liberators had freed him and the other chosen ones the following day, before they were able to perform any tests on him. D had grown up with his Dinosaurs, although he had never seen them become cards, only when visitors had come to see him, but was oblivious to the fact until that day. He had obtained a Dinorider and three cards from the Liberators when he was freed, however, that was quite some time ago. He had stayed updated on the TDA and Liberator’s movements, and knows now that he has to do his best to find the others.
Likes? Dislikes?: N/A
I have a... Dinorider
Starting off Dinosaur card and Move card:

Dino cards?:

Spinosaurus; Water
Jobaria; Water

Available move cards?:

Super Cannon; Water
Ocean Panic; Water

Team?: Good
Are you a chosen one?: Yes, there is a symbol on my chest.
If so which one?: Water
Other?: N/A
Username?: I am controlled by... Dstdnt
Posting Color?: Dark Blue

Character's name?: Hi my name's Thunder Black
Gender?: I am a... Female
Age?: I am...17.....years old
I'm into....Boys
Appearance?: Thunder
Bio?: Thunder had a hard time, she was put up for adoption and has been living on the streets. Until she met a very nice woman who took her in, Thunder has a lighting mark on her arm. She was attacked by the TDA at the womans house and she was killed, thunder swore that she would stop TDA from hurting anyone else.
Likes?: Thunder storms, swimming, Vampires And dinos.
Dislikes?: TDA!!
I have a....(I don't mind pick)
Starting off Dinosaur card and Move card: Triceratops (Shocker) And Lightning Strike
Dino cards?: Only has the one.
Available move cards?: Still only has the one move card
Team?: Good
Are you a chosen one?: Yes!
If so which one?: Lightning
Other?: She may look very nice and normal but she loves Vampires and is quite random.
Username?: I am controlled by.... Wizard axel
Posting Color?: Orange








Character's name?: Hi my name's...Sieian V (The Roman Symbol for Four not a vee)
Gender?: I am a...Male
Age?: I am...16 (Seemingly).....years old
I'm into....Girls
Appearance?: Without my suit and Helmet

User Image

With my suit and Helmet. I'm on the left.

User Image

Bio?: I was raised in the Rocky mountains at a young age. My "parents" raised me up in a rural area where the TDA's reach seemed like a fairy tale. But that peace was short lived and my "parents" were killed by TDA and I was captured. The truth was then poured out to me in TDA's Main Science Facilities. I was a test tube baby and my "parents" were scientists who betrayed the TDA to keep me out of harm's way. I was the experiment genetically cloned from the 6 "elemental piece" children. I was made to combat them and to set a new standard for future super soldiers. I lost it after that. Even if they had me in cuffs and wrapped in chains, I somehow got free and killed everyone. I know not a pretty picture. Well after that I escaped, stole some cool gear, and found my first Dinosaur Partner. Striker. Since then I've been traveling New Pangea and getting a wicked a** reputation. And maybe some wanted posters as well. Since then I've been keeping my eye out on the TDA and their activities. As well as looking out for these "elemental pieces" kids.
Likes?: Driving, Dinosaurs (Who doesn't?), Eating, Resting, and Kicking Butt
Dislikes?: Losing Battles, Getting Caught, Getting my butt whooped, The TDA, and the talk of liberation.
I have a....DinoRider (MezoRider)
Starting off Dinosaur card and Move card: Striker;Velociraptor;Hybrid (Shadow) & Shadow Pack
Dino cards?:
Velociraptor;Hybrid/Shadow (Striker)

Baronyx;Water (Jett)

Shoniasaurus;Hybrid/Ice (Zimni)

Shanshanosaurus;Wind (Chinook) (Currently holding onto)

Available move cards?:
Shadow Pack;Hybrid/Shadow
Arbutis Claw;Water

Team?: Neutral. Leaning to Good.
Are you a chosen one?: Yes
If so which one?: I am the Hybrid
Other?: I call my DinoRider the MezoRider. I found it during my travels. It it black and silver unlike other DinoRiders. It doesn't make much of difference except it looks much more tripped out. I ride my motorcycle a lot. I mean it. A lot.
Username?: I am controlled by....Deus Ex Leo
Posting Color?: Firebrick

