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A new gold curve has been implemented in zOMG.

For a long time zOMG has been giving out too much gold; we've made several tries at adjusting it, but there were still some issues. The main feedback from the community was that new content was the key thing they wanted -- so how can we do that while getting the economy more into balance? (There are other issues of fairness: for example, there are people that are buying the zOMG items to show their support, but they aren't getting very much tangible benefit from it).

So, what we're going to do is this:

    * we have 4 people working on an entirely new area for zOMG. This is a substantial investment in zOMG, based on community feedback.
    * we've simplified and upped the curve for donators and AutoCash subscribers. Every day you can earn up to 160k in zOMG without any effects, and then the gold scaling goes down to 20%.
    * for people that are not donators or AC subscribers, the new scaling kicks in at 10k.

However, some people do not have access to cash -- so we're offering a zOMG gold potion in the cash shop that will confer the donator gold-earning levels for 3 days. So, you can spend some gold, drink the potion, and for the next 72 hours you'll have the benefit of the gold curve.

This allows social players to play zOMG with their friends, confers some benefits on people that buy zOMG items, and allows people without cash the chance to earn gold at the same rate as others.

So, an entire new area is kind of a big investment. How can we know if it's successful? It's obvious that zOMG items / powerups / rings / whatnot are important, but there are other things we'll be looking at:

- total traffic in zOMG. Right now zOMG is behind Towns and Rallies in popularity; we're hoping that with a new area that it will be the most popular flash game on Gaia.
- number of new registrations driven as a result of zOMG. If you refer a friend, or get them interested in the game, try to make sure that they register through /zomglanding.

More details in the zOMG forums or journals, as appropriate.

Updated: Fixed the 50% glitch and a couple other things; the curve still resets at 0:00 GMT. Based on user feedback, we're experimenting with making the granting more gradual. The current formula is:

100% up to 80k
thereafter it is max(0.20, 1.0 - ((earned - 80000) / 150000))

Note that this grants more gold than the previous curve and there isn't a sharp cliff. It looks like what we'll have to do is adjust the difficult of EB / Papa Saw upwards in order to prevent them from getting farmed. After we make those changes, we'll remove the curve if the gold has dropped down to a reasonable amount.

We appreciate the levelheaded level of discourse, and thank you for your understanding. I'm going to mention something at the behest of Customer Service, even though I don't believe that there is anyone in the zOMG community that would do this: using mules for the purpose of earning gold and funneling gold to one account is considered against the TOS. If the admins see a bunch of people running mules they would issue warnings / bans / whatnot, so they did want me to give fair warning to everyone.

Before starting off: if you want to blame anyone for this change, blame the Gold Grant Committee, or blame me if you need a personification. We're adjusting gold grants throughout the site, and zOMG was part of it recently -- just wanted to try and give some more information about what is going on. My journal has more backstory if you're interested.

What Were The Exact Changes?
100% earnings up to 100k; 90% earnings from 100k - 150k; 10% earnings post 150k. Resets daily at a set time -- I think 0:00 GMT, but I'd have to check the code. Someone doing sEB will hit the 10% limit in about three hours, although possibly less.

How Did You Pick Those Numbers?
We took a sample day -- 3/6. A total of 13k+ players played on that day. Taking all players and looking at the very top, there were 169 players that made 150k or more, just a touch over 1%. This was the source of "1% of players should be affected." The high player on 3/6 made a bit under 1m gold with 10 sEB runs, and the top 169 players made 25% of the zOMG gold granted on that day.

Why Are You Picking on zOMG?
zOMG is the largest single source of gold generated on the site, both in absolute terms and in terms of players / gold. We're reducing both zOMG and BG in order to bring their proportions more in line with the rest of the site. We're fine with CL 10.0 zOMG paying better than anything else -- we just don't want it to be magnitudes better than anything else.

But Why Pick On It Now?
Remember that what we want to do is drive more users to zOMG -- we're going to start testing it on the new user home page, increasing integration via item exchange, so on and so forth. We want to increase the amount of gold that new users get, but we need to get that gold from somewhere. It seemed to make sense to adjust the curve at the high end to provide more leeway for the low end.

