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Lilly's Diary
personal thoughts here
WE're broken up, and I didn't even know
I found out a day or two ago (for record sake, so I know it wasn't november) and we're fighting right now, about stupid s**t, mostly chloe talking s**t about my memory which ******** pisses me off so ******** bad I want to ******** go over the fine details of every moment of my life since I was a ******** infant, BUT I won't.

I ******** know my memory better than anyone does, and people need to shut the ******** up about it because I keep logs and journal entries just to shove in their ******** faces.


Apparently chloe has thought we were broken up since our stupid ******** fight, which whatever she doesn't remember us staying together, I don't care, I'll go find someone to ******** and that will be the end of it, I really don't ******** care relationships are ******** retarded and I don't ever want to date anyone in my life, every ******** day I consider more and more how much I want friends and a social life because I have been surviving quite well without one.

I might ******** move into the mountains.

I HOPE I ******** WIN THE LOTTO, I PRAYED TO LILITH TO LET ME ESCAPE THIS SHITTY TOWN AND IF IT ENDS UP MEANING I ESCAPE ALONE YOU KNOW WHAT MAYBE THATS WHATS MEANT TO BE............(I wouldn't because I'm not human garbage but sometimes i strongly think about leaving without letting anyone know)

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