Character's name?: Hi my name's... Airi
Gender?: I am a... female
Age?: I am...16.....years old
I'm into....Boys
Appearance?: User ImageBio?: I lived in Japan till I was four. After, that my family moved to Hawaii. I never knew wht I had something that looked like a flame on my ankle. It was until later when I found out the truth. When I was about ten the TDA attacked my house when I wasn't home. I arrived just about the time they killed my parents. I was scard and in fear I couldn't moved until the voice in my head told me to run which I did, but before I left my house I grabbed the dinorider from my parents bed room. I ran until I ended up by a volcano for some reason it made me smile. I started to wander around for the rest of my life wondering why the TDA came to my house when I was ten. I'm sixteen now and work at a surf shop but for some reason i feel like I'm still being watched.
Likes: Sleeping, Surfing, Volcanoes, and being right
Dislikes: the TDA, people bringing up her parents, and losing
I have a....DinoRider
Starting off Dinosaur card and Move card: Goji;Gojirasaurus;Fire& Volcano Burst

Dino cards?:
Gojirasaurus;Fire (Goji)

Mapusaurus;Fire (Magma)

Available move cards?:
Volcano Burst;Fire
Fire Bomb;Fire

Team?: Neutral for now
Are you a chosen one?: Yes my symbol is on my ankle.
If so which one?: Fire
Other: I tend to get angry easily. Warning don't get me fired up. Also her favorite Dinosaur is the Pterodactyl,
Username?: I am controlled by.... fuku-taicho hinamori momo
Posting Color?: Light purple

Character's name?: Hi my name's...Kaito
Gender?: I am a...guy
Age?: I am...17.....years old
I'm into....Girls

Bio?: As an infant he was lost in the NYDA, a strange woman who went by the name of Kyra found him crying near a factory and took him under her wing and adopted him as her own. She raised him to be intelligent, and to take care of himself if noone else would; and to his dismay forced him to attend school( which he doesn't really mind anymore). Later in his teenage years, the TDA abducted his adoptive mother, and he, assuming the worst, thinks that they have killed her. He vows to avenge his mother by undermining the TDA in anyway possible.
Likes?:Staring at fire, loud music, and anything loaded with sugar or caffiene
Dislikes?: seeing or hearing people cry, cold weather, and taking medicine

I have a....Dinorider?
Starting off Dinosaur card and Move card: Kentrasaurus and Spike Arrows

Dino cards?:
Kentrasaurus/Earth (Kenny)

Available move cards?:
Spike Arrows/Earth

Team?: (Neutral)
Are you a chosen one?: Yes
If so which one?: Earth
Location of mark: Back right shoulder
Other?: has a Kentrosauros named Kenny, and also
has a tendency to be unstable and angsty, will snap if someone threatens or talks trash about someone he cares for
Username?: I am controlled by....ShadowKiba311
Posting Color?: Indigo
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Move cards? Where?...:

~ This symbol means this move card can be combined with another to make a great combo hit.
* Rarity of card (Found in stores etc.) 1-10 rating of rarity. You may also find a move card with a Wild Dinosaur thanks to *cough* Dr. Ancient *cough*

Normal Moves (Can be used by any type):
Tail Smash *
Hell Smash **
Stomping Hammer **
Diving Press **
Kamikaze Tackle ***
Death Grind **
Neck Crusher **
Atomic Bomb ***
Dino Swing *
Attack Burst **
Defense Burst **
Knockout Blast ***
Dino Stomp *
Sacrificial Slam ***

Lightning Spear ****
Lightning Strike ***
Electric Charge ***
~Thunder Bazooka ******
Gatling Spark ****
Plasma Anchor *******
Spark Runners (Summons Compsgnathus) ********
Volt Beam *****
Bolt of Vengeance ******
Voltage Boost *****
Anhanguera Dive (Summons 1-5 Anhanguera) *******
Blitz Counter ****

Nature's Blessing ***
Metal Wing (Summons 3 Pteranadons) ******
Big foot Assault (Summons Seismosaurus) ********
Super Impact (Summons Supersaurus) ********
Gaia's Hammer ****
Emerald Garden *****
Power Drain ****
Bouquet Tristars *****
Green Impact (Summons 1-7 Tupuxuara) ******
Overgrowth *****
Rejuvenating Light ****
Treetop Toss ****
Two Platoon Crush (Must have Big foot Assault and Super Impact)
Egg Attack (Summons 3 Ovriraptors) *******
Vine Snare ***

Cyclone ***
Ninja Attack *****
Biting Wind ****
Quick Strike (Summons Stegoceras) *****
Twirling Breaker (Summons 3 Tapejaras) ******
Hurricane Feet *****
~Storm Bazooka *******
Tornado Toss *****
Whirlwind ****
Wind Power ***
Vanquishing Vortex ******
Roaring Tempest *******
Sky Dive (Summons Quetzalcoatlus) ********
Kagerou *****
Dino Illusion *****