But The Curve Takes All My !@@#!@#! Gold
As long as the total amount of gold given out is reasonable, we're fine with adjusting the shape of the curve or the way that it's implemented. There are two current issues with this one: a) it doesn't report properly in the client, and b) the cliff is a bit shocking when you finally hit it. Using a more gradual exponential or cubic curve may work better.

Looking at the curve over time, the question here is a) when does it start to kick in, and b) when does it reduce to minimum. The current curve kicks in immediately at 2 or 3 hours; we could instead flatten it out so that you would have to play 12 hours to get the maximum amount of gold.

Gamewise, there are also options: taking EB as an example, we could reduce the payout or change it so speed runs are no longer possible.

But It Won't Help Because Of All The Gold Given Out
We have goldsinks planned, but we're planning zOMG and BG specific gold sinks to help drain out the gold.

I'll update OP as necessary based on any common questions.
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Wait a minute... if the gold cap is 150k for those with the gold potion, then what is it for those without the potion..? I can only get about 30k if I don't stay too long. Like today I was only able to get about 40k (I think) after hours of hanging out and doing papa saw. Am I missing something? And from what I observed, the gold curve/cap/whatever-it-is doesn't affect gold payouts from the bosses per say. I still got 100g from Papa Saw after every run. Maybe I'm trippin from lack of sleep, but would still like to understand this...

Btw, I'm not against the curve, I'm just daft when it comes to numbers and especially percentages....
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Thanks a Bunch!
K i n g X u m o t - XVI

I actually want to thank you guys. So many people abuse the gold reward, it makes the play time a little less than what one would hope because they become so antsy about their gold, they only want those who want the gold just as bad.
Now, I can meet people who want to be on zOMG for friends, like myself.
Gold was never the main reason why I joined zOMG.

Mhm, just saying. Many people are pissed about this but I see it as an improvement. So thanks again.

I was never about gold before, but when i hear about people making 10k in a run of PS, it makes me want to make the same amount. Then i only get half of that. I had noticed it gets me more gold faster then playing the other games, but if I can get tons of gold pretty easily, im all for it. Plus its very hard to get money you need for items, unless you actually buy monthly or premium item and resell, so power to the player.
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if i were able to get 80k in zomg on a day it would be ok but now if i have got 30k it just will give 20% of the normal rewards if it would by 50 k it would be more aceptable because to much gold is a rare speculation it is to much, 80-100k will be an aceptable final cap for one day....

because even 100k isnt much for some items here the prices get higher and higher and the gold gets lower there must be one choice lesser prices or more gold (up to 100k )any other would unfair at least because the people invest also time to play even zomg for that and other games dont give even a normal gold reward.

of course ill understand you have to make your buisnesses but you more should be concentrated on new items with cash, old items shouldnt be cost that much noone can pay it if you cap zomg to 50k there should be other options to get gold over 10k on a day too
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Save every gold coin you can get in this game because they are lowering the amount of gold you make in ZOMG. Every penny counts now and now those who make expensive avatars are going to be on a budget. They want OUR hard cold earned cash we bust our butts for everyday at our jobs to pay our rent, cable, electricity etc.
just posting to say i think zomg has suddenly been un-nerfed o_o
intresting..keep it up
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It's gold based, not time based -- but the top 1% can generate 50k - 80k an hour, so it works out to be about two hours. I think I mentioned the shape of the curve -- we could kick it in earlier but more gently so that maximum payout doesn't occur until 8 hours, or 10 hours, or whatever.

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      Can we post here?

      Thank you for posting it, it was very informative :') Thank you for explaining how the curve worked and more into it.

      Although I do have one concern.

      The cap kicks in after 2 hours? Does it lower to the 10% at that point? That seems a bit wonky, some of us hang out for a while on zOMG without doing anything, and I'd hate to be at a dev meet then head off to something and get pushed into that percentile if I haven't actually been earning anything.. So perhaps tweeking that would be good? Otherwise I think the cap looks pretty good.

      150k cutting off seems good to me, still is like a million +gold a week.

      However I don't blame staff for this. I think the blame belongs to us users in this one. Y'all did something nice for us, and we more or less snuffed you over for it.
I like money.
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how do i donate or wat i do to earn that gold in zomg???

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