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New Laptop in Progress
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Who, Me?

    Im coding this beotch from scratch.
    I'll be fiddling and teaching myself everything,
    so please excuse the mess

    | INTJ-A | Artist
    ○ Biomedical Engineer
    ○ Forever sleep deprived
    ○ Perpetual existential crisis
    ○ Collects succulents, mugs, books
    ○ Chickens, sharks, and reptiles
    ○ Slasher movie junike
    ○ Ace in Space

    Tell me a story?
    (Maybe we could talk)
    (Maybe we could be friends)
    Wishlist gifter to friends; stay tuned

    -Item Color Schemes-
    Breezy | Candygloss | Catharsis | Cosmic
    Decay | Sinful | Witchly

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Discord: Soros#0333
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Steam: Yugi Schiffer
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3DS: 4957-7165-9661
LoL: Yugi_Schiffer
Aeria Games: YugiSchiffer


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Lady Codswallop Report | 07/22/2019 7:36 pm
Lady Codswallop
Thank you so much, Yugi! It means a lot to me because I love these characters. I've been making new ones every day, I've never had this much fun on Gaia haha. Usually I just post nonsense, but I've found a new joy in searching for the perfect items. I actually really like your profile, it is one iof the most modern and stylish I've seen! It I'm glad you took the time to drop me a kind word 😊!
ReverDePeche Report | 07/22/2019 5:30 pm
Hehe well thank you for telling me! I wonder what system it'll be on? Honestly, I really really want another Katamari Demacy. I freaking love those games.
ReverDePeche Report | 07/21/2019 6:39 pm
To be perfectly real, I haven't played Animal Crossing in such a long time. ) : I haven't had my wii in almost a year. And I didn't even know there was a new game!? Jesus I'm out of touch.
ReverDePeche Report | 07/20/2019 3:06 pm
Awww! You're welcome! <3 I so will.

And yes it is! It's totally Animal Crossing. yum_puddi
ReverDePeche Report | 07/18/2019 2:15 pm
Omg and you made it yourself!? DUDE you are transcendent.
ReverDePeche Report | 07/18/2019 2:13 pm
Holy ghoooostt I love your avatar+choice of layout together!!
Isolated Suicidal Madine Report | 07/17/2019 9:33 pm
Isolated Suicidal Madine
Yea, you're right. I will try my wee best to make new friends and memories.
Etheraelle Report | 07/17/2019 4:37 pm

I did ♥
Etheraelle Report | 07/17/2019 4:01 pm
Isolated Suicidal Madine Report | 07/16/2019 9:58 pm
Isolated Suicidal Madine
I am doing fine i guess. being forgotten by old friends like they always do..

Courage does not always roar.
Sometimes, courage is the quite voice
at the end of the day saying,
“I will try again tomorrow."
-Marry Anne Radmacher