Shock Wave ***
Tidal Shredder (Summons Lieplurodon) ********
Arbutis Claw ****
Aqua Whip ****
Freeze Fang ***
Ocean Panic (Summons 5 Ophthalmosaurus) *******
Super Cannon (Summons Futabosaurus) *******
Water Sword *****
Swift Current (Summons 2 Nothosaurs) *******
Flash Flood *****
Acid Rain ******
Monsoon Wave ****
Tsunami Purge *****
Tragedy of the Sphere ******
Aqua Vortex *******
Chilling Impulse *****
Blizzard Smash ****

Quake Saber *****
Earth Barrier ****
Earthquake ***
Mole Attack ****
Rock Roller *****
Spike Arrows ******
Grave robber (Summons Deinocheirus) ******
Boulder Crusher ****
Crystal Break *****
Tremor Bash *****
Sand Trap ******
Terra Turn (Summons Cryolophosaurus) *******

Magma Blaster ******
Volcano Burst *****
Fire Bomb ****
Flare Spin ***
Fireflies (Summons 10 Ramphorhynchus) ******
Burning Dash *****
Venom Fang (Summons Piatnitzkysaurus) *******
Acidic Infection (Summons Euparkeria) *****
Supernova *****
Lava Storm ******
Fire Scorcher **********
Death Fire *******
Heat Eruption ******
Fire Cannon *****

You cannot buy the following in any store.

Special RAINBOW Move cards:
Cross Cutter (Ninja Deinonychus)
Shinobi Toss (Ninja Deinonychus)
Lazer Ray (Pachycephalosaurus)
Spectral Smash (Pachycephalosaurus)
Massive Slash (Therizinosaurus)
Zero-G Throw (Megalosaurus)

These move cards are included with the RAINBOW Dinosaur cards.

Hybrid Cards

Shadow Pack (There's only one)

((The three moves below are in a special triangle card. Depending which side you slash is what move the 3 Velociraptors use))

Pin Down (Summons 3 Velociraptors)
Final Fury (Summons 3 Velociraptors)
Critical Block (Summons 3 Velociraptors)

Will be updated. If you know any that's not on the sheets please inform me x3. Thanks!

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User Image

Dinosaurs? What!?!:

The following can be bought from Stores run by TDA, illegal black markets, and trade posts.
* Rarity of card (Found in stores etc. ) 1-10 rating of rarity (This does not usually determine strength) Also cards are usually being "born" in the wild frequently thanks to some guy who thought it would be funny to spread out dinosaurs in the wild. *cough* Dr. Ancient *cough*. Also Dinosaurs that have just met you and your using may or may not listen to your commands depending on their personality and your current bond. Of course you can strengthen this bond.

Triceratops *****
Chasmosaruous *****
Torosaurus *******
Anchisaurus *****
Psittacosaurus *****
Styracosaurus *****
Pentaceratops ****
Styracocasaurus ******
Achelousaurus ******
Pachyrhinosaurus *******
Anchiceratops *****
Ampelosaurus ******
Nedoceratops ********
Eucentrosaurus *****
Einiosaurus ******

Protoceratops ****
Parasaurolophus *****
Lambeosaurus *****
Tsintaosaurus ****
Tenontosaurus *******
Iguanodon ********
Aptasaurus *******
Altirhinus *******
Leptoceratops ****
Krinotosaurus *****
Saurolophus *****
Maiasaura *******
Fukuisaurus ******
Shantungosaurus *******
Lanzhousaurus *******
Isisaurus ********
Ouranosaurus *****
Anatotitan *****

Carnotaurus *****
Allosaurus *******
Neovenator *****
Utahraptor ******
Dilophosaurus *******
Megaraptor *******
Deltadromeus *****
Majungasaurus *******
Gallimimus ******
Troodon ****
Afrovenator ****
Monolophosaurus *******
Cryolophosaurus ********
Ceratosaurus ******
Shanshanosaurus *****
Sinosauropteryx *****
Szechuanosaurus *****
Indosuchus ******

Baryonyx ******
Spinosaurus *******
Amargasaurous ********
Camarasaurus ******
Tylosaurus ****
Saltosaurus *******
Ornitholestes *****
Suchomimus *******
Shunosaurus *******
Saltosaurus ******
Jobaria ********
Irritator ****
Avimimus ******
Coelophysis ****
Kronosaurus ******
Leaellynasaurus *****

Saichania ******
Kentrsaurus ******
Stegasaurus *****
Ankylosaurus ******
Edmontinia *****
Pinacosaurus ******
Sauropelta *******
Nodosaurus ********
Tarchiasaurus ******
Talarurus *******
Polacanthus ****
Gigantspinosaurus ********
Euoplocephalus ******
Tuojiangosaurus *******
Lexovisaurus ********
Wuerhosaurus ******
Stygimoloch *****
Huayangosaurus ******

