I'm a published short fiction writer, bitches. I bet you're drinking hella HATERADE right nao. xD

Recently discovered strong suits:
Taking long breaks from Gaia
Being angry
Ignoring the front pages of threads/guilds
Not completing fanfictions.
Internet Big Sister

This is my Gaia family:
xxVinyl - My little sister. I met her first and we hit it off right away. We have lots in common... when she told me she played King of Fighters, I knew we were going to be great friends. She also loves it when I troll people and threaten to kick their asses. Actually, the entire family does, but Vinyl seems to take the most joy out of it. Which is great. Yay for encouraging me to be mean to stupid people. xD She's actually really sweet and intelligent. I love how honest she is.

R a d d R a i n b o w - I guess my other little sister? I don't really see her as younger than me, though. xD I think I'm the oldest just because I'm the loudest, but anyway. Rainbox is really awesome. She always down for anything, and she's fun to joke around with. Plus, she's moving to ATLANTA, WHERE I LIVE. WE CAN HAVE PANCAKES AND IRL. xD But, srsly, she's awesome.

Dem_Tenshi - Our mommy. She encourages us to be AWESOME all of the time. She always has the coolest looking avatars, and she's totally cool with us being all "NO BOIS ALLOWED" about the fam. In fact, she's cool with pretty much all of our jokes, which... sometimes, I don't know how. We make pretty bad jokes and we can be kinda mean (well, me and Vinyl. xD).

Legacy-A - Aunty! She's awesome, too. Her Claire Redfield cosplay was better than mine. xD but it's cool. She has the most unique avis, like the other day, it was a pilot freaking out in a little plane. So awesome.

Thinking about going back to the competitive scene for fighting games... I'm actually learning Tekken 6.

I also play survival horror games... you name it, I've probably played it, or at least heard of it.

As for Gaia... I sort of hop around with my hobbies on this site. I'm ALWAYS a roleplayer, but I've tried my hand at competition fishing (which might have worked if not for my mild case of pneumonia), entering the arenas, building up an Aquarium, and now, playing zOMG. I don't usually stick with one thing for long, because I get bored, but I'm generally pretty friendly (if you don't piss me off).

I do avatar cosplays.
Mostly fighting game characters, but others as well.
List of avatar cosplays I've done:
Ada Wong (Resident Evil)
Claire Redfield (Resident Evil)
Anna Williams (Tekken)
Arakune (Blazblue)
Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon)
Sypha Belnades (Castlevania: Judgment)
Annette Renard (Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles)

I also have quite a few cosplay dream avatars on hand. I can make them, as well. If you would like for me to build a custom cosplay avatar for you using Tektek, I would be happy to. The price would be 1k-10k, depending on difficulty, accuracy, and your requirements.

My love of coffee has reached new heights. I'm one of those fags who orders a shot of espresso in their coffee. And not even in actual coffee... in frappuccino's. My bff Maria has said that this is, 'the gayest thing she has ever heard'. It most likely is, unless you've seen the movie 'Party Monster'.

Art of me and xxVinyl by Aoi x Tenshi
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Avi Art~ I've recently started commissioning some.
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Stuff I do when I get BORED (Which happens a lot, actually)

Heh, well... Um... yeah... read it if you'd like...


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A u r o r a-C e r y s

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A u r o r a-C e r y s

Thanks for buying smile

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Bad Acts at a Fair Price

Report | 03/23/2012 11:11 am

Bad Acts at a Fair Price

Trufax: Teddie's Japanese voice actor also did the voice of broRanma. :3

Report | 03/14/2012 6:36 pm


XD Noriko! I'm tellin' ya, more teachers need to be like her.
Nanako! 8D
She's so adorable. If she was a playable character in P4U, her only move would be singing "Everyday young life Junes," and the opponent would just give up.

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Okay, that's a fair enough comparison. I was thinking of Jam because both she and Chie are pure rushdown characters with a Dragon Kick.
Aw man, but what about Hanako? She's, like, not annoying AT ALL. emotion_awesome
But in all seriousness, I know what you mean. Chie's so likable as a character for me.

Report | 03/13/2012 10:29 pm


Yes, I know all about the Persona series as well. XD But I always end up having to explain the characters to people when I talk to them about the game, so I decided to clarify ahead of time in case you weren't familiar with the series.

Chie's my favorite, too. :'D There's something about a feisty, tomboyish personality with short hair that I like.
But I dunno, she reminds me more of Jam than she reminds me of Litchi.

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Yeah. XD All of the people in Japan are either playing Kanji (folding chair guy) or Mitsuru (red-haired rapier chick) right now.

Aww, but it's so good! D:
What about Hokuto no Ken? emotion_awesome

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So who are you gonna main in P4U?

Also, do you like Guilty Gear yet? emotion_awesome
Bad Acts at a Fair Price

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Bad Acts at a Fair Price

I used to be a C-Sec officer, until I took a rocket in the face.

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Happy Birthday ^_^


You know what? I'm glad that Shane screwed Andrea. I hope he caught something from Lori and all three of them die when the season picks back up.