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Navenna rolled 3 100-sided dice: 69, 48, 91 Total: 208 (3-300)

3 prompts for me...

sinonyx rolled 3 100-sided dice: 71, 76, 45 Total: 192 (3-300)

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Triste-chan generated a random number between 1 and 100 ... 72!

I did the last one but it sucked on ice, so I won't post it.

Anyway, here's another.


72 - 'Away,' 'I could almost see it,' and The Moon.

Chalcedony_Moon rolled 2 100-sided dice: 87, 46 Total: 133 (2-200)

I'll try to combine two prompts... But I'll leave it rather open.

Axioma rolled 3 100-sided dice: 74, 84, 24 Total: 182 (3-300)

Came to get another dose.

Unfamiliar, She waded into the water...

Erica Strikes generated a random number between 1 and 100 ... 100!

I stab at thee generated a random number between 1 and 100 ... 11!

Demi`chan generated a random number between 1 and 100 ... 10!

heart domokun
my plot : a girl is in a coma dreaming the same thing over and over then a differant dream starts where she was supposed to protect a doomed city when the city dies she blames herself then the people from the dead city contact her and tell her not to blame herself and that she isnt just a human but shes a mixture of human angel and farieshe tries to save the world and finds out she would have to die to save it in the end she pays the ultimate price to save her peoplewhen she wakes up from the coma she sees a guy from her dream and wonders how they are connected then her dream becomes reality and she does in the end die to save the world
is that good?

unidentified_loss generated a random number between 1 and 100 ... 5!

This is a great idea. Good job. ^_^

Aliunea generated a random number between 1 and 100 ... 91!

(( heart And this shall be RoyXEd -FMA- goodness!))

Edward smiled bashfully-something he didn’t usually do-as he carefully examined the slender body of his lover, eyes peered over the mattress. Roy tossed and turned in his sleep sometimes-and the man could not stop mumbling, either. Ed glanced at the golden ring on the alarm clock, and a devilish idea came to mind.

He quietly checked the time, 9:27, then changed the alarm to one minute after, making sure to push the voulume to it’s absolute maximum. Finding the channel were it almost always blared large amounts of static, he stopped and made sure it wouldn’t move. Edward slipped under the bed (although he wouldn’t admit it-he was the perfect size to hide there) and awaited for the loud static.

A few moments passed before the unmistakeable sound of irritating static and bleeping came from the infernal alarm clock, and Edward could feel Roy jump up in his bed, eyes wide as he scrambled for the radio and threw it against the wall. He breathed heavily, threading a hand through his ebony hair, “Oh, hell… Ed? … Edward?” the elder man called in a breathy voice, looking around almost panicked.

As he got up, he felt a hand grab his ankle and promptly yelled in rage, “WHAT THE HELL, EDWARD?!” as he saw the blonde’s unmistakable smirk-grin. “Happy Anniversary, you b*****d.” He grinned.

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