Male/1995/Texas (They/Them/He/She) Irdc

*English is not my primary (or secondary) language but I do try to improve.

Things to know:
-I'm in college.
-I enjoy a wide variety of music. (Not including Country)
-From the music genre I love K-Pop as of this moment.
-I spend a lot of time online.
-I'm dating user 'Yuki The Meddler'
-I like writing.
-I only have one roleplay partner right now.
-I have a MyAnimeList. It is not up to date as I have not watched any animes as of recent but if you'd like to talk about any of the ones listed, I would be glad to talk.

I play video games but not often because of classes. I am a fan of the: Tales of (series), Final Fantasy, Dragon Age. I also play horror games from time to time.

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LotusCurtiss Report | 11/20/2015 5:49 pm
It is. I have a better paying job now.
Nick_austin90 Report | 11/19/2015 10:23 am
I'm doing my school internship program here. Not sure if that translates well: I'm sorta in my last year of my degree program and all the students have one semester where we have to gain 'work experience' and stuff like that. Normally they'd want the students to work close to the university but I told them I can do my overseas and they let me. So most of my friends are doing their intern in Malaysia and I flew myself (actually my dad works here) to Bosnia and worked here. My work days are over though. I'm just waiting to go back home now. Believe it or not, this is my first time actually living among Europeans and it's pretty nice. I'm still hoping I could see some snow fall before I leave.

P/S: When I said sorta in my final year I meant I intentionally extended a semester sweatdrop

How's the college thing for you? How much longer do you have to suffer? lol
Yuki the Meddler Report | 11/19/2015 10:22 am
Yuki the Meddler
o3o ~chuu!
Nick_austin90 Report | 11/19/2015 8:06 am
Hey you. whee
Where are you right now? Just asking cuz I'm in Bosnia until the 26th. And~

So sorry for the late reply! Not enough on the internet lately sweatdrop
Nick_austin90 Report | 10/12/2014 10:52 am
*goes all sciency*

Hm, this part of your limb looks badly torn off.
This part of your torso *sniff* Ugh! Smells nasty! emotion_puke
Nick_austin90 Report | 10/12/2014 9:40 am
Nooooooooooo!!!!! gonk

*necro's you*

You is alive! emotion_dowant
Nick_austin90 Report | 10/10/2014 8:27 am
Oh noes! Someone get da police! I mean an ambulance!
Nick_austin90 Report | 10/10/2014 8:01 am
lawl xd

That sounds like a bad version of puking haha blaugh
Nick_austin90 Report | 10/10/2014 7:46 am
I meant 'hack' lol
Nick_austin90 Report | 10/10/2014 7:46 am
Wow. That is amazing. You should gack Gaia from time to time haha xd
Actually Narshe
Yuki the Meddler