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^made by Dear Genesis c:



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Rabbit girl and Hot Dog made by -Ponkoli- whee


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Dear Genesis Report | 04/06/2018 10:56 pm
Dear Genesis
That’s true. Im always grateful for what Ive seen and what I am about to see. :3
Riiiiigghhtt?? I lso thought it needs a little bit more of something on the head or at the back as well as at the bottom, the leg mod/bottom part seems a bit awkward for me too. HAHAHA.
Dear Genesis Report | 04/06/2018 9:59 pm
Dear Genesis
I wish! I think that’s because Ive been to Asian countries which made it seem like Japan! Haha! I have flights going to Japan but we don’t go down there and stay. Hopefully, I get to soon! Haha!
I love it so much! Thanks again!
Also, I think there’s something missing from my avatar. I just can’t seem to figure what it is. Any thoughts?
Dear Genesis Report | 04/06/2018 9:40 pm
Dear Genesis
I want to go to Japan too! My mom told me Id like it there as well since I loved Korea. Im really excited to venture in to the Japanese culture. Haha!
Also, thank you for the art emotion_bigheart I found it very special!
Xrinh Report | 04/06/2018 8:07 pm
Oh my goshhh thanks girllll! <3
Pffft I wished I was as savvy! <3 Yours is epic, I always love yours!
Pinky Magica Report | 04/06/2018 6:03 pm
Pinky Magica
It really does work! emotion_kirakira
I thoroughly enjoy it!
Pinky Magica Report | 04/06/2018 4:26 pm
Pinky Magica
Aw! Thank you!
Yours makes me want to play video games. <333
Pinky Magica Report | 04/06/2018 2:48 pm
Pinky Magica
Dear Genesis Report | 04/05/2018 11:06 pm
Dear Genesis
Ooohhh Yes yes! It is a scratch thing like in the lottery gonk lol
I tried opening one before when I had the app, it was slightly fun to scratch and get an ink potion hahaha!
You will! Absolutely! I hope you do! It’s extremely insightful to travel :3 where would you like to go?
It sure is nice to get more of the ups. I do hope you do! I wish I could create a rollercoater ride for you haha!
Dear Genesis Report | 04/05/2018 7:06 pm
Dear Genesis
True true. Really, the effort they make earns my salute haha!
Daily bonus as in the daily chances? Haha! Was that even possible? Unless they asked permission from the gaia staff?
I know! I love the street food in Korea. I’ll definitely go back! I fell i love with Seoul! Haha!
Dubai, also, is amazing. Im going back again this month hehe!
I think, it is because of the app! Haha! I transferred to the browser now.
At least, you get to have a balance of the life with the ups and downs. Oftentimes, people fet the downs and some get the ups (which isnt always good too) haha!
Same here! Ups and downs and ups and downs. Luckily, I love rollercoaster rides haha!
Dear Genesis Report | 04/05/2018 6:15 pm
Dear Genesis


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