Well i re-read my old 'About Me' that i made a few years ago and looking at it made me terribly sad and frustrated.

My name is Nikole, a very /normal/ based person that really doesn't understand basic communications with people. I can get easily fed up with things that aren't right and tend to say what's on my mind with caution of course. I'm not someone to sugar coat life and i usually take charge when need be.I'm currently interested in becoming a police officer so it takes up alot of my time studying and trying to have some free time to hang out with friends.

I can say that Gaia changed me a specific way.
That is to say,when i was here before.When i was 13,i learned about roleplaying and found people that took a similar liking to what i also enjoyed.This site taught me to not be afraid of the internet and meeting the biased to generous members here show me enough of that.

Yaoi and Yuri,i don't mind on pairings or ships based on gender.If i enjoy two characters together,that's it.


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Ritsuka Cruz

Report | 10/04/2013 5:43 pm

Ritsuka Cruz

Oh snap. Happy birthday biggrin
Ritsuka Cruz

Report | 09/11/2013 9:33 am

Ritsuka Cruz

Last change: 462 days. Damn sorry for being gone so long D:

Missed you a lot though!

Report | 08/04/2013 6:56 pm


shouldnt you be referring to yourself as a treasure hunter, rather than a thief? xd

Report | 06/14/2013 6:42 am


Oh the good 'ol days. emotion_kirakira
I may have to do some archeology work and find that thread again just to relive the old times. lol
It's good to hear that he's married, I'm still single. How about you? Are you getting married anytime soon??? emotion_bigheart

Report | 06/14/2013 4:28 am



That's it emotion_donotwant . I know I have dementia! How can I keep forgetting fun stuff like that, OMG!!!
I feel so freaking aged all of a sudden....... emotion_sweatdrop
But he left long ago right? Then again, I sorta abandoned guildy a couple of years back but....
Oh the good times emotion_kirakira

Report | 06/12/2013 4:27 am


My old age must be catching up to me, where did we meet with Colonial again?

I still kinda wish we could go back to that but I guess we might as well ten more years. I'd say when we got to know each other we were all still in our teens and crazy as heck. LOL At least I think I was, haha. Now that we're older, well, we're just older and less crazy. At least I think the world took my crazy side and hid it somewhere. lol

Report | 06/08/2013 11:53 pm


But the thoughts of you guys still being here makes me feel a little less bad about still being in Gaia. Some of my old Gaia friends already quit but I don't think I will....well, no time soon that is. lol

But you're right. I'm most displeased with Gaia, now, because of the items They are giving out way too much. Kinda wish Gaia could stay the way it was 6 years back. *sigh*

Report | 06/08/2013 8:41 am


Good for you! My finals is coming in the end of this month so I have to wait a bit.
Then again, I have been coming in Gaia nearly everyday and I haven't done anything....maybe I should think of quitting.
What chu think??? I know, I know, its up to me and all.....

Report | 06/05/2013 2:38 am


I feel so embarrassed! redface

B-but I saw your update thingy! It said you were not gonna have time and was thinking of quitting.
Then you gave me that comment and I was like gonk !
But if its not true then blaugh !

Report | 06/02/2013 11:11 pm



Why doth this sound liketh goodbye o' dear friend!
Art thou really leaving? Sorrow shall fill the void in my heart where you have deserted. Maybe not for long, or maybe for a really really long time (who know...)
It was fun, the time we have shared my good friend.
I shall never forget thee.



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