It's kind of funny how easily you can be replaced.

What does it matter if we're roommates irl, if I don't even exist?

I've been so so easily replaced by people she barely knows. How the ********.. I'm going to seclude myself.

Not going to talk to her unless she talks to me, I'm not going to message her on discord, I'm going to do what I do to frost, and slowly but surely push her away, because she's already forgotten about me; I already don't exist, I might as well make the complete transition as smoothly and painlessly as possible.

She doesn't talk about me to people, she doesn't care about me. I'm a second thought, her primary thought is on getting herself out of here and escaping this town. Hell, I'm not even a second thought - her second thought is her romantic life with this new guy, despite her saying otherwise.

I guess I'll just see how long I can last before the bills become more expensive than my paychecks, and before I can't afford food anymore. I'll start starving myself, and then when it comes to the point where I *have* to move back in with my dad... I'll end it. No more waiting. I don't care when I do it anymore, I just care that it happens.

1 bullet, through the temple.

I don't give a s**t what anyone says or thinks. I'm going to be selfish just this once. I'm tired of keeping my mouth shut for everyone's sake. I'm tired of letting people walk all over me, so I'm going to be selfish and stand up for myself at my own suicide.

I've had a long fulfilling life, but now it's time to sleep that great long sleep.