hi guise
i'm doing okay
becoming one with nothing
nothing cannot make others unhappy
and driving home i saw on a church

and some other stuff

but that line I exclaimed out loud
"wow that's stupid"
it seems like the purpose was to belittle the aspect of human pride, so I guess it's fair for the intended purpose.

When applied to the concept of being nothing
If you cannot fail, and successes were pointless to begin with if a failure is a lose condition, then being nothing is perhaps the win condition.

Anyway I was just thinking out loud, I think I am doing better than nothing. I am a bottle of human emotions and I am doing okay.

Have some emojis to lighten the mood
rofl rofl rofl rofl talk2hand burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes

So I realized that I update the music on my profile every month or so on average. I have no recent visitors. My mind bets no one sees, but it's about the integrity. It seems like no one really has a use for profile anymore. I cannot show people my space.

However, keeping a no visitor's list is integral to what I believe in. People can come as they please and not fear being seen. That is a good feeling.

I like to stay up late and achieve nothing. At least this journal post does something for my later self.
My last journal entry made me laugh, I know it was coming but the exact wording and reading. Oh funny dude. Relatable. However I am not feeling that bitter right now. I won't justify anything because that would ruin the intent.

Things are looking up for me honestly.
I am getting a job soon.
I will make money.
I will let you all know when I am a celebrity.
I hope you the reader are happy. Look at the carpet and notice the textures and the small hairs, it's beautiful isn't it?
I think I'll be blind one day or my body will stop working, so I'll try milking my moments that seem to melt away.

Alright cya guys.