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good info, but the gold affected is for everyone that plays right? so let's say you haven't defeated eb all four times for all the items that are given out. do you end up with the less gold reward based on this change? just curious. ^^;;;

and sounds great adding zomg to the home page. can't wait to see it all work out.
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I don't see what the fuss is about, 100 k is plenty of gold. If you want more than that do some BG.
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Gamewise, there are also options: taking EB as an example, we could reduce the payout or change it so speed runs are no longer possible.

I'll update OP as necessary based on any common questions.

personally i think that's all that needed to be done.

here's a post i made earlier in swarf's thread;

don't get me wrong i love this game, i met my girl and future wife in Zen Gardens almost 2 years ago, i've played through every event (except for the first Easter one cause i wasn't on Gaia yet crying ) enjoying them thoroughly because i was happy to be apart of them. i would play the mini-events WAY more often with you guys didn't take out the loot drops. crying

but i still say this could've been done in a much better way, communication wise as well. neutral

about EB;
1. like just simply lower the gold grant EB gives you. i mean back in the day before sEB was around it took well over an hour to beat EB, now if it was like that still, then yes, the 20-40k grant would be a reasonable reward, but getting 35-50k gold in 20+mins is honestly way to much, even though it took some great teamwork and thought into making sEB possible it's still to much gold per run.

2. make the animated lv11.0 or higher, make it so mobs follow us and never go back to their 'post' make them trash us to the point we have to fight them in smaller mobs, even with all 11 buffs (not counting the Passive ones).

and about PS;
1. spawn less waves of Saws. that's where all the gold comes from in that place, even back in the day PS was always farmed, but back then it was for the orbs, not the gold, cause the gold grants back then were really, really low. lol
2. make them stronger. (including Papa Saw)
3. lower the gold grant slightly on them.

oh, about TT farming;
well through my experiences with that... it doesn't give you much gold, plus its boring as hell, and very, very easy to leech it. if people want to bore their eyes out doing that, then let them. x_x

over all i think the nerf should've only been done to the EB grant, that is obviously where 'most' of the gold is coming from. that's honestly how i thought this nerf was gonna be handled. ._.

and another side note; i think granting fully made items in the DC was a mistake. XD you guys should replace them with a loot grant instead. 3nodding


EB/sEB should have been the only think that needed adjustment, and maybe make some slight changes for the way PS works.
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This seriously clarifies things quite significantly.
Thanks for posting this, Pan.
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Thank you so much for this post. At first I didn't understand exactly how the curve works, but now it's clear.

And, thank you for being professional and open to feedback. (:
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Thank you for making the reason behind this much more clear. I may still not agree with it 100%, but I can say that I don't hold any of it against you guys. Also, you have my deepest thanks for being very gracious thus far. I'm glad to see your post was void of unnecessary accusations. I don't feel so crappy now.
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Yummy thread.
Why was this not announced before you made the Gold curve?

but thank you for the clarification
the other developer just told us we were cheaters at zomg.
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Thanks for the explanation heart more people play zOMG! than I thought...
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What Were The Exact Changes?
100% earnings up to 100k; 90% earnings from 100k - 150k; 10% earnings post 150k. Resets daily at a set time -- I think 0:00 GMT, but I'd have to check the code. Someone doing sEB will hit the 10% limit in about three hours, although possibly less.

That wasn't my experience yesterday when testing the 100k theory floating around, but thank you for the clarification on the calculations.

I played a mind-numbing, marathon Papa Saw session to see what all the fuss was about. Up to 100k, I earned the normal amounts. After 100k, I was only earning about 50%, not 90%. I had no desire to keep playing to 150k. In fact, it will be quite a while until I ever play Papa Saw again.

Overall, I think this is GREAT for the economy on Gaia, although I do feel bad for the people who have invested so much in the Fortune's Favor rings.
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I'm gonna join in with the thanks for clarification. Thank you! heart

At first I thought it was a good idea... then I wasn't so sure. With people reaching the cap and then logging off there might be less people playing... which is never a good thing. I've read a lot of angry complaints about this nerf and I can understand where they're coming from (especially with swarf's comments... I'm sure that he didn't mean what he said to be taking that way but still... it was).

Personally, I welcome the nerf. I play maybe 1-2 hours when I log on (and recently I haven't played that much coz of lack of updates but that's a whole other topic >.< ). The nerf doesn't really affect me as I make maybe 10k-30k each day, more often than not I make less. I haven't noticed a lowering of players; I can still find a crew relatively easy even with my timezone being different to most users... I guess I'll wait it out and see how it goes but for now it's a thumbs up from me.
Thank you so much for clearing this up, Pan. I'm so glad that the nerf happened C:
Hopefully, the amount of people in the forums complaining will slow down..
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Prepare for bombing complaints and whining everyone


It's already started.
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Thank you for the clarification ^__^ Your post is the most helpful and informative one on this issue so far.

And far less inflamatory too <3

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