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Tallahassee never pulled an arrow from his side, loaded it, and shot a zombie in the head. Or ripped one open to make sure it didn't eat a little girl. Or jumped one and stabbed it in the neck.
It doesn't take that much skill to line up a bunch of magazines and shoot basically-still targets in the head at point blank range from a relatively safe location.
Daryl has far better survival skills, and as for Tallahassee having a softer side, Daryl did search the hardest for Sophia, who he had no relation to and barely knew. He did so purely out of sympathy.
Daryl wins. Flawless victory.
is it just me, or does merle look just like tallahassee?
stare heck yeah hill billy with a pickaxe tallhassee ;D :3 he kicks some rum bum bum AZZ ;D
Daryl definitely! Tallahassee's tough but has a definite soft spot. Daryl's just totally badass all around!!
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Tallahasse for the win. His comments always make me laugh and he's not as much as an a** in my opinion. I do think that they are both pretty bad a** tho
Oh dear..How did I see this coming from a mile away when the show aired? I swear I can see the future XD Hmm..Daryl Vs. Tallahassee. Anybody mind if I put my two cents in? Oh well I'm doing it anyways!! XD

Tallahassee was a great character. He wasn't the most tactical of zombie survivors but he sure kept things interesting. As far as creativity goes (with killing) he wins hands down but there are other things that needs to be taken into consideration as well. Daryl's got hunting down to a science and uses his crossbow (and any other weapon handed to him) like a pro as does Tallahassee. From the Walnut stock Remington shotgun given to him after Rick and the others returned from Atlanta to the axe he wielded in the sixth episode of the first season Daryl has never failed to deliver. Tallahassee has more kills under his belt SO FAR but Daryl knows when to kill and how to do it. Remember that it isn't always wise to just start killing on a whim when it comes to walkers. The sound of a gun tends to attract more of the undead. In an actual zombie apocalypse Tallahassee would die way before Daryl would. I'm sure Daryl would find Tallahassee to be a badass and the two could learn a thing or two from one another but in the end Daryl would come out on top with squirrel-devouring flare. =D My vote goes to team Dixon.

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