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Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!
Surrender now or prepare to fight!
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To denounce the evils of truth and love!
To extend our reach to the stars above!
*poses* Jesse!

Yes, finally, someone says Jesse!

*In a deep voice* James.

I can totally seeing you doing that. I don't know why that made me giggle so much but it did. whee
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Obsidian Banshee
Just curious, are people still giving out gifts? I feel like I should be gifting, but I don't know if anyone else still is.

I have been. It does seem a bit ridculous that hardly anyone appears to be anon gifting on the anon gifting thread. There are a few, though.

It is a bit odd that most people don't seem to anon gifting on the thread. And thanks!
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:3 good to see evfurryone getting cheer.
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I Fried Tampon I

Hello! How are you? ouo

I'm alright. Having fun in Disney World. xD
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Saber Blysmey

Maybe if I drag mine away from his new Xbox One long enough..
I can't wait for the Walking Dead to come back, the ending killed me.
I was crying like a baby.

Shh, spoilers. d: We only just started season 2 a few weeks ago. I get like that with most of the shows I get hooked on. I'm impatiently waiting for Supernatural to be on again at the moment.

Oh, I don't plan on spoiling anything, that's why I didn't say much.
I try my best not to. ~Giggles.
I loved watching Supernatural, but I got away from it by the time season seven rolled around.
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oh, gosh, me too! I try to do that, but it's going so fast! I should just randomly pick someone and gift them something!

Random is the way I've been going.
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[NPC] Rina
Hey there!

I've got a special gift for you!

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: I hope it will hold / The heavy hooves of Reindeer / Just got a new roof

~A Haiku Crimbo

*opens it and holds up a coconut bra* ... ah... ?

Thank you?

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From: An anonymous benefactor
It is the holidays & you are enjoying yourself with the gigantic snowball fight! Everyone is your foe as you lob the snow with haste & good aim. As if it was a beacon you see a large bright yellow star floating nearby. You stare at it for a few minutes before you realize it is a balloon with a present attached to it. You blink wondering if someone had tied the balloon & had forgotten about it. Until you see a tall young man with locks the color of chestnut & a wrench in his hand tromping in the snow. You throw a well-aimed snowball at his head. It makes it target & down he goes. You even knocked his goggles off his head. He does not move. Worriedly you make your way over to him as he slowly sits up. ''Who. . . th-threw that..?'' he asks looking up at you with ethereal teal eyes that seem to glow. You lie & say someone else did as you help him up, not wanting to make the young man angry. He then looks around frantically saying''My-My present! Wh-Where did it go?! I-I tied a ba-balloon to it so I-I would not l-lose it & it-it floated away!'' Now you feel really bad. You tell the young man that you saw it & would go get it. You race after the gift as it floats down the snow covered park & you successfully grab it. You come back & give him back his gift. He smiles thanking you. You hear a friend yell your name & you turn to see them. As you turn back to the young man to bade him farewell you see he is gone. Yet he left a gift sitting where the man was standing covered in a crystalline dust. Its tag reads, ''I may not be able to fix my own heart, but I will fix yours.''
~Arron the Lythcol Mechanic

emotion_kirakira such gorgeous eyessss.
sorry..i dont know my own strength when i throw snowballs D;
thank you Arron <3
always love your messages heart
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Izzy Said Rawr

I have been lucky I finally got my husband on it in fact we are watching it right now. xD
He ask questions so often I wanna blow my brains out but very worth it.

Good job. 3nodding I basically told my guy that he had to give it a chance. Now he's hooked on it too. He set both of our computers to make the tardis sound when they get turned off or on and they say exterminate when the trash can gets emptied. I love it. ^_^
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Ben Saladin

lol, at least you attempted the impossible.

Haha yeah.
I'm a silly one..
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The Midnight Mistress

            No, thank you!
            My family (dad's side) served in the military too, but they were in the Air force.
            I'm glad you love your job though, you don't come by many people who say that.

            Oh my god, I went "Awhhh" out loud just reading that last part.
            That was really sweet of you <33

            You probably will!
            I'm a regular, ;D Don't be afraid to quote me.
            Have a good night and sleep well!
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Anxious Wench


*falls face 1st in snow* Hfghn uhm fghfng
*picks head up* sweatdrop Uhhhhh nice! 0u0b
Did you have too much caffeine as well?
*backs away slowly*
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I'm back! What I miss? /throws balls
Just a snowball to the face. *throws a snowball directly towards your face*

/falls backwards



We'll..two can play this game. Get 'er Charlie!

/is that a dragon dumping a body full of snow on your head? Why yes, yes it is.

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