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I'm pretty sure the nerf for non-donators and whatnot is 50k. I think that's acceptable, though I wouldn't mind it being bumped up to 60-80k.
To people who don't understand why the gold curve exists: The more money you pump into the marketplace, the less the money is actually worth. Take the Bloodstone Amulet for example. There are only 5000 of them. That means ONLY 5000 PEOPLE can have them at any one time. But if everyone had one, they wouldn't be very valuable. It's like the promotional ads for movies or products that Gaia does every once in a while. Yes, they are typically available for a short amount of time, but almost everyone gets one and if you look for them, they're usually 1k or less.
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PorceIain Doll
Also does this affect Fortune Favor rings?
Would you approach the nerf faster with them?
lol true
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I hit 20k yesterday and I haven't gotten any gold today. NVM -- tons of gold just flowed towards my character!!!!
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But if the difficulty on those becomes higher, what about us who haven't done it yet? It's nearly impossible to do it already. Especially by yourself. That wouldn't be anywhere near fair at all. :/
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I don't mind if the gold cap limit bumps up to 60k or 80k. I would probably be happy grinding an extra hour.
whee i liked old ones.... emo
i don't know question
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mhm...i still don't get it....

" the curve still resets at 0:00 GMT "

means....? at what time? D;< please someone explain..
quote me,, thnx..
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Does anyone know if they have a ZOMG halloween event planned for this year?
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It seems if you collect from the cash tree everyday, you can make enough to keep your donator status indefinitely, for free.
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I don't like it sad

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