Tyranosaurus Rex ******
Giganotosaurus *********
Tarbosaurus *******
Acrocanthosaurus ********
Gorgosaurus ****
Daspletosaurus *****
Yangchuanosaurus ******
Carcharodontosaurus *****
Saurophaganax ******
Mapusaurus ******
Gojirasaurus ****
Rajasaurus *******
Torvosaurus ********
Sinraptor ****
Siamotyrannus ******
Altispinax *****
Rugops ******

Following can not be bought anywhere:

Therizinosaurus: Status///Not found
Pachycephalosaurus: Status///Not found
Thecodontosaurus: Status///Not found
3 Ninja Deinonychus: Status///Not found
Megalosaurus: Status///Not Found


Velociraptor (Shadow) (Only One)

Velociraptor Trio (Triangle Card) (Only One)

Shoniasaurus (Ice) (Only One)

Will be updated and please give some Dinosaur suggestions x3....

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exclaim Created! Yay! :3 04/30/10
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Here you are able to check up what's in stock and what's not. Cash only. TDA current currency dollars. Store products will change every couple days or so.

Currently in Stock?

Dino Stomp $6

Dino Swing $6

Tail Smash $8

Burning Dash $18

What's Hot?

Lightning Spear for $10!

Black Market:

Here you are able to check up what's in stock and what's not.

Sold out! For now.
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White List:

Deus Ex Leo. For making this RP. Yay for me? =D

wild wulfie of the forest. First person to join! Great rper as well and gives good input as well as feedback when I ask for it. Made the first banner too! :3

fuku-taicho Hinamori Momo. Second person to join!

Black List:

Three strikes and your out.


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Important Locations and Setting~

Welcome to New Pangea!

Not a lot has changed in the future. Except maybe the fact that the world is now in a different permanent stance!
All the continents have finally stopped moving. The tectonic plates cannot now seem to stop colliding into each other but thanks to modern science the plates have been silenced. The continents seem to be much closer now it seems. West of the Americas is Australia and Eastern Asia which you can travel to in several days on boat. One day on a plane. A lot of geography has changed as well. Places that were once fertile have now either turned into wasteland or massive factory towns.

There have been the construction of the Trans-Atlantic Highway. Basically a long highway connecting Eastern America to Western Europe and Africa. All across the long highway are rest stops. (Restaurants, Bathrooms, Hotels, Gas Stations, Electric Stations, Hobby stores) It is also connected to many heavily populated islands and archipelagos like Hoquin. It is suspended over the Pangean Ocean which is most of Earth's water and where the continents once were.

Throughout the vast Pangean Ocean are millions of islands and archipelagos colonized by people. It also is said that the TDA has a several Secret Bases underwater and on islands. Searching for them could drive one mad.

There are several important cities that you might want to remember. The TDA of course renamed a lot of the world so try to follow me.

Yonath- A main suburban city for many people who survived the revolution. It is the old Seattle.

The Great Wasteland- An area which is barely livable. Several Nomadic tribes have been known to be able to get through this place alive. It runs through South USA, All of Mexico, and most of Central America.

Death's Chasm- A sudden fissure created this gigantic crevice that seals your fate if you fall in. It is located in the Great Wasteland On the sides are one of TDA's main bases. The branch is nicknamed Reaper. All TDA officers assigned this area have Reaper attached to their Codename and Number.

NYDA- Was New York City but now is just a mass of factories fueling the world of everything. It is just one of the many cities turned into a production zone.

Arctic Circle- Somehow the Earth resolved Global warming and both tundra zones have flourished. Their grasp has doubled it's size. The Arctic has now taken a lot of Northern Russia, Northern Greenland, and Northern Canada. There are several suburban cities and there is one TDA main base somewhere close to the North Pole. The branch is nicknamed Ice Age. All TDA officers assigned to this area have Ice Age attached to their Codename and Number.

Hoquin- One of the most largest islands and most heavily populated in the Pangean Ocean. there is a ferry service here like many populated islands have. It transports anyone to any area in the Pangean Ocean for a fee.

Other locations will be added in time.

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Date?: 02/20/62 February 20 4562. Tuesday.

Time?: It's pitch black. Night time has already fallen. It's early of course because it's still winterish time. Daylight Savings?

Weather?: Now I really can't tell. It's too dark to tell anymore. It's still cold thanks to the cold north wind. So maybe clouds are blowing this way?

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Welcome to New Pangea...

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