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Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!!!

Hello. I'd better say somethingabout meself. Wel, as you see my avatar, I'm quite cold and thats exctly the reason why I prefer writing. Whenever I have the time I'll write on thngs that happens around me, much ike a diary except that not always upda

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icywind1980 Report | 03/14/2018 12:00 pm
Ehh what's so bad about being a hermit? LOL if I could do it I would!! But having a kid automatically makes me get out more often.

Oh and I got that apprenticeship! I start next month. So it's more waiting, lol but at least I can start to get all my things packed and look for a new place!
icywind1980 Report | 03/06/2018 1:41 pm
Well I'm back in school for the time being. And it won't always be that early- some weeks are actually overnight shifts. So that will be a crazy new experience!! emotion_yatta

The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour does sound amazing. Though I'm kind of pooling money for a holiday this summer and I also want a new tattoo... I haven't decided what yet, though.

Congrats on the good grade from last semester biggrin That's not bad at all!
icywind1980 Report | 03/04/2018 8:10 am
*Rushes in with big hugs* How are you today? Work has been so busy for me lately. Getting up at 5am was crazy!! gonk Now I'm back to school until I find out if I got the position or not. Hope everything is good with you!!
icywind1980 Report | 02/20/2018 11:24 am
Yaaaaas how did you do on your last project?
icywind1980 Report | 02/20/2018 8:10 am
Hi my friend! I'm just writing to let you know that I'm thinking of you. I've been so busy with my job lately. I started on Monday and it's been a pretty long commute to and from work. How are you doing? Anything new? emotion_hug
icywind1980 Report | 01/28/2018 12:01 pm
Sorry for taking so long to reply again. I've only had a few minutes of free time a day for the last few days here. It's highly frustrating. emotion_eyebrow Hope you're keeping well!!

Hahaha aww dear, 30 ain't no thing! I just turned 37 myself. People get old. It's life, hon and nothing for you to stress over. If you're happy being single than screw other people telling you that you need to be thinking of having kids. I didn't have mine until I was 33. So yeah there's still time. But you sound a little salty, so maybe you are looking? Is there no one at all tasty at that school of yours? I bet there is!!! emotion_kirakira Or just bring home a cat to your grandma and say here is your grandchild!! XD

I know!!! But I been shipping Peyo and Rina for a lot longer than they been teenagers >< ''' I think everyone has! But daaaaymn where does time go?! omfg. I been here since November 2008. How crazy is that?! I only been on one site longer and that would be neopets and my account got hacked x__x so I don't even have that. Uuuuggggh time flies so hard. I miss the good old days but can't stop moving forward, right?! Also yeah where did that baby come from?! LOL must catch up on the manga. BTW I read some of yours on DA. loooks good so far. I'm impressed. I think you could be very very good if you keep doing it. Will your goal be to sell your works?

Mmm Peyo x Rina event... or Peyo x we need another younger male NPC immediately for the nosebleeding goodness!! emotion_drool

I might do it. I walk everywhere or take the bus. Cos I don't have a car at the moment. So maybe it would be a good way for me to get out more often. Pikachu with surf sounds fun! Love snorlax with surf in Pokemon Silver. I need to get back into my 3ds. I have been so far behind on Black2 and I haven't even tried the new ones yet. Do you need other people to play Pokemon Go? That sounds less fun already.

It's got that amazing BL feel without a heavy title to live up to. I can dig it. I'm still watching Black Butler and My Hero Academia is up next. I'm very far behind on anime. Siiiiiiigh lol.
icywind1980 Report | 01/23/2018 12:11 pm
Yeah kids are full of gusto and not much else. I went back to highschool as a 20-someting to apologise to some of my teachers because I was such a jerk. sweatdrop And yeah 15... urk I'm more than 20 years older than that. Where the hell does time go?! Are you really almost double that? I thought you were much younger.

Oh yeah that Overseer manga was awesome. I also like how the younger crew is getting older and time seems like it's actually moving. I don't recall that game but I did really love switchem. But it's on iphone/android now and it's not as good as it was on the site. And you can't get any Gaia gold from it, just to play it. Meh I say, meh.

oOoooh how far did you get? How was Pokemon Go? I still haven't downloaded it on my phone yet. I'm always late to the party xD

Unfortunately I don't have any sites for you to look at. I'm not as into BL as you are. I like it, don't get me wrong! But I like a lot of things to just restrict myself to one theme. Yuri on Ice was something that really caught my attentions because of all the things it wasn't. It leaves a lot of room to read between the lines, if you know what I mean. wink

I really am looking forward to Black Panther too. I can't wait! Making plans to see it on opening weekend with some friends biggrin

icywind1980 Report | 01/19/2018 3:23 pm
Ah yeah you probably don't get enough sleep. Hope your paper went okay though. My day was alright but those derpy teenagers were so annoying. 10th here is a bit younger, like 15 I think. So yeah, they were barely even formed children at that point. How do they even find their way out of the house alone, I wonder? rolleyes At least the project is over and we won't have to deal with it again, until August or so.

Yeah some of the best Gaia manga was actually fan fic and mashups. I loved reading teh early stuff as well. I am a little behind on the storyline manga as a matter of fact. I only came back in Nov. and haven't tossed myself into it really. I have a lot of time off, like I said so I guess that will be one of my projects. Thanks for the link! emotion_yatta project number two acquired!!! And a day late is better than not at all.

Haha! I will zip my lips about all the angel/devil/warpworld goodness that you have not seen yet riiiiiight now! xd

I have not, but now it's bookmarked! Woo! I love smutty smut! And especially stuff to do with guy on guy. I'm full bi, but it's just so much easier to find yaoi stuff. And I know what you mean- but I still hold the faith for Yuri on Ice second season. I also want a movie. I want there to be a hundred seasons until they're all old and not able to walk anymore, haha. And I want to see the x-rated stuff too, if you know what I mean wink

I am super excited for Black Panther!! It will be such an excellent film. I have plans to see it with a friend when it comes out. I am so far behind on superhero movies in general, but I still must see this one. It looks so damn good!

Yeah I just purchased everything on my current avi for about 1000 plat in all. Not bad, IMO and it looks fantastic. I love this color scheme. It's very heroic. I might change it again tomorrow, but that's what money is for on here... to buy new toys!

icywind1980 Report | 01/18/2018 11:02 am
Hii! How are you today? My day was rough as heck sweatdrop I got roped into helping out a 10th grade class with a print project and there was absolutely no leadership involved in this project. So everyone just did whatever the heck they wanted to. Obviously it failed and we had long wait times for the printers and no quality control. stressed It was all-in-all a very unsatisfying day. Hope you had a nicer day!!

It would be a shame if they went completely away tho!! I hope not. You know what I could use more of tho? The manga!! I'd really like to read more of that. I thought their rp was really good. Speaking of manga, can I get a link to yours again? I think you sent it once, but I seem to have misplaced it. My comments page is getting full and my background makes anything hard to read lol. emotion_sweatdrop I have to figure out how to get a text box for my profile so the words can show up against the background.

Ah I complain about the weather, but really, it's such a small part of my life. I wear a heavy jacket and a hooded sweater and a thick scarf, so I'm warm enough. I have rain boots so I'm dry enough. It's a silly thing to worry about, huh? lol

I won't spoiler you, but I will just say that you will be glad you did. emotion_dowant This season is BIG.

I don't think you have to worry about finding anime without girls in them. There are plenty of things without girls at all, so I try to mix it up. Yuri on Ice 2 is coming soon. What about reading mangafox? There's a ton of yaoi and BL stuff there emotion_dowant I also like Marvel and superheroes in general. Can't get enough of that stuff. It's a really great time to be a nerd, when so much of pop culture panders directly to us xD

It is SO fekking annoying! I mean, sure time off... but so much time off it's going to drive me insane! I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself. Ugh! I kind of want to just find a temp job or something in the mean time, but then I'd have to leave it. emotion_bigvein I think I will end up sleeping a lot and wasting the time. I am not good at managing so much free time. I just keep putting off the stuff I want to do, then suddenly all my time is gone. I need a manager XD

I change mine once a week I think. I might keep this one a bit longer cos it came out so nice, but I got an item that was SO NICE that I'm just itching to use it. I've never understood people who don't change all the time either. Isn't that the point of Gaia?? lol

icywind1980 Report | 01/17/2018 2:00 pm
Hiiii!! heart

I now have a much better understanding of how Gaia items work! Thank you!! I guess I never really paid much attention to poses and stuff. I just gather as many items as I can and try to make a cute avatar out of them.

I'd love to have your weather instead... let's trade! emotion_kirakira

Oh I know.. Sam.. beautiful dumb moose that he is. Dean is also my favorite. He has so much more personality than Sam does. And he's IRL funny as heck! No I've never been to a con but omg I so want to!!! I am kind of cringing to find out what next season will be like. This one kind of feels like an ending of sorts already.

I've seen one or two episodes of the Supernatural Anime but not more than that. It looks really cool tho. I love all sorts of romance stuff because I'd be SO into it xD and Yaoi... mmmmm *nosebleed* hehe I haven't seen that one, but it comes highly recommended. It's on my to watch list emotion_yatta along with like 100 other titles. Up next will be My hero academia. I have a plan. I also love shonen and action. I have actually only seen one or two animes I did not like.

And yes, I know but it's going to be a whole month of waiting. And another three years after of learning. I am already the oldest in my class. LOL I need to get to work and get some money! STAT!!

And thanks whee It took a lot of effort and trying to pull this look off. And I already want to change it again emotion_facepalm I'm addicted to building avis. I need help XD



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