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14. because

the edge of the desk pressed painfully into my shins and i sat with my legs bent and my feet barely on the chair, and i tried to get comfy, and my elbows hit the wall and it smarted. and i did something along the lines of rippingly whip a paper out of my notebook, and the paper was wrinkled, and i slammed it on the desk, and it was all very desperate. and my pen couldnt make many words, only ugly blue lines, and the phrase "i love you." if it was possible, i would have just vomited my heart onto the paper and let it speak for itself. i calmed down.

"i love you"

"i love you"

"i love you"

it was all i could get out but it wasnt sufficient. how could i give you a note that had nothing but 500 unexplained "i love yous" accompanied by some frenzied signature sprawling diagonally across the bottom of the page?

"i love you because"

because why? because why? i love you because your face is your face? i love you because you are there? i love you because i love you? i groweled at myself and slammed down my pen and calmed down again. the ink looked annoying. i crumpled the paper and it didnt help. i ripped it and threw it down. another failed note. i glanced moodily at it from the corner of my eye.

i wish plain "i love you" was good enough

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Hitting up the thread yet again...

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Thread newbie! Gonna give it a try. <3

Not sure if it's okay that I didn't put the prompt (I've had enough...) at the beginning, but whatever. XDD I'll change it if you want/notice. ^^;

WHITELIGHTShe leaned forward to brush her lips against his cheek, a hand firmly rooted on his chest, and with the slightest fluttering of breath she said, there was nothing you could do. Nothing.

WHITELIGHTGingerly his fingers twined around a lock of her hair, her whisper still tingling warm on his neck. Iíve had enough of this, he said, twice, his voice cracking the first time and barely above a whisper the second.

WHITELIGHTThere was a dismal cacophony of echoes as the words repeated in their minds, and they were frozen. His hand dropped, her hair sifted through his fingers and flew free. She lifted herself away.

WHITELIGHTSo youíve chosen, she said, her brow furrowing and her eyes reddening, and he had to force his stomach to unknot, to let her go.

WHITELIGHTI have, he said.

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ninja Time fer a nother one...

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erm. This should help me.
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The thread that makes you write something, damnit


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This thread just helped me write something, but it's five pages and I don't want to post it because it's weird.

But still. Thumbs up to you guys. *salutes*

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I'm bored, but uninspired. =O

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Phrase prompt! surprised

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Buh, reserved in case of something else (Reshuffling posts xD;...)


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sorry my fault